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  1. yerr-nahhh, this will depend on how much we, errrr ripple, bribe errrr give, the democrats....
  2. might be a buy opportunity coming up soon methinks...
  3. im going to donate some of mine to schools, university's and save animal funds. oh wait...
  4. omg, screen shoting & pasting directly into an open forum page.. lol, that would be too much stress for me, id have to be saving every shot with progressive file names and then move between 2 editors & notepad.. TB, you obviously like living on the edge of a mis-swipe eh 8)
  5. yerr-nahh, new btc buyers will migrate to xrp the same we have... after buying btc, new btc buyers will have the same "wtf moment" we did realising it is air, meanwhile they will have noticed xrp, see it has a genuine use case and swing over to it. What remains to be seen is if that swing, utility and liquidity can be faster than the cash outs. Atm, no
  6. from the pdf up a post or two from my op... is possible my pdf reader page counter is a bit out... at any rate i note the content has been covered now
  7. from page 74 on i get partial launch 31 july then full launch after october, (after investigation of errant exchange). few pages down bonus coin for new customers... lots of mentions of ripple including underpinning MoneyTap. Lots of smaller remiters joining MT im really not sure why they are bothering to mine hash, backing both horses i spose' srz for my out take on this, small screen and freezing in the mountains here.... really hoping some senior members will give a better breakdown...
  8. i bought a phone todsy so i could run an app to make instant transferes using Osko. Only took 4 hours and 2 lies for bank to tell me they dont support the merchants ID method. Nor do they support their own ID method when doing Osko's between different account holders of the same bank! shyster banks!, they gota go!
  9. i totally agree with other sentiments here, your dot connecting was excellent. i also admired the way you layed out your pages, inserting and bringing together many complex inclusions. One swipe wrong or misclick could ruin hours of work. ive always wanted to ask did you use an editor to lay it all out first - perhaps a pdf, or did you work straight into the forum page. Please divulge what was you method?
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