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  1. Same with bitcoin - the people who made the most money are the ones that totally forgot about having them.
  2. Second group here. I think that one should not be emotionally attached to their money when it comes to investments, it almost always leads to bad decisions in my opinion, e.g. trying to time the market and selling too low and buying back too high or withdrawing all of one's money fearing the asset might fall even more and mourning over the loss afterwards. Since people always say that you should only invest what you can afford to lose, you should just treat the money you invest as money that is gone. forever. Best thing would probably be just to forget about it and possibly wake up to some pleasant news you see on TV or something, but I guess very few people are actually capable of doing that :D. With XRP it has been clear since the moment I bought in that this is a long term hold. I was prepared to see it go down for a while but I never doubted my investment and nobody investing in anything ever should. One should invest because they believe in it, or at least believe in the potential revenue they might get. I don't see why somebody would be invested in something that they don't think would appreciate in value. Other than that, where I'm from I don't pay any taxes on crypto related revenue if I held onto my coins for at least 1 year, so that might also help with preventing me from doing stupid things like trying to time the market or selling RIGHT NOW. Not saying that I'm even thinking about selling when that first year is done though. (Unless xrp hits a ridiculous price by then xd)
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