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  1. is it possible this is a good thing, looks like there's more upside to some investors?
  2. We all already know this but worth repeating. So I've been wondering about XRP hitting $10 and for many here, and what I've seen on Twitter, that seems to be the level everyone is looking towards as the 'moon price'. Please note: this is just though my lens! While I've been looking at $10 today, and thinking back to 2017, I've been thinking can XRP really do it and reach 10 bucks? It's not nailed on by any means, it puts XRP at number 2 on Coinmarketcap and that historically isn't a place XRP recently likes to hang around. We decay back down to third fairly quickly. But if we get great news an
  3. Great post, what do you think will happen? Quite a few people from the call are saying the judge appeared to come down on the sec side with this one?
  4. I don't think it's that the judge "wasn't convinced" it's more that she will need to research other cases to see if there's a precedent. If her decision turns out to be seminal it will be a decision made very carefully. In her head she might be thinking the SEC arguments are total BS, but the decision has to be documented, going on the record and could inform future decisions. You'd probably take your time about that too.
  5. I don't rule anything out This is an expression, it's not meant to be taken literally. Or... Maybe he wouldn't rule out anything, for real, e.g. he'd donate all of his XRP to the govt so they could use it to build a super robot to attack China. Or a huge bouncy castle for every American. Sweet man, yeah, I can dig it.
  6. Guys, we've seen really big upside recently. This is a natural correction, simple as. What's changed? We've had nothing but good news re the sec law suit. Chill and HODL
  7. This might have gone under the radar a bit, but for me this is AMAZING news. You don't leave mid way through a hugely high profile law suit like this, something is going on behind the scenes. It doesn't paint a happy picture at the sec
  8. We may be looking at the perfect storm here, hear me out. We are yet to hit ATH while almost all other tokens around us have done so (talking top ten) - apart from Litecoin and Stellar. Stellar appears to be pegged to XRP, and I think it will high ATH at around the same time. Litecoin... errmmm who cares, seriously who cares about Litecoin - so moving on. If we keep seeing this steady incline on price with little pull backs here and there, we'll see new support levels. I believe this is happening for two main reasons - people are seeing the good news flood out around the law suit, it's g
  9. Something is definitely brewing, seems like another slow and steady rise
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