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  1. Happy New Year Everyone... i havn't posted for a while, ripple inspired me to return to righting things, often gov social policies ... last year i took my gov to court and won! in part about abandoning youth into the community, often suiciding. No money involved, gov are reviewing policy. RIP Manmeet Alisher, Blake, Young Dave.....back to lurking, back to righting
  2. how are you going with this @Jkumar ... it sounds confusing but the pices will eventually come together... toast can be used for a hot or a cold wallet
  3. not if we keep walking past those opportunities. It would have been a simple matter to give that kid a cup of hot cocoa, ask him if his parents where near-by and then walk away. Once back in the car ring child-services or police and after clearly identifying yourself say exactly these words... "i am concerned about this childs wellfare and he looks like he is been harmed" ... the two key words there are 'welfare' and 'harm', the police must respond and indeed they are required to respond... That may all sound like hard work and a good deed however it is exactly what your blog prescribes.
  4. If you are using a daily-driver to run a pendrive use Tails Live CD OS because it will scrub ram and processor on shutdown. When you create a off-line transaction it is saved in a folder. Retrieve it onto a seperate formatted usb, remove all disks, reboot your machine, and submitt it using another install of toast wallet on your daily-driver... Personally I would not bother with a Linux USB or persistant drive, live cd's are just as good...
  5. judging by the minor regret after the ath hodl, apparently a lot of us...lol
  6. https://elevenews.com/2018/06/26/ali-baba-confirms-ripple-xrp-like-remittance-service-for-alipay/ "The Ant Financial company, cnLedger, made the announcement that is has launched an electronic wallet that will serve its customers for services between Philippine and Hong Kong" it is a wallet that Alipay are issuing to handle the payment.. that's interesting...
  7. great post mars but not enough info from Ali.. it would be nice to know the fees, charges, whether it's a payment as settlement complete and if the transaction speed includes the first payment...
  8. there have been some big days the last few days, im disappointed in mself i didn't know this earlier...
  9. seriously why wait, lol, tell the kids u got boat-loads, she'll know real soon, lol....
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