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  1. Bump... Just wanted to bump this thread. It was looking a bit neglected
  2. The sell off to fiat topic

    Gatehub has no withdrawal limits?
  3. Is there any chance someone could summarise this thread in a short paragraph for me? I'm about 8000 comments behind and have little time to go back through 500 pages
  4. Come on!!! As if you really mean this, the new love is awesome What we had gone contend with before was BOTH FUD and fake news. I think you need to take your rose tints off!
  5. Coinbase XRP video????

    I heard from a man wearing a foil cap standing outside my local supermarket it would go live today, completely in fitting with George's marvelous video
  6. Coinbase XRP video????

    Just keep spamming F5
  7. Coinbase XRP video????

    We've done moon and lambo. Next stop private island and Jupiter
  8. Coinbase XRP video????

    If you look at his linkedin profile he's jumped jobs every few months!! It would fit with this sort of behaviour, could be a maverick. Let's hope so. I'd say this looks 99.999999% on
  9. Coinbase XRP video????

    The hype train!! Choo Choo
  10. Coinbase XRP video????

    So true
  11. Coinbase XRP video????

    Not sure I get you??
  12. Coinbase XRP video????

    This is a real as it gets, have faith fellow zerper!
  13. Coinbase XRP video????

    He better change his profile back to 'definitely looking'