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  1. That comment must be the most damning against XRP.
  2. I sold most at $2.49 I sold the balance today at $0.512
  3. Mac

    It's goodbye, kind of

    I have also liquidated. But only for now.
  4. It's all gradually trending to zero ... Two years time?
  5. But I can't find anything "Ripple" on this MicroVentures ?
  6. Mac

    can you log in at gatehub right now?

    Logged in on the laptop but it did take longer than usual.
  7. Ugh, I am such a knob. Thanks for leading me there. I was looking at the XRP:USD price rather than the USD:XRP price. Thread closed.
  8. At time of posting: Coinstats $0.71911 Last traded price @ Gatehub $1.446 Can anyone explain?
  9. Mac

    Wall St Bust to Crypto Rush Stars Ripple

    the part I don't like is this spelling mistake "has passed successful trail stages with banks,..."
  10. Mac

    GateHub review

    I think they are getting their act together.
  11. Mac

    If XRP Was All You Had Left

    sell and return
  12. Brad Garlinghouse is on record somewhere that, for now, it does not make sense for an IPO.
  13. Fingers, you've got balls. Where do I sign?