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  1. Go on XRP rich list, that'll give you an idea of what the average bag holder looks like etc. Few normally take part in these polls tbh.
  2. Can I ask you, what did he think could follow? He certainly did call this correction
  3. Part of me thinks the bull run is over, sorry to be the voice of doom. But bitcoin spiked up so hard, went parabolic, and got to x3 previous ATH so for me represents a terrible investment right now as I think there's a chance we are about to ride it down.
  4. Hope not!! :-) do you think the bull run is over?
  5. @Julian_Williamshave tether stopped printing? You mean for good? How did you find out?
  6. Elon Musk should be lifetime banned from Twitter #realtalk
  7. @Archbobit's definitely ONE of their top priorities. They are incompetent, but they can work on more than one big thing at once surely? This is a billion dollar lawsuit
  8. Yeah, maybe they know each other. But not necessarily, thing is chance he'll know someone that knows someone at ripple at the very least has to be high
  9. This is way quicker than I expected, great news. I *think* it's great news, I mean. Thing is, coming in I think he'll be keen to make his mark straight away. Personally I think he'll tred carefully, and won't rush into settlement. I just hope he values this as an American company, that could benefit America and the economy hugely. I think he'll see that, and won't want to kill ripple. This and how he rolls this out will be top agenda, unfortunately I don't think it will cross his mind once - I must do this quickly so XRP bag holders can go to the moon before this train ride comes to an en
  10. This is just a pointless speculation pump on the hopium that something good will come from the sec / ripple legal team meeting. A nothing burger - we'll go down after this
  11. that would put BTC above 100k then I think, that would be mind blowing
  12. @Eric123 how long do you think this bull run will last. I was thinking BTC reaches 100k, which I thought takes us to mid April. Do you think that's too pessimistic?
  13. This certainly seems like a confident tweet. Can't imagine the legal team posting this unless they're confident, it would seem antagonistic otherwise
  14. Without that clarity from the SEC how were the legal team to know for sure - they would have given the most cautious answer. Where would we be if nobody took risks. I don't hold it against Ripple if this is what the did. Let's face it the SEC are a total joke, an absolute clown show. If they provided up to date (on crypto) clarity this sort of thing wouldn't happen.
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