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  1. Hi all. One of our greatest fud fighters on Twitter was @XRPTrump. Unfortunately, he seems to have disappeared lately. Anyone know where/why?
  2. Ok, so this is specific to checks, rather than a general property of amendments (although, presumably many amendments may have to be treated this way)
  3. @nikb I'm very interested in your comment that "once you activate [the amendment], you have to to carry it forever ...". It is very unclear to me why this is the case. Why can amendments not be entirely undone via a new amendment? What is the fundamental issue here? Is this property of amendments documented somewhere? I hope you have the time to respond, and would appreciate a detailed explanation :-)
  4. Where are the technical details of NikB's amendment?
  5. Brilliant. Thanks for this response. Are there any currently known issues with implementing account merge?
  6. 1) ability to reduce the number of deserted addresses on XRP ledger 2) the ability to spend those XRP you used to activate one of your N accounts @nikb @JoelKatz Would be good to get your input here. What are the pros and cons of adding an account merge feature like that used in XLM ledger?
  7. Hi XrpCommunity. I was reading this https://www.lumenauts.com/guides/how-to-merge-multiple-stellar-accounts, which describes a feature of the XLM network allowing accounts to be merged. My question is simple: Will account merging be implemented on the XRP ledger at some point? If so, when? If not, why?
  8. In the last 12 hours, huge amounts of xrp seem to have been dumped on *only* the gatehub xrp/USD market. Does anyone know why?
  9. It really doesn't bother me that coinbase refuse to accept XRP. Others are/will. Coinbase will lose market share. Coinbase will suffer.
  10. David is a great speaker, and understands the intricacies of (ripple based, PoW based, PoS based etc) consensus in a way that most others don't. He should take the interview!
  11. From the discussion in the interview, the title should be "Correspondent banks Don't Want Ripple's $80 Billion of Digital Money" To anyone who actually understands this space, that should be as surprising as "buffalo's don't want lions on the savanna"
  12. I guess the best way to describe xVia is "a product that allows easy use of xRapid and xCurrent" ... I think!
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