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  1. The escrow kicked off the pump, swell (the 1... 2... 3... Cat out of the bag event) took us to around 40 c from something like 17 c
  2. Riiiight - they can take action against those that don't register their security under securities law? I haven't said they keep a list of those who are and aren't compliant. That's your fantasy
  3. The legal expert in that video says that the sec will not rule specifically on ripple until the trial is finished, or at least a point is reached that is fairly conclusive
  4. Even some trolls have feelings, but agreed. The atmosphere here recently is definitely one of frustration. I think it's still a great buying opportunity, getting in before the next (inevitable) pump
  5. I think playing probabilities right... No lawsuit is a guaranteed done deal. The public face of ripple is one of confidence but no matter what, no company actually *wants* to go to court. As the master tacticians (I at least believe that they are) by playing for more time they are also afforded the breathing space to continue making those moves to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that xrp isn't a security. Remember, it's not as if the SEC has been clear what the guidelines are, which introduces an element of significant risk. Given all of the facts most intelligent people would want to stall for time to do everything in their power to ensure xrp is not ruled a security.
  6. Great find!! Sounds like we're years away from a decision, and in the meantime the legal expert seems to be of the opinion that the SEC will take no action until a judgement has been made in this case. Until any big motion has been decided upon, ie dismissal of the case or later on down the line a jusgement based on the discovery phase of the trial ripple the company. In the meantime ripple can continue as business as usual. A resolution is clearly years away. So on balance I'd say good news for ripple, they seem to have hired a really strong legal team that are expertly handling this. In addition it appears that it could well be some time before a resolution, which plays well for ripple and whether xrp is a security. As while this is playing out ripple have visibly been making moves to lower the chance of xrp being deemed a security. Well played ripple, you seem to be executing a very good strategy.
  7. Not once have I said there's going to be a breakout in days.
  8. Hype??? It's fact. Why are people getting so hung up on facts today. Facts are facts. The above is all true, it's not hype.
  9. The 50 M does include 33 universities. That's quite a lot really
  10. Surely if you're a trader long term price doesn't matter you just want a volatile asset? Not a stable coin like xrp seems to be right now
  11. How you can claim there's less demand, what you mean is in your opinion you think there's less demand. Well that can change in an instant, or it may take weeks. Or you may be wrong altogether. The whole market has been more subdued, just don't make the mistake of thinking you know about global demand and what it will be the next day let alone a few days into the future. In December '17 nearly everyone was crying in here, including me... It's not fair. Xrp is lagging behind etc etc. Then boom!! . The escrow was confirmed and the markets went nuts! From what I recall all the big guns in here were saying the escrow is already priced in... How wrong they all were. You don't know what's round the corner.
  12. Crawl back under your rock. Exactly the SAME thing has happened before. We're in a way better position now: Adoption SBI Multihop FSA (UK) and their stance on ripple Money gram. Yes F%) £&)), money gram!!! When we pump we'll go hard. You can sit on the sidines crying if you want. I plan to ride the wave up again.
  13. Anyone that tries to legitimate TA under any circumstances needs to hand over their xrp right now. Give up. And walk away with shame.
  14. What are you talking about. That IS EXACTLY what ACTUALLY happened fool. Not a feeling, it happened!!! Do you understand??
  15. Oh dear, going on feel are we. What is it they say about emotions? There's nothing different this time imho except we're in a much better position now in terms of adoption.
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