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  1. New BCH trust is active! Enable it and you will receive your BCH almost istantly! Thanks GateHub (at last)!
  2. GateHub Fifth will support BCH

    Ok. Enabled trust and received mine too. At last nice job GateHub!
  3. GateHub Fifth will support BCH

    Still nothing. What's up?
  4. GateHub Fifth will support BCH

    Still nothing and 2 more days have passed. Where's the new trust? And the BCH exchange?
  5. BCH is going very bad today and we don't have them in Wallet. Let's hope they will be worth anything when GatHub let us obtain them. Poloniex announced they would give BCH too.
  6. GateHub Fifth will support BCH

    Waiting for it and I ask: - when and where will be found the "Add BCH trustline" option in out Ripple wallet with BTC (GateHub Fifth) holdings?
  7. Nice to hear that, even if trustline isn't available yet. And I don't understand this: "Trading will be available immediately when ripple balances are credited."
  8. I have made the same post at Bitcointalk too, please support it: - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2062190.new#new and another similar is present at Reddit: No replies at all from GateHub. We have to get our BCH.
  9. Not very good to satisfy customers...
  10. Still no news... I think this will decide how much GateHub is serious business.
  11. I think the thing is simpler: - they stated in case of BitCoin fork they would have granted issues of new coin too (BitCoin Cash in the case, BCH\BCC), here: http://blog.gatehub.net/post/159448330462/about-the-potential-bitcoin-fork They never said the changed their mind after that post so customers should be confident to be granted new BCH\BCC coins. I think GateHub could at less make us a blog post or an announcement. Fork has passed and we haven't had news since April.
  12. So you waited the fork, then a new trustline appeared, you had to trust it, and when trusted new coins were istantly there? That would be a good news, if we can get a confirmation about BCC\BCH from GateHub.
  13. Unfortunately there is not possibility to add new BCC or BCH trustline. Try yourself. Anyway with regarding to ETC was the trustline available before the fork?
  14. Yes, but they announced it: - http://blog.gatehub.net/post/159448330462/about-the-potential-bitcoin-fork
  15. One difference: GateHub promised to give us free new BitCoin Cash token as BTC owners: - http://blog.gatehub.net/post/159448330462/about-the-potential-bitcoin-fork But there is still no new confirmation about it.