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  1. i was thinking the same at about the same time... we are so predictable!
  2. banks are slavering to use ODL, it's not their money, that's what they are about!
  3. Nope, When you pick a fight, you pick a fight with the biggest around, SWIFT! In that fight your small, but skilled, You whack him one in the chin, MGI, a light stun. Then you quickly bounce around the crowd, looking for your seconds, it gets foggy, you threaten his seconds and the spoilers step in, VISA, PAYPAL. Now your fighting three at once! You untie your right arm, there's a tatt on it, XRP! LOC! Now there is madness, the seconds are fighting each other, the crowd is jostling in, it looks like an all-in. A trumpet sounds, you holler "To Me All! Your allegiances are waned! To Me All! To M
  4. This is great news! One small aspect of things is the smaller SME's don't sign very long and or very binding contracts with thier N/V* providers. Those contracts must be starting to expire! Now They Can Use XRP! It's Just Like Brad said in 2018, 3 to 5 years!
  5. The expiration of existing N/V liquidity provisioning contracts and the ensuring competition....
  6. I often wonder if existing ODL liquidity providers provisioning contracts block usage of XRP? There are probably many types of N/V provisioning products. Perhaps one type would be a FI negotiating to have a N/V liquidity rail and they would sign a contract to use only that liquidity source, over a cetain time period, thus blocking any type of new ODL N/V process,
  7. I saw this happen, i was watching Fiatleak. I call Fiatleak "Moon Channel" .... all those little moons are sooo mesmerising. I saw the jpy's and krw's thinking there was a pamp underway. I even some eur and rub. But the last few days ODL must be being masked somehow..
  8. whooaaa... @Julian_Williams ... your post smacks of xrp-zerodoubt-crypto-moon-conspiracy-joy which I thought was been frowned upon ATM. 8) But yes, It's A Sign..8).
  9. i was lucky saw some of the JPY tx's on fiatleak. Very warm and moony feeling.... 8)
  10. Possibly more of a topdown Intranetwork than inter? - Completed banking union and capital markets union... Unions of banks, unions of markets, unions of both and systems and ultimatly, be competitive... im not sure if this RTGS can achieve that.
  11. Beta was better, but that didn't matter, not that it is the case here. ODL will boom once existing V/R contracts expire and competition starts to move to RN.
  12. Is a good read, Bob and Alice seem a nice couple. 8)... Spark & Flare does looks interesting.
  13. We are building suitcases and runways and airports and one plane. Everyone can use RL's airports with whatever suitcases and/or planes they would like..
  14. yep, same things happenning in Aus, Royal Commission an all - is your workforce casualised?
  15. It's so much more than just an allias... in part, it's the simplification and ease to trust to make payments for the gen-pop.
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