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  1. Patience pays off

    What was it that moved the price up sharply before would you say? What will do it next time?
  2. Patience pays off

    I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing @Naki
  3. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    From the article: this project does not initially appear to rely on the firm’s native cryptocurrency That is consistent with almost all ripple partners - very few use XRP right from the get go - doesn't meant that couldn't change over time though
  4. Whats Your Best Swell Nugget So Far?

    and that wasn't actually said during the conference #mega#fail
  5. so what was his big announcement then? Jack diddly squat right???? jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez I would have managed this whole thing much better
  6. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    Have you got a link?
  7. @Dennis I like your enthusiasm. But which bit would you say was music to the ears of the conservative FI or regulator?
  8. There's no way a third party, non ripple employee, is going to drop a huge ripple announcement tomorrow. Just think guys, does that make any sense at all. Do you ever see big companies getting in non employees to deliver their good news? Nintendo? Apple? Microsoft? Sony? Answer... NO!
  9. Tapscott tweet on his speech tomorrow?

    Why isn't the CEO closing?
  10. Asked about XRP at Swell

    This is the first negative post I've ever written but ffs ripple! So naive, they should have briefed all panels. I'm a fan of natural and candid but ffs!! I don't think they briefed anyone
  11. Generating Keys on Ripple Site

    Ahh I see, interesting. So those few lines of code are part of a much larger picture which seems about right Isn't it possible to 'reverse engineer' a public code? If the two are inextricably linked? Are the key pairs stored on the ripple network? Even if generate off line?
  12. Generating Keys on Ripple Site

    So on the video it shows that the computer is connected then taken off line. I was hoping to never connect this laptop to the internet. So... I've completely saved the site and tested it on a connected computer by tuning off my router and generating the keys offline which works. So when I try this on my Ubuntu laptop basically the webpage displays as normal but when I click on 'register' to generate new key pairs it tries to connect my to the internet which of course sends me to a blank page! Just ordered a ledger nano now, but was hoping to do it this way instead
  13. Finally decided to make an account!