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  1. Neblio - rival to Stratis?

    Did you invest?
  2. Thank you, makes sense. Was Ripple the only solution to pass all criteria (wishful thinking)
  3. I'm getting the impression almost that the group that scored ripple across the criteria possibly don't fully understand how it works! The legal and governance scores, plus the security scores don't seem to add up. Ripple must have scored better, on average than all other coins? I'm taking a look shortly
  4. @Mercury this information is really informative. Massive thank you from me for posting these elements of the report. I'm surprised regarding the security scores too, I wonder how people feel about the validity of these scores. 1. Is it possible the scores aren't fair? 2. What's your best guess on the consequences of the report -- has this finding changed the way the hodlers feel about xrp?
  5. Ripple Trade Volume

    Not sure I follow, how is Ripple facing an uphill battle, at the risk of sounding like a fan bout they've signed up over 60 Japanese banks!!! They've got serous momentum behind them. I could under the comment more if they hadn't partnered up with a single bank right?
  6. Ripple Trade Volume

    That's great, I'll take a look. Hey, just had another question. What was there before swift!!
  7. Ripple Trade Volume

    That's really interesting @Xi195. Do you have links to the swift comparison. I'd never though if looking into that
  8. Today seemed to start really positively for xrp with a lot of new money coming into the market from the Mex Exchange, which then mysteriously disappeared! But there was definitely some activity... is this an over simplified viewpoint: the slight increase in volume today that started pushing up the price allowed those wishing to exit the market to do so. The volume from coin market cap seems to be the largest since the 24 th July which is only 3 weeks, but 3 weeks in the crypto space especially with recent developments - is an eternity. I get the impression that there's some frustration on the part of some investors wanting to jump into btc or neo etc... I'm playing the longer game personally. My hope is that the next time there's more volume it will show and stick to xrp as a higher price. That being said I don't mind too much as I'm looking at this as more of an investment not a trade.
  9. grand scheme of things were going sideways, have been for a few days...
  10. dude, if it's $6000 in 8 days I'll be dead in 10 days
  11. You do realise the future value of 10 xrp could be $6000 bucks? Don't be like that bitcoin pizza guy
  12. Is it something to do with gum lines, croc teeth, market linguistics and / or cosmic rays?
  13. @Hodor great article, thanks! Look forward to more blog entries as they come in
  14. Neblio - rival to Stratis?

    Their github seems empty, nothing online about them. Seem any good to you? Haven't checked their slack