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  1. i don’t think anything is going to happen, not based on anything just thinking of the whole countdown last year. And i don’t mean this negatively more like i’m just not getting my expectations up. But i would be very happy to be proven wrong. It also could be a huge case of misdirection and an announcement is going to be made. i guess we’ll find out.
  2. Hold the line XRP Marines! @buckor
  3. not a bit. i sleep very soundly actually. Just living the dream. Theres no need to worry about XRP. XRP is like fate, it can take care of itself. Theres no need for us to meddle.
  4. we WERE at 1.20 just a month or so ago :).... i think >.>.... we’ll it was recent enough for me to think it was a month ?
  5. So, at the risk of getting flamed or just leaving ppl in awe lol Ive never said this before, but the foundational reason i actually invested in XRP was because of a dinner conversation with my step brother, we were already 3 or 4 drinks in when he slapped me in the back and said buy xrp. Have only an existential knowledge of bitcoin at this time, and not even being aware there was others out there, crypto-stupid me asks, whats an xrp?? thinking its some car brand or something XD. My step bro is very think outside the box and very next-big-thing savvy. He gave me a 3 hour schp
  6. I have it in good authority @Chewiecoin is undertaking a personal mission to get to the bottom of this securities silliness to settle once and for all xrp is not a security. Expect CNN footage of a wookie in a suit shortly ?
  7. rawr omgzors you should sell because nomoon nerdrage nolambo toomuchtime something something bank something something finance bla bla warren buffet random random al pacino
  8. i’m sure ripple has a think tank of lawyers who are ready and able to provide easy and factual counterpoints. After the high rolling talent they’ve brought on board i’d be very surprised if they cheaped out on legal. Im not worried
  9. do we know when xrapid comes out of beta?. I did some searching but didn’t find anything conclusive
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