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  1. One disclaimer for Bittrex; they are not enabled for all states,.. yet. Read their fine print to make sure you are in a state that qualifies. I'm in Nevada, I cannot use Bittrex to transfer USD. Not to say this won't change in the future.
  2. I hope she leaves his severed head on the stage, figuratively speaking of course. With Ripple now having banks publicly on board, she should have plenty of ammunition for a debate. If there is any debate.
  3. "cross-border", "instant international transfer", "different currencies", "zero fees". They are saying all the right things except the one we really want to hear. Say it you ******** lol
  4. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for your work.
  5. This is very positive speech no matter which way you cut it. The future is bright.
  6. "I did a while ago at .80 got so lucky "-SuperTronk This will be one of my favorite quotes of 2018. Selling at .80 after it went to $3.80.....so smart.
  7. finally ....arrival. 3...2...1. lol and yes I read the same. Registration is open, everyone here knows confirmation will take time. Hopefully they have a big team working on it. Time for popcorn, lets see what this thing does.
  8. "Generally, a common law court system has trial courts, intermediate appellate courts and a supreme court. The inferior courts conduct almost all trialproceedings. The inferior courts are bound to obey precedent established by the appellate court for their jurisdiction, and all supreme court precedent."- So says google. Like I said before, if it gets settled in a lower court or "inferior courts" that doesn't guarantee to set a precedent for others. Or go the other way.....say the current cases get draw out for 5 years. I don't believe the SEC will sit and wait for 5 years time if they have already ruled on all the other coins. To put it simply I don't think the SEC gives a damn about waiting on the litigation of a couple penny annie lawsuit. But I'm no lawyer. Maybe he's right.
  9. Not sure how sustainable that argument is. For example; Say a new case comes out every 6 months or so, before the last one closes and this happened indefinitely. Every time a case closed, it does so in a low enough court (less than federal or supreme) so that the ruling doesn't set a legal precedent for the next. The SEC can't sit on their hands for all of eternity. They would have to make a decision. If they would eventually have to make a decision then, they can make one now. Time shouldn't be a factor. But....there are some pretty savvy law people around here. I'm sure they can give a better answer or at least one based in fact and not speculation.
  10. "SBI Net Sumishin Bank, Suruga Bank and Resona Bank will be the first to go live on the mobile app in autumn of 2018. This will be followed by a staggered roll out to the rest of consortium." Gives us something to look forward to. wwaaaayyyy forward
  11. Conflicting reports. I don't think china knows what they want to do. Too many chiefs. http://www.scmp.com/business/banking-finance/article/2132009/china-stamp-out-cryptocurrency-trading-completely-ban
  12. Not sure how that's going to work out. http://www.scmp.com/business/banking-finance/article/2132009/china-stamp-out-cryptocurrency-trading-completely-ban
  13. Blockfolio. It tells me everything I need to know and can be set to give you your prices from whatever exchange or wallet you use. Easy to use.
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