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  1. VISA, (Very Important Spy Agency) said to Consensys, "We're coming in", Consensys repy "Uh Ohhh, we're fecked'
  2. Just a quick word of warnimg.... Select "Import Account!" Do not select "Import Tokens"
  3. The future of new tyres & rims for my classic '63 Arakawa πŸ‘
  4. I Did It! I did it in MetaMask! Imported aSecret key.. Me & half the forumπŸ˜€ managed to import my SGB. So now i can wrap & vote & PARTICIPATE in the world wide crypto revolution with my WHOLE 4.67 SGB... You Beauty!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Thank You to all the contributers to this thread!
  5. yes thats what i meant, srz for not been clear...
  6. MEW App does not support import of secret
  7. MM opens your systems default browser
  8. MM wouldnt import my secret. I hand copied it 3 times from my lappy which i cannot recharge ATM, possible typo or MM needs the SGB network set first. will have a look at MM browser next
  9. i suspect there is another step after this, ie getting the rpc network in, well see...
  10. Okay...found it... install MM, select top left 3 bars, select tinywiny down arrow next to Account, select Import Account, enter secret, face/palm for 3 minutes πŸ˜€
  11. some light here https://www.publish0x.com/crypto-for-monkes/how-to-add-tokens-to-metamask-xqmydjk
  12. Yep have installed the App & using the App needs the browser extension which Androin Chrome does not support ☹️ BF may be able to import a secret by QR code but who knows to print that back then ☹️ There is no mention of secrets, only passphrase seeds... No android here https://www.ftso.com.au/how-to-guides/2021/09/07/configuring-metamask-for-songbird-network.html nada here https://support.bifrostwallet.com/en/articles/5578843-access-songbird-claim
  13. it should be simple & intuitive, but ive failed...please @NightJanitor have a quick go at this, thats all it should take... i might have missed something
  14. after loading metamask & looming for importing a secret key i find chrome app on android does not support extensions... but other android browsers may support this app. Usually i would use my pc which i would then make an exception & use chrome for this task rather than my prefferred browser but in this case i am away from home and electricity challegned so my phone is the only choice for now. perhaps i can spend the whole of my next weekend (again) trying to sort this. perhaps there is a way to do it from within the App... MM certainly offers plently of chitcoins to import, even XRPc which im presuming isnt XRP. Looking quickly i couldnt even see a way to import an XRP secret. MM is a consensys product after all.. nonetheless, thankyou to responders, any other suggestions would be appreciated
  15. ive scoured thu the Bitfrost faq, no mention of importing a key. Am waiting on @Offthegrid @billy & @punishmentofluxury responses, perhaps it used allow key import my ver 0.2.6
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