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  1. It'll probably take at least another 1-4 weeks to play out. BTC doesn't seem to have topped out yet. My personal observation is that altcoins don't normally seem to move upward much until BTC hits its peak, then they follow suit shortly after.
  2. Looks like the pattern is repeating again. How is it so regular every time?
  3. Snowball effect in progress. Good work Ripple!
  4. Markets are thin and so XRP can move quickly up or down either direction. Notice a few patterns appearing with regularity though. If it happened this many times already, it will probably keep happening.
  5. I love the meetup name! heheh
  6. Anyone up for some cool hardware hacking and free food this weekend, maybe doing something cool with the Ripple network?
  7. Based on the semi-monthly payouts, it looks like only 14-15 employees are taking XRP. The amounts seem reasonable, nothing that would shock the market really.
  8. From what I've heard, pretty much every major bank uses SAP. Glad to see Ripple working with industry partners like this.
  9. Their pitch deck from way back in 2013 had a graphic showing $10 USD per XRP, which would put the XRP market cap at $1 trillion. It got scrubbed from the website as I believe there was some legal issue of showing that. You may also notice they have since added extensive disclaimers:
  10. I was talking with a technology consultant today (he has 30 years of experience) and he said that if SAP has adopted Ripple, it's game over and Ripple has won. SAP is everywhere and almost every bank uses them for consulting and/or software services. He also said that Ripple has already taken Canada and good luck to any competitor trying to keep up.
  11. It's more innovative than the usual altcoin, so I have to give them a tiny bit of credit. I'm watching from afar at this point though.
  12. Still seeing occasional downtime again... not sure why.
  13. I am a software engineer from Canada. I have been a fan of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for some time, following quite closely and reading lots. Ripple seems to be a nice complement and it looks like they are creating some really innovative services for the world to use. I like that Ripple seems a little more "enviro-friendly" than Bitcoin and the overall vision seems smarter too. I look forward to learning more about it as time goes on!
  14. I spoke directly with a developer who built it. He said it was very easy to implement Ripple, and that it was the only solution that was market-ready.
  15. Ripple really has their API, dev tools and documentation down to a science now. Apparently this integration only took 9 days to build with a small team. Pretty fast for the banking world! I imagine there will be a lot of banks looking at the cost savings opportunity as a result of seeing this.