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  1. Mac

    Gatehub woes

    Gatehub has frozen my account because they want a valid passport from me as proof of identification. I have not sent them because I am so scared of identification theft. I’m between a rock and a hard place.
  2. I sold most at $2.49 I sold the balance today at $0.512
  3. I have also liquidated. But only for now.
  4. It's all gradually trending to zero ... Two years time?
  5. But I can't find anything "Ripple" on this MicroVentures ?
  6. Logged in on the laptop but it did take longer than usual.
  7. Ugh, I am such a knob. Thanks for leading me there. I was looking at the XRP:USD price rather than the USD:XRP price. Thread closed.
  8. At time of posting: Coinstats $0.71911 Last traded price @ Gatehub $1.446 Can anyone explain?
  9. the part I don't like is this spelling mistake "has passed successful trail stages with banks,..."
  10. I think they are getting their act together.
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