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  1. https://www.coinspeaker.com/2018/08/24/positive-news-for-crypto-germany-seeks-for-independent-swift-system-devaluating-the-us-dollar/ I wonder what system they are thinking about that has these goals in mind
  2. Amazon from a high of near 120 dollars in 1999 to a low of around 3 dollars in 2001
  3. yeh they cant settle or it just opens the way for more later they need to win this and end it . Look at stellar who settled out of court with Arthur Britto when he accused them of being a for profit company and claimed there non profit was a lie they paid him off but now after the XRP security thing gets settled there wide open for more lawsuits like that and going after them for being a security
  4. do you ask yourself the same question while holding stellar which has been plummeting as well? i hate to tell you but if xrps a security and fails so will stellar that you keep trying to pump. They settled out of court with Arthur britto last time when he sued them for acting outside the bounds of being a non profit but when the 1000 other cases come up the same if ripple is classified as a security or even when it isn't classified as a security and stellar starts being targeted what will you do? that being said dcex and bittrex offering usd pairings this week 486 Chinese banks being tied to sbivc and the myriad of other good news for ripple speaks against you opinions but hey ibms going to use stable coins lol thats good for stellar somehow even though now noone will use lumens but thats not much of a change considering there on chain transaction volume is over 100x less than that of xrp.
  5. https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/07/ripple-xrp-striking-similarities-between-2017-and-2018-fractals/ just leaving this here
  6. You mean like it did in June last year when dropped from 44 to 12 cents or when it dropped from 9 cents to 2.7? I held through all that as well while your predecessors told me that was the end
  7. im not sure either way but apply this questionaire to Bitmain and see what you come up with regarding BTC
  8. One trick pony? They just added xpeing bringing xrp use to entirely new demographics and giving it use for 100 new situations which by the way has been the plan for years if you actually read any articles about what they were doing remittance and bank use is just a base for growth. Think of xpeing like icons for ether but instead of raising money by funding the project through a new coin that takes away from the value of the network there funded by escrow to use xrp and give it value. Do some reading for once
  9. Sub 40 is very unlikely noone is expecting or talking about any big announcement on the 15th. It is possible though if btc drops back to 5k but more likely that the whole market will see a bull run from consensus
  10. SBI Ripple Asia is a joint venture between Ripple (XRP) and SBI Holdings, which is a financial services company based in Tokyo, with a current market cap of $5.9 billion. Interestingly, SBI Holdings had previously announced that they were going to co-launch a cryptocurrency exchange as part of a business partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, which they cancelled in March this year, but recently announced that they are intending to launch their own exchange by this summer – making their interest in the cryptocurrency space an extremely tangible one. A partnership was formed in conjunction with DAYLI Intelligence, the company directly above theloop – ICON’s blockchain technology arm – and DAVinCI – who work on the AI component of the project. Together, the two will work to enable instant cross-border payments primarily between Japan and South Korea, but also on a global scale. SBI Ripple Asia manages a consortium of 60 banks who all use Ripple’s “frictionless” instant payment and settlement system. With these instant inroads to banks, the Ripple partnership once again widens ICON’s already fairly impressive reach in terms of financial institutions. The Ripple organisation believes that the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) could best European economic output within a decade, making this area both a phenomenal location for the ICON team, but also meaning they will have to work hard to stay on top of their financial connections, making this partnership a major step in the right direction. This was the latest from the icx partnership but not much info on how they both benefit i can find yet ada has said similar before
  11. Anyone been able to piece together the deals between (ADA Cardano) or (ICX Icon) with ripple amd xrp And what this means for XRP? Been interesting but not much info i could find
  12. Eos and ada both at this point are hype without much backing them up besides theory. For a real ethereum killer kmd has the better shot still under most peoples radar but has achieved 20k txs more atomic swaps than every other coin put together barterdex growing as a decentralised exchange jumblr to add privacy to all coins the lead dev is the creator behind child chains etc and a lot of the innovation other chains are copying. They have already done what eos is promising to do at some point in the future. As for xrp may happen today maybe tomorrow maybe a year from now. But its so far ahead of other cryptos and projects in financial side that its a pretty much sure thing to grow a hell of a lot bigger from here
  13. This more comes down to Nobody wants to sell at these prices. And everybody is waiting for the games to be finished with. The money on the sidelines is huge but none of it will enter the market till the bots and maipulators have shown a bottom
  14. They can get away with alot but calling xrp a security would be a huge stretch i jist dont see them being able to do it
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