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  1. Oh I was speculating that maybe we wouldn't see the "domain verified" list as Ripple may be moving to phase 2 of decentralization (speculation based on the fact that the validator page was not updating since last Friday) ... It appears that it may have something to do with what Sukrim was alluding to with his comment ... I've no inside knowledge - so read all of my messages with the speculation filter on ...
  2. That site has been a "domain verified" validator for some time now.
  3. Looks like the verified servers may be coming back ... instantglobalpayments.com has shown up as the first non-ripple validator server
  4. StatsD and [Insight]

    Yes, that is what I was referring to @Sukrim Apologies for my vernacular
  5. Which service @Sukrim ??? The service that drives the validator list on XRP Charts?
  6. In retrospect, it was a bad time to restart my clustered environment ... good thing the counters reset in a few hours ... As for your comment @Mercury - that was the old way of doing it I'm guessing - and I did the above procedure a few weeks ago and submitted the email to the address. I received no response, but believe it was probably due to the fact that they were moving to the phase 2 of their decentralization effort - so no grudges held. I'm guessing something will be said at the Singapore FinTech conference regarding new partners going to production - hopefully some Far East governments, too ... I also expect that the Ripple Validator count will rise to 16 and that they will announce soon the new process for achieving "trusted" and "verified" validator listings ... Of course what do I know ... speculating!
  7. Looks like the Validator page is now updating ...and is completely bereft of any "verified" servers outside of their own ... https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators What information awaits us from Singapore ....
  8. StatsD and [Insight]

    Gotcha ... Thanks @Sukrim for your input. My C++ coding days are long behind me, so I too would not be able to take on such an effort. I'm only doing higher-level languages these days. Was hoping that there was a schema or API Ripple had published other than what is currently in the wild. As far as the leak of IPs - I think you are referring to the peer crawl method ... I agree that is a problem as no information regarding internal/private networking should ever be exposed due to the security implications. I hope that is fixed as early as .81 ... If the IP address output of the peer crawl could be limited to passing that internal IP information to configured clustered nodes it would be fantastic. I can see how internally a peer crawl that exposes internal IPs only to configured clustered nodes might be useful in the case of internal network nameserver issues - but even that may not be too helpful unless you have a large amount of clustered nodes and rely solely on name resolution for peer communication that exists outside of your Docker/Kubernetes/VM stack configuration.
  9. StatsD and [Insight]

    Just to make sure I understand what you mean - are you saying that your monitoring is now done through Prometheus, or that Ripple is now or has stated that they are supporting the Prometheus platform for operational metrics going forward? I mean, what comes out of the rippled stream is what comes out of the stream ... hmmmm ... time for a packet capture
  10. Certainly would be easier to add to a DNS record, however I know that there are many factions in the networking world that despise packing DNS records with such info. Would be fine for specialized or smaller domains, but if every app ran in a large corporation started packing info into the corporation's TLD DNS record, then not only would you have a mess, but potentially a roadmap for external threats as potential threat vectors would be presented simply by scanning DNS records (software or services used by the organization as depicted in their DNS). As always - it comes down to ease of implementation versus potential to be exploited ... Gotta love the Internet As for the new system of UNLs and validator verification ... Unfortunately our 2 validators came along a bit too late and were never "verified" in the XRP Charts as it seems Ripple was hard at work with the new system they are creating. I decided to at least try to make sure that the validators and ripple.txt were compliant with the "old rules" which led me to checking that seemingly deprecated validator tool. I've also used this time of being in-between validator server verification methods to continue to lean up the container versions and pod versions of our validators, so the availability metric hasn't been so great due to that and intra-network routing changes that have required taking them offline.
  11. Regarding the ripple.txt .... more specifically - the old ripple.text validation checker on the deprecated ripple wiki site ... Is that tool still valid? I ask because it does not seem to work for our domain, despite having the proper CORS header (demonstrated by manual curl commands).
  12. StatsD and [Insight]

    Oh I read your article @Sukrim Was hoping someone in Ripple had a metrics schema handy ... But it sounds like perhaps monitoring information has either not been developed, or been developed for public usage.
  13. From reading the forum and scouring the Internet, it appears that rippled monitoring information is a bit scarce - so hoping someone might have a super-secret document out there. I have an implementation of StatsD running and am aggregating / normalizing via some custom python code for our 2 nodes and validators. So far, so good. BUT ... What would really be great is a document outlining what rippled produces as operational metrics output to the [insight] server, as well as the scale and unit of the values. I'm sure at some point in the development cycle a schema was created - right? If not, obviously I will just go to the logs and derive/interpret what I need manually ... but would be nice to have a manual!
  14. @Mercury Can you delete the private club I started for discussion? I don't see where I can in the UI on the forum. Thanks!