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  1. @Eric123 Love your TA, keep up the great work. I personally believe TA is a great way to gain insight into and explain marketbehaviour in retrospect, where looking back repeating patterns can be identified. As for the predective capabilities of TA for crypto -especially over the course of multiple years - I'm a bit more skeptical. I'll be closely monitoring my mom indicator in the future. If my mom starts asking about crypto again I'll know that we're close to topping out. I'm positive great trades can be made by assuming market behaviour given certain conditions (EMA crossovers, RSI turni
  2. Not to rain on the parade as I'm hoping for a big green candle as much as the next one, but looking at the EMA's in the posted charts the 50EMA (light blue) is already above the 100EMA (darker blue) and is looking to cross below. MACD however shows a bullish cross-over in the making. Or am I missing something here? Glad to be corrected
  3. OP, please edit link to remove "...": https://www.r3.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Fedcoin_Central_Bank_R3.pdf
  4. Sad to see the real MaxEntropy has left the forum. The original could really get under my skin. I'm sure older members can still remember the eloquently put but often times incoherent FUD spread by the inventor of trolling. This is at best just a poor attempt to copy his style. For one sorry was definitely not in his vocabulary, neither were smileys Come here kid, let me give you a hug and some well deserved attention. Shout out to the OG though!
  5. As you can see here: https://investor.visa.com/news/news-details/2016/Visa-Introduces-International-B2B-Payment-Solution-Built-on-Chains-Blockchain-Technology/default.aspx VISA works with Chain for the ledger tech. But as you can see here: So for any instant settlement of different originating (AUD) and receiving (JPY) currencies as shown in the infographic, my bet is it will be through XRP on the XRPL via ILP.
  6. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/2129F0B21CDC5A98D0237A389229988175C5274759CCB6861798C621B3D087FF They later went on to buy an additional 700 million XRP
  7. Reminds me of the RAK Bank commercial for instant money transfer. Let's see if I can find it.. Got it!
  8. Thanks for bringing it forward. However if you could please sell all your xrp and leave the forum, that would be best for all of us. Ever tried setting up your own coca-cola domain? Give it a try and see what happens. Damn you big coorporations for making the small people adhere to clear rules & regulations! Lets all get our pitchforks! Many Thanks and good luck with your elastic investment.
  9. I really don't know whether to laugh or to cry when reading Max Entropy's posts. It keeps me entertained though. So thanks for that. Apple is a fruit. Apple is also a company. They should change their name to stop the confusion. -- These facts, I am just the messenger.
  10. I absolutely agree with you on the first part. I was mixing incentives for global players as Uber or Airbnb to hold piles of XRP, with the way it would work for banks. Thanks for pointing it out. Regarding the exposure that comes with holding a volatile asset, JoelKatz indicated more than once that it would make sense for Ripple or another 3rd party to hedge this risk. Or in Joelkatz's words: "One solution that some FIs have expressed interest in is having another entity that takes both the upside and downside of the volatility. Some FIs want someone else to do this, some want it to
  11. I'm probably the least qualified person to comment on Electromagnetic field propagation and anything related. I can however comment on the first part of your question. Please keep in mind I can be wrong, but this is my take on the subject. Re transaction speed & 'someone' (keep in mind that when XRP is used in transactions as the intended usecase this someone will be Financial Institutions and not you & me) holding onto XRP. FI's won't hold onto it because they want the asset to appreciate in value, but because it serves as a solution to instant x-border payment & settlement
  12. But the XRP's that provided liquidity can only be used by the recipient of the last leg of the transaction, i.e. the recipient who traded MXN for XRP in your example. They will wait for their own opportunity to trade XRP to the asset they would want to have. It's certainly not the case that all XRP's that are used in transactions are directly being send back to a ginormous XRP-liquidity pool. They actually belong to someone. Therefore we need to take into account that there will be a lot of XRP holders just waiting to exchange their XRP for assets they need. They won't be sending it aroun
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