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  1. Achieving xRapid use and liquidity is only the first step in realizing the potential of XRP, there will be many other usecases on top of that. It's just the turning point which will give it a massive advantage over other crypto assets, probably killing a lot of them. Then the real party begins. It's just as assessing the value of Amazon stocks in 2001 by restraining to one Amazon usecase - selling books. This will grow into something much bigger guys.
  2. It was incredible, I remember wondering "where did all these people come from?" There was so much FUD everywhere - twitter, facebook, youtube, bitcointalk, even here. And then the moonlaunch happened.
  3. Can you remember when was the last time there was this much FUD? First half of December.
  4. You have to go into an investor mindset, ask yourself what would Warren Buffet do? He would wait. He would not try to catch the bottom, he would not think about swing trading to increase his coins. He would wait. For how long? At least for a couple of months. If you are a holder looking to add, look at the october-november period. We need to go flat again, have 2-3 prepumps and slowly start curving up. If you are looking to make your first investment, don't look at the daily swings. Look at the weekly logaritmic chart then decide. If you are optimistic don't go all in, go 50% and look 2 lines up. One thing you shouldn't do is hurry. Take your time, be an investor.
  5. Exactly, if anything I am in some strange inversed FOMO situation. Reallly want to buy more zerps now but the charts are telling me not to, so I am holding and actually hoping for a significant drop in the following months - the bigger the better so I can stock up.
  6. This (2y XRP/USD log) chart is the one I am looking at, and it looks just fine. Not ready to buy more zerps just yet, but when the time is right...
  7. Ripple is doing everything right, and when you bought it was because you believed that it can go much higher than 3$. With all the good news since, why don't you believe that now?
  8. Date of the WesternUnion blog post is February 3, 2017. Not relevant, referring to it a year later without mentioning the date could be even considered as fake news. https://www.westernunion.com/blog/what-is-cryptocurrency-interview/
  9. Google was made to be a search engine. Amazon was made to sell books online. Facebook was made to be a US college "face book". They were all much better at their primary usecase than their counterparts who had a big head start (Yahoo, big bookstore sites, MySpace). Then they expanded to other use cases. Ripple is much better at it's primary usecase than any other counterpart. And it's already a lot better than other cryptos as digital cash, just try to compare sending cryptos from one wallet/exchange to another - how much does it cost, how long it takes etc. And it is production ready, unlike 99.9% of crptos, even ethereum, IOTA and others in the top10. Look at the full potential, then think of the possible valuation.
  10. If these kind of good news keep coming a sub 30c price will make me buy more and more... it's like someone is giving us free money.
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