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  1. Don't know how TA works honestly, but the price seems very stable around $0.75. Gotta go up from here!
  2. Nothing will be the same after tonight.
  3. ...in the next two years, he said. And that was a while ago.
  4. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    My goodness it is going through the roof !!!!!
  5. 24 hours ago I pulled the trigger, and traded every single XRP I had for Bitcoin Cash. This morning I sold Bitcoin Cash and bought XRP and now I have 2x of what I had yesterday!!! Hell yeah!!! Did anyone else had the same luck as me?
  6. Best counter speech for "XRP is centralized" is "XRP is not centralized".
  7. XRPchat has 8,000 members!

    And we have a lot of XRP
  8. But are there also regular people like us, or only bank members etc?
  9. 13. Oct - Ripple Rolls Out $300M RippleNet Accelerator Program to Grow Volume and XRP Utility 16. Oct - Five hours of private meetings 17. Oct - Five hours of private meetings 18. Oct - Five hours of private meetings They don't talk about climate changes on those meetings This RippleNet Accelerator Program is real big guys, I'm telling you!!! Nothing happens overnight, just be patient if you belive in this project. And If you don't, just sell everything you have and invest in something you belive in.
  10. Do I need to remind you of this statement made by Brad on August 23.?
  11. No man, seriously. We really enjoy reading about your crypo trader journey, please keep us all updated. Cheers!
  12. I think you should open a youtube channel and update us hourly.
  13. Stellar is up 180% guys, as you probably already know. If something major happens in the next couple of days, 180% growth from 0.26 is 0.73. Just sayin'
  14. I can't belive that moderators actaully allow this to happen every couple of days. Just clear this forum already from **** so we, normal people, can discuss things. Thank you!