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  1. "The fall of the alts will be the fall of bitcoin". Long live the alt-coin
  2. Ripple defamation ?

    Ive stopped buying XRP. Love the product but too disillusioned. How many banks have bought and used XRP1.00?
  3. Does the report say XRP will be used? Or does it say Ripple techno will be used? If it doesnt say XRP then this is not big news.
  4. Ripple Criticisms

    But the 55 billion has not been tied up yet.
  5. Bitcoin is very healthy, all the way to $200,000 with a few hiccups here and there. We should be asking "is XRP healthy?"
  6. Flixxo coin went up by 500 billion % and its last traded price I see is $400million. On CoinGecko it shows a market cap of $27 thousand trillion. What's this? A beeeeeg typo?
  7. I think this thread should be removed. I get sick when I see some other crap coin overtaking XRP.
  8. Did I miss something?

    The sheer speed of one transaction makes XRP as stable as a rock despite if its exchange price goes to the moon.
  9. Did I miss something?

    @ diggitydog. Hi. I read that it takes just one second for 7,000 Ripple/XRP transactions. How fast must the transactions be for XRP to be UNVOLATILE? How much volatility is there in one second?
  10. The last significant pump for XRP was $0.40 in May. It has since lost half of that and has still not recovered.
  11. Guys and girls, dream on. By the time our ship comes in we will all be dead.
  12. Did I miss something?

    I dont blame them. I'm starting to think that a used box of matches has more value than XRP. The more I read the more disillusioned I am becoming. I, myself, took the risk in XRP and I blame only myself for being a prat. I tell my colleagues to leave it alone.
  13. Ripple CNBC

    47 Japanese banks sign up to use Ripple but the price of XRP goes south. Vomit.
  14. We know Ripple requires revenue to operate as an enterprise. We know Ripple has been selling 300million (xrp's or USD?) every month for this revenue. Are they manipulating? No matter how disillusioned I (and I think many of us) think so, I dont think it is manipulation. They just sell an amount every month to operate. Furthermore, I dont think the Escrow will matter a rat's arse because Ripple's XRP will be sold every month as it has been doing.
  15. Why Ripple will fail.

    We as XRP investors have lost massive opportunites in the cryptomarket. I was warned that XRP is a waste of time, I vehemently refused to believe it, now the chickens are coming home to roost.