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  1. ***TYPO ALERT,*** Oi..Lucky! You have over 6000 posts! You meant "by their computers" hey!
  2. yerr-nahhh, having a big **** isn't all that's it cracked up to be 8)
  3. With Swift when John sends money to Jane, the banks Tom, Richard and Harry double check each other so their managers can report the money got through. With xRapid, when John sends money to Jane it goes direct from account to account. If the Does make an account addressing mistake strong regulations and laws, (rather than insurance companies and managers) will have to be in place to reach into the errant account and freeze/return the funds. Funds freeze and returns happen nowadays anyway. I don't see why the employee is saying the issue of mistrust must continue being the mistrust is within Tom, Richard and Harry, not the Does... Please excuse my simple view..
  4. IMO this is great news... This is what I & many others have been waiting for, a true implementation of ripples grand plan.. Good onya' Kitao, you are the man!
  5. MZ says "it should be as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo".... Now where have we heard that before! This blokes no better than a common thief!
  6. A seppo is a fond Australian colloquialism for a North American. It came about in the 60's in the Bondi Beach surf line up when the yanks where unknowingly relegated to the end of the beach with the floaters from Sydney's septic outlet. 8)
  7. MacDonalds or MikkyD's for the seppo's
  8. If you dropped the sock and wore a purple ribbon, maybe that would bring out the rebel 8)8)8)
  9. yerrr-nahhh, a hoon is someone who spins & smokes his tyres up leaving the traffic lights, macca's driveway or anywhere else heshe was stationary. A hoon generally speeds everywhere, does handbrake turns and goes out at night to do circle-work in the local carparks. That just a brief description, there is all sorts of hooning. In australia we even have hoon competitions - drifting and the summer-nats are hoon sports. The Fast and Furious crew are hoons, so is Mad Max. Traditionally hoons own V8 engines or lumpy cammed triple stombereged 6's. 4 cylinder engines are allowed if there NOS'd up but in all reality nothing replaces cubic-inches. Hoons are generally good drivers, just a bit misguided about where they carry out their activities. Young hoons usually don't get to keep their drivers-licences for very long. Self driveing electric cars will never be considered to be a hoon car, sure they can accelerate faster than a LS1 but they make no noise and will not get the chicks!... I'm an bit of an old hoon 'cept only hooned in the right places. My last motorhome had a ported SBC and drag-kitted T700r in it. It would smoke the tyres going into second gear and do most cars out of the lights up to 40kph easy. I loved that 4 tonne old bus, nothing beats "having" to use the full pedal on a 350.
  10. Soooo what will Brad call the software that pays the self driving car - Xdrive, Xuber, Xtaxi, Xcar, Xrev, Xtransport, Xcommute, Xelectric, Xmotor, Xhoon .... Im out, anyone got something witty and funny?
  11. Everyone's bored.. They've all had a good 10 page nag about Tiffany so now there moved over to give the TA thread a bash 8) We need a 3cent pump so we can mooooon and mmmoooaare and fomo. Then a nice 3 cent dump so we can dooom and gloom. That'd keep everyone occupied for six days, specially the TA mob 8)... Short of that there's heaps of other things to do like reworking the agony of exit points, selling the furniture for more funds, or heck, jus' go and get drunk on some cheap wine or something. There's also that thing called "life" to enjoy 8) ...
  12. Yerr-nahhhh, the Turks and the Jews getting together on anything apart from not eating pork is a long shot IMO...
  13. Yep, I totally agree... This in fact could be the end of fb. Now users will have to kyc/aml, yerrr-nahh, won't happen, even the most ardent fb'er won't like that intrusion. Over the history of the internet we've seen many social media giants flail...remember myspace, well next up is facebook, good riddence I say, thiefbook I say...
  14. Sooo, sometime in May... Am I getting this right...oh wait..8)
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