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    FlashFx uses XRP

    Yep, I've done similar but to Gatehub. It is that experience which truly cemented my belief in the XRP Ledger.
  2. Let_her_Ripple

    Post of the Year 2018

  3. Let_her_Ripple

    Post of the Year 2018

    I think this is a great idea. Even as a basic metric, the top 5-10 posts that gained the most reactions? Is it possible to pull something like that together?
  4. It really feels like patience is all that is required from 'us' now. The timeframes are 2020-2025. We are, as Hodor recently put it, awkwardly early to the party.
  5. With R3's recent announcement, these slides are now more real than ever.
  6. Presumably these settlements will involve finalising real-world obligations and would therefore require a conversion rate of some sort to make it useful? In the case of a house settlement, surely a house can't simply be valued in XRP? There must be a dollar equivalence in play, at least, until XRP is the sole global currency/unit of measure.
  7. Sounds like you're pretty much spot on here. In Australia, for example, the RTGS payment system is a sort of dual faciliated mechanism. One element is the payment instruction being initiated and routed over the SWIFT network, the other element being settlement via RITS. Obviously this is for AUD domestic payments and SWIFT cannot (currently) offer this facility in an efficient way for cross-currency payments.
  8. In 2016, Japan and Brazil exchanged the equivalent of USD756,000,000 in remittances.. (USD571,000,000 sent to Brazil and USD185,000,000 received from). Compare that with US <-> Phillippines @ USD10,000,000,000 and it doesn't look like much, but the continued progress is great! http://www.pewglobal.org/interactives/remittance-map/
  9. And then there's this that also came out today:
  10. A huge win out of this court case would be if Brad and David Rutter agreed to resume their original game plan of collaboration between Ripple and R3. Since SBI took the principal stake in R3 6 months ago, this feels like a certainty to me. Tapping that Corda network would definitely help.. https://www.corda.net/participate/index.html
  11. Let_her_Ripple

    XRP, UK users and Uphold

    When the time comes, perhaps also consider looking into your Over-the-counter (OTC) options. If this thing does blow up (please please please!), an OTC place might give you a better price and get you all done in one settlement, rather than going back and forth with Uphold. And make sure you are keeping records for tax purposes. CGT will be the silent killer in all of this.
  12. Are any of these stable coins capable of being sent between exchanges where they are then traded against the domestic fiat? i.e. TUSD vs MXN?
  13. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me with processing the data from my 12-18 month trade history on Bittrex. Obviously this is simply for calculating CGT for the old 'tax man'. Please don't hijack the thread with a discussion on whether or not CGT is applicable (cos it is). I just want usable data. Has anyone else experienced the supreme frustration of trying to format the terrible data set that Bittrex produces and managed to successfully overcome it?? A simple example is that all dates aren't formatted as date values - some are, some aren't. They also don't seem to be in sync with the trades they're lined up with. Another obvious issue is that I can't directly load this CSV - or any of it's slightly altered data - into something like cointracking.info. There are a few more basic/obvious errors that I'm struggling with that someone else must have encountered (and hopefully overcome)! For specificity, the data comes from this evil "Download Complete History" button: Any and all help is appreciated. I'll be going to Bittrex help if no one here has a solution or advice. I trust you lot way more than I do the support team of any exchange!
  14. Let_her_Ripple

    XRP Ledger City

    That is brilliant!! Can we search to find our own buildings??
  15. Surely most are averaging on the way in and planning to average as they let themselves out..? I mean, it's great to have a lofty target, but why not interval sell a percentage of your bag for profit on the path to your target?