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  1. Do I need to remind you of this statement made by Brad on August 23.?
  2. No man, seriously. We really enjoy reading about your crypo trader journey, please keep us all updated. Cheers!
  3. I think you should open a youtube channel and update us hourly.
  4. Stellar is up 180% guys, as you probably already know. If something major happens in the next couple of days, 180% growth from 0.26 is 0.73. Just sayin'
  5. I can't belive that moderators actaully allow this to happen every couple of days. Just clear this forum already from **** so we, normal people, can discuss things. Thank you!
  6. Well I don't agree with you here. If we have 70 mil less each month, that's almost 1 billion in a year.
  7. Shrink by 69 millions? That's $17.500.000 at todays price.
  8. What Announcement(s) Are You Hoping for at SWELL?

    In my humble opinion, there is no way that any of these announcements in the last few days are bigger that what they will announce at Swell. That just doesn't make any sence.
  9. I just have such a hard time beliving someone with milions of $ would come here on forum to ask immature questions.
  10. @rowling does not have more than 20k XRP
  11. You were challenging it in a very inpolite and disrespectfull way.
  12. Some people? Dude, you are the one who is talking XRP will be hundreds of $ in 5 years, and you are telling him to get realistic, and ask him if he know what a billion in financial space is?! What the..... Do you know what would it mean for XRP market cap if it goes to $100? Obviously you have no clue.