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  1. Ripple - Lyft & Uber

    @mars75 you've convinced me !
  2. Ripple and Amazon can be real!

    Yes, I think so (hope so)
  3. Ripple and Amazon can be real!

    He mentioned 'next' Friday - so surely that's not this Friday but the Friday after - the 22nd
  4. Amazon and Uber partnership next...

    Yeah, but if it is true the next question is: will they use XRP!!?
  5. Has anyone asked Joel Katz directly if we doubt the authenticity?
  6. XRP Performance - market compairson

    Thank you for the replies everyone, definitely helping with my re-evaluation of everything. The comment not to come out 100% is definitely a good one @Professor Hantzen.
  7. XRP Performance - market compairson

    What do you mean by put the target? apologies if it's straight forward
  8. XRP Performance - market compairson

    Do you think it's reached its peak. I still think it'll grown in 2018... question is how much and compared to other coins what is the best thing to do
  9. XRP Performance - market compairson

    I think it's more 'and?' from you actually... I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I'm just saying that I wish I had spread out my investments and I won't make the mistake again. This game is about luck too I think in many respects
  10. XRP Performance - market compairson

    I totally agree, my text skills are awful. Sorry - I agree about the time window but I don't think it's unfair to look at circa six month's performance and so I don't think I'm being unfair in anyway. Yes XRP did have huge gains in April which I make a reference to. But you said it - the performance compared to other crypto I'm beginning to question. Also the supply is worrying me and how much Ripple intend to sell each month. I know unsold xrps go back into lock-up but I don't really like the idea of millions of zerps going into circ every month. Yes I know there are other posts on this (I have read them).
  11. XRP Performance - market compairson

    Look at all of my previous posts I am no troll. I entered the game with no target? Nope, wrong - I did have targets. They have shifted over time however. I knew I risked getting flak for this post but if you think other people aren't thinking the same thing think again. I was extremely pro-ripple / xrp and I still am. Just look... the numbers don't lie (from June)
  12. XRP Performance - market compairson

    wow really? did you have other coins in your portfolio? what % did xrp make up in your stash?
  13. So I'm an XRP investor / believer and I do praise the company - RIPPLE is awesome. I got into cryptocurrencies back in July of this year - bad timing in many ways you might think? Especially as an XRP investor! I'm also sure that XRP has a bright future and I think it'll do well. This picture is a snapshot from July 2nd of this year - roughly around the time I started to buy in. It was a hard thing for me to do but I read for hours and agonised over the decision but finally I lumped into XRP - it has the best use case, an awesome team and judging by past performance on balance this seemed like the best thing to do. I'm in the top 1% of HODLERS - or at least until recently. The performance since June, for an XRP investor, has been terrible. to put it into context there were only two coins in the top ten back in June that wouldn't have doubled my initial investment and XRP was one of them - the other was Bitshares (and with a name like that I wouldn't have touched it anyway ) So here's my point, I'm loyal and patient but this is stretching me to the extreme. Realistically I could have put my money virtually anywhere else and I would have been doing great. I get that the overall performance of XRP this year has been good - although by no means astronomical in this market. The market is so bullish it's a shame to see XRP not have any gains in the last five months, at least none if you discount the pump and dumps - I don't count them. I just wish I had listened to a good friend of mine, I should not have put all of my eggs into the xrp basket.
  14. Not correct, just checked their twitter feed, in the blog it says you can now click on buy to purchase Litecoin...: