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  1. silent not so methinks - busy grooming his legals for this - nuthin' proactive has come yet!
  2. "Hi, my name's robertbruce and I'm a Hodler. It's been 3 years, 11 months and 34 days since my last daytrade" 8)
  3. i'm sure you mean disagree with the saying...
  4. Those that can, do. Those that can not, teach - so true so far!
  5. and that's the point, there is no sense to this market..your calling a 4-5x from the 2017 ath .. why? and why not a 10x like it did in the earlier BR's
  6. crypto has to 5-10 times every few years so it can sustain itself...whales can not live off thier bags, they can only only live off the profits from thier bags ... so crypto has to pump up and up, if not it would fail from whales living off thier bags...| And Yes! that is that's a weird logic in line with the maddness of this market .... anyway, didn't @Eric123 call 2-300 over 21/22 as top?
  7. and the difference a last time was it was criticly tabled in their big leadership 4 year meet... there is no difference
  8. the timing on this is an Utter Joke! - i am buying the dip!
  9. and they don't even need to be centralised, colluding. One actor would "get" what another actor is doing and toss in his 2 cent's... oh wait, 2 Billion It's All Jolly Good Fun from these government officers! indeed
  10. Hitting 'Enter' makes a paragraph break... hitting 'Shift Enter' makes a line break. Paragraph Breaks also break formatting if desire...
  11. how do you have 5 (Five) CBDC's in one sovereignty?
  12. True. There's too many ways to take the tweet, rewarded with insanity anyone... yerr-nahh, im looking forward to what flare/xrp can do over a long term
  13. And this is the conundrum, We Where Supposed To Cash Out...and buy that medium priced treat rather than A Good Meal W/ A Submit Button For Desert... arrggghhhh, when will it ever end, the hunger, the buybacks... lol...
  14. i was thinking the same at about the same time... we are so predictable!
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