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  1. Expectations are way higher this time around, everyone "knows" (I think it's popular opinion) that BTC is only just getting started, imho BTC will go to around $60k ish, when BTC has taken its walk, then it's time for xrp to take off, I'd guess around $10-15 but maybe not that high, a conservative guess for me is 6-8 bucks. I think it's confirmation of expectations that people aren't freaking out, in a nut shell. I see the latest 'explosion' as pretty much a catch up, we looked heavily under sold, through my lens at least.
  2. What publicity stunts? I may have missed something quite interesting by the sounds of it!
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/moneygram-international-reports-third-quarter-023200356.html Nice quote from the CEO in relation to their "digital business" Also huge pump for their share price today!!
  4. @SquaryBone if you think the XRP community is the only one with people on the fringes of what you *might* consider normal then you're misguided. you know it too The biggest quack I've ever encountered is firmly associated with bitcoin, the one, the only Craig Wright. Ripple the company, have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! They are no more responsible for that guy's opinions than you are. So wind it in pal.
  5. Do you really think that's possible, ODL volume we aren't seeing I mean
  6. Yeah, than I will see in my lifetime? Has it brought you happiness?
  7. @LetHerRip you do know it's your forum 5 year anniversary *today*? Congratulations, how someone into xrp since 2015 hasn't made money, and has become so bitter is utterly beyond me. You must be the only investor from 2015 that hasn't benefitted lol
  8. Yes good point, even Joel Katz has commented on it publicly. Just imagine this turned out to be dodgy (which it clearly isn't) Still I'm not alone in being careful (worried)
  9. @Dogowner5 that's great, and exactly what I thought, I was guessing it's analogous to sending someone your sort code and account number - really the only use for those is to pay someone! I've encountered people in the past reluctant to give out their s/c and a/n though 😅 I laugh, but I'm now I'm in exactly the same category of paranoia regarding the public "message key"!
  10. @xrpthestandard @SimpleXRPTools great response, I didn't know that... I know this is question of the month but... Is it defo safe to update the message key field like this? Is there anyway that could give a third party permission to drain all funds via some malware or something? My head says absolutely not, but just would love to hear it from those more knowledgeable than myself
  11. @Dogowner5OP edited post, sonny reply looks incorrect now lol He originally said he was leaving xrp on an exchange
  12. You have to use an exchange that will take part in the distribution. For that to work you would have to leave your xrp on that exchange during the snapshot
  13. Crypto Eri has just uploaded an AMA with the Flare CEO Might be worth checking out
  14. Hmm not quite, it's a very good company name admittedly but "RTGS" *is* a banking acronym, namely "real time gross settlement" the company name is "RTGS Global" - find me banks talking specifically about that.
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