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  1. Absolutely, holding up the CEO of WU as a beacon of truth is utterly laughable. The argument that he's said this or that in public, who cares... The fact they are trying to buy MG speaks absolute volumes. Why now, what's changed? Clearly the biggest change to their business, and the biggest growth is the digital component. Weird to ignore that.
  2. @LetHerRip you assume the CEO of WU is truthful, please... People in that industry are some of the most dishonest you'll ever meet... We're not talking about aid workers here, we're talking about the financial sector, it's on the level of corrupt copper or politician, bankers are wan-ahem They have publicly come out in the past against ripple because they wanted to continue charging big fees and the time wasn't right for them. Rightly so they're nervous about Libra's future payment solution and MG's progress. Blah blah blah, but the CEO said this that and the other - seriously, business is war, it's not about truth and integrity! They come out in public and lie all the time. For examples of corruption and criminality look at HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, the list goes on.
  3. The point I made is that MG are moving the right direction, and clearly the ripple deal was evidence of this, they were seeing growth of their odl transfers, an impressive growth... At least to me.
  4. Don't you see that there's a possibility they like xrp and ODL? You've seen its growth haven't you, if you extrapolate that growth you are looking at a best in s short period of time. Have you heard the one about the rice and the chessboard?
  5. This *** Something is going on, they are definitely threatened by a company that can do what they do with fewer mistakes for less, I mean the CEO actually said - during his 60 second examination of xrp - that it had no benefit whatsoever... Then, rumours have it, he stamped his feet and stuck his fingers deep into his ears and shouted he didn't want to talk about it anymore! Something is going on here, and it 100% definitely, bonafide, has everything to do with xrp
  6. Perhaps they see MG's growth in the digital part of their business and they extrapolate that growth, over time that looks like a possible threat to some market share. Would they be able to muscle ripple and xrp use out of the deal? Maybe, but that doesn't seem to make sense. I believe that if they truly didn't see MG as a threat they would have let them die as others have said, MG (until recently) haven't been a threat - so why choose now to take over? I think it's because they want a piece of that sweet digital transfer pie? They want it now, they want it before the growth means in the future it's more expensive. Their long term plan is probably to go all ODL, but for now they want to keep their current model of ripping off customers, and milking that for as long as possible, then they make a switch as more pressure is applied by customers and regulators to lower their cross border fees. Not fact, just my opinions
  7. @ElvisLives way down that's right but I want you to understand, yes we've fallen like Kentucky rain but the issue here is getting your xrp back, return to sender as it were doesn't mean one night of sin anymore, not sure where you got ninety days from but that's the wonder of you. Back in 2017 you could get your money out in an hour too from Kraken. That's right teddy bear, one hour. But a fool such as I didn't cash out, wish it did, breaks my wooden heart, it's always on my mind
  8. @Hodor dude wtf? Will you be blogging under your real identity then? I'll really miss your contributions, a huge thank you from me. You're an xrp legend
  9. Seriously though you must have a shed load!
  10. For me it's Alex Cobb and Eri. I think Cobb is my fav though Honourable mention: Modern Investor
  11. Pundi X I like, mainly because they have a very close relationship with binance
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