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  1. they normally take about three days to re-escroy back to the same wallet... agrees about the clickbait
  2. What's special is it sounds like Ripple has escrowed the escrow in a separate Ripple wallet rather than returning it to the XRP Escrow
  3. *sigh* Finally Swift is buying Ripple LLC but wants the escrowed XRP escrowed at Ripple!
  4. i would like to become a MM but am wary that doing so would whittle down zerps... i have put some orders in but again, running a bot seems like it would become a loss of zerps better yet fiat...
  5. perhaps there's no more dumb retail left in the current generations 8)
  6. yep, agrees also... xrp is still correcting from early 2017, im looking foward to buying more when we're back at realistic numbers.
  7. perfect timing, just before Christmas! Really get those rails going and save those raindeers some extra miles & fodder
  8. And they've been slammed for money laundering along with selling useless insurance products
  9. my statement pertains to total flow on the exchange. the more other coins move up the more liquidity there is on the exchange and liquidity is the key, not price.
  10. @Tinyaccount Thanks for that reply.. one of the australian exchanges providing odl is offering a rebate on crypto to crypto trades if the trade is in the order book, thus rewarding marketmakers... previously i thought odl came only from $/xrp but now i see how xrp odl comes from the entire crypto market.. And now im 'more' comfortable with xrps price moving downwards, the more other cryptos move up the better off odl is for MM's... eventually xrps price will increase as other cryptos exhaust and/or fail alls while xrp odl reachs a critical mass for its fiat pairing... i think i have that right & thanks again for you reply.
  11. sooo, if it was a small block chevy, they are sort of dyno testing, tuning & reving it with differing loads on the rollers to get a feel of woots it going to do?.. ps, plz excuse my revhead analogy
  12. some notable AUD companies use PHP for call centers including banks & telstra. Perhaps include a payroll product along with remittances in the mix (ps, just saying)
  13. Reality 2019 Oi, bakedbeans for dinner! Oi, one of you brats fetch the canopener from the front of the tent, it's worth 40 zerps!!! 8)
  14. utility & odl will affect price, just not yet... the speculative market (retail) isnt there for any coins, its just bots & tether atm... the outlook is fantastic, the flywheel is spinning, momentum's building, ripple & xrp is a happening thing... feel crap? have a drink... 8)
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