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  1. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for Quantum Holders!!!
  2. Interesting review by our supporter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_7KTusfSus #qau #quantum#hodl #2018
  3. Hello, more details are coming soon. Quantum
  4. Introducing Photon, a new trading gateway for market makers. One of the main features will be advanced analytics for creating better strategies on market making algorithms. Payment fees will be charged in QAU. More details coming in Q1 2018.
  5. Hello community, please check our latest article on auditing destruction events: http://blog.quantumproject.org/quantum-auditing-destruction-events/ Quantum
  6. Liquidity pool funds are spread between exchanges and used to make markets on different crypto currencies. For us it doesn’t make sense to use our own funds from the liquidity pool to destroy it It was a good month indeed! One of our long term goals is to grow the value of QAU, will you HOLD with us it is up to you. We are trying to be transparent and answer all your question on forums. Quantum
  7. Transactions coming into our black hole address can bi traced back to exchanges where QAU are bought back. Primarily hitbtc, gatehub and livecoin. Quantum
  8. We are changing the world with Blockchain technologies, crypto assets, etc. Why would we stick with "old" names as CEO, CTO, CMO, CISO, CIDO, ...
  9. Tulo, in roadmap we wrote new B2B platform. When this will be developed, each B2B client will be able to choose their markets for MM or arbitrage. At the moment we keep those informations private as intellectual property. Many on the market are trying to answer those questions. Also there are already software solutions available for doing such arbitrages etc. Our way of performing this is very effective! As you can see, we are performing: https://www.quantumproject.org/destruction/ Quantum
  10. We are executing arbitrage between different markets to get profit and buy back QAU for the destruction process. https://www.quantumproject.org/how-arbitrage-works/
  11. Quantum Project is proud to announce that second generation website IS LIVE!
  12. Join us! We are opening new web site on 5.9.2017. We will present our team, roadmap and much more! Quantum
  13. cmbartely, we will continue with our WP mission and also add new projects in the future, which will of course boost value of QAU. We are in this for the longterm (like most of the other ICO driven projects). Yours Quantum
  14. cmbarley, at the moment we don't plan to have any more ICOs. Our goal is to grow our QAU value.
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