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  1. I wonder if it will settle around the price of the Flare token IOU, which is around a dollar, probably wishful thinking though!
  2. Here you can see the order books, currently around 85c and climbing https://www.bitrue.com/trade/sgb_usdt
  3. where can you see this? I'm delegating with best-FTSO but so far looks like I've earned around 5% (staked for three days now)
  4. You were 100% bullish right? what does that mean exactly?
  5. well done, huge congratulations on being able to predict the future with certainty.
  6. have you seen https://ftso.alexdupre.com/ ? wondering if this is safe?
  7. that looks interesting who is Alex Dupre btw, does someone way more knowledgeable than myself have sight on the code e.g. via github or something similar?
  8. Hi I've tried google, but not turned anything useful up - how to I get Bifrost on my ledger? thanks
  9. does anyone know if there's a way to delegate from the hardware wallet? or do you have to send SGB to the Bifrost app wallet?
  10. Seriously though, bear / bull markets are stressful - I hope everyone is OK
  11. I think so too, which will draw out the process. The hubris, ignorance and arrogance at the SEC also points to the fact that they'll most likely keep fighting, even when they're down and out. This market activity to me follows the wall st cheat sheet, with us being in the denial stage - but on twitter I see some people coming around to the bear market mentality (something I've had since April)
  12. A bully?? that's a bit rich; I don't have any crypto right now so I don't care about the sell off. Why didn't the chart gurus call this one, I read that the BTC price was going up today? Calling that out doesn't make me a bully. Perhaps the way I did it was harsh, but honestly when are people going to stop believing in santa clause
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