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  1. Gimme $4 in April and I'll be happy.
  2. Hey zerpers, I wanted to hear if any of you did some research on OmiseGO? It seems to me like there is a lot of potential there...
  3. How? At that moment there was maybe 100k buy orders at $.90...
  4. That order was removed, not "eaten"...
  5. Last time we shoot up we've gone from 0.66 to 1.03 , or that doesn't count? That rise is similar to this one. And btw, we shoot up after MG announcement, not before?
  6. Wtf, that sell wall at .90??!?! Bitstamp?!?!?
  7. I can't belive how little does it take for some people to get pumped up.
  8. I can see my order way over there on left and it feels good
  9. No it didn't... Heard it here first.
  10. $600 k buy wall on Bitstamp @ $0.75 getting eaten...
  11. Both of you have a point. I just have a feeling this correction is not over yet, unfortunately. We all here want it to end... My buy order is nothing compared to how much I would gain if price shoots up.