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  1. What if it doesn't rhyme this time What if this time we see it climb to an ATH we chime after that deal with amazon prime
  2. @MisterRipple is that legit?? That's basically confirmation right!? Am I missing something or reading too much into this, R3 working with AWS? Don't tell me that's not sounding like it's a done deal? The language in the tweet, both the "back to school" and the "prime" comment point to Amazon imho
  3. IMHO the pump will be way bigger, I think for both btc and alts. Although I only got in during July 2017 and so I'm still an apprentice!
  4. There's quite a bit of evidence to suggest the tether creators are printing usdt at their whim, then using this to pump btc. You don't seem to see them doing this with the alts just yet
  5. There was this guy that proudly announced this awesome thing he'd done with some bitcoin once too... Guy managed to buy two pizzas with it, it was so cool
  6. I honestly hope this is a joke my friend. My advice, please stay away from any site that may have xrp's price on it... For the rest of your life
  7. OMFG - I love the way Brad is publicly turning on the heat in a subtle way... Hey instead of looking nervous I'm gonna be a total dude about this whole thing!! Regardless of whether it is the best month for ripple what an excellent way to spin this news
  8. Ripple dealt a blow as the first bank in Japan pulls out of XRP-powered Money Tap app by SBI Group... https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/ripple-dealt-a-blow-as-the-first-bank-in-japan-pulls-out-of-xrp-powered-money-tap-app-by-sbi-group-201904120914 Anyone read about this??
  9. Are you less bullish on XRP? Getting more concerned about the competition?
  10. @Hodor you're closing in fast on 20k likes my friend... Keep up the quality content and you'll be there in no time!!! Excellent article as usual!!
  11. World Bank praises ripple and XRP (xRapid!) "A new post written by members of the Better Than Cash Alliance and the World Bank’s senior financial sector specialist Marco Nicoli calls traditional business to business remittances “slow and opaque”, requiring intermediaries that often lead to higher costs and slow transfer times. These deficiencies are leaving the door wide open for emerging technologies" Got to love that :-)
  12. @AlexCobb dude you are completely crushing it!!! Anyone that moans in here over tiny details is just sour... Cracks me up when guys pick a few tiny holes in your older stuff when they themselves have never done anything for the xrp community Excellent video mate...keep on crushing it
  13. In what way do you find it ominous? One of XRP's big supporters losing faith?
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