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  1. I wonder when we will see a christmas-related ICO. Perhaps something along these lines: XMAS ICO: Send x-mas cards through the blockchain, enjoy full privacy and be sure the mailman doesnt read your letters. the more people use XMAS tokens, the more valuable it becomes. Send us yout ETH now and get 500 XMAS tokens extra for free. BUY BUY BUY! Wait, don't we already have email to do this? Seriosuly, some real ICOS sound a bit like this to me. Finding good ICOs is a bit like digging for gold.
  2. I dont know if Chainium can be called a good ICO, but their idea at least aligns well with the general idea behind blockchain, ie. decentralization, and is potentially very disruptive. Their idea is a platform for buying/selling shares directly between companies-private investors, cutting out the middleman.
  3. my picks are 1) Coss. I have been hodling this for some time now (relatively speaking), awaiting positive change. Seems like it is gonna start deliver on expectations now. Marketcap has approximately doubled so far in december, volume of coss coinis growing nicely, other coins on the exchange also start becoming more liquid, new UI coming at the end of month, also check out google trends, there is a recent spike in interest. I am considering buying more 2) Modum (MOD). Could shoot up from positive news Q1 2018, but since dividends are further away in time, it could also be that price wont go up until closer to dividends. But sound business idea IMHO + low marketcap makes for a safe hodl in my eyes. 3) After having read up on KNC after reading your comments about it, it seems it has great potential. I have to consider selling XRP for KNC now, for short term gains. As for e.g. SIA, how can the marketcap be as high as it is, with so many competitors. Too risky for me, although great idea.
  4. It is my impression that there has been bitcoin bubble fears not just recently, but already for quite some time. The last months development though are making me beginning to think bitcoin is invincible. Seems to me people rather sit with bitcoin and wait for it to improve rather than emigrating to some of the superior alt coins. I Think its hard to get all the bitcoin users to agree on which superior alt coin to use instead, so rather than doing that they just go with bitcoin. eventually bitcoins usability will improve. with finance adopting bitcoin I see bitcoin becoming only stronger. still, it´s not really my taste and I prefer to invest in xrp which also has a real-usage value
  5. well, most trading pairs are in btc right. so ppl still need to go via btc. i think exchanges have a lot of power here. if they decide to open up bch pairs alongside btc this would probably boost bch, no?
  6. bitcoin cash has a lot of potential, but also quite a bit downside, more so than your average crypto imho. why do you list wtc and not mod, if i may ask?
  7. I fail to understand why you need a token to sell electricity from your own home to the market. This is already common. In my eyes the hype is outrageous on this one. i´ll stay away from this one
  8. Reisebank have something called Bankomo, which collaborates with a company called Wirecard. Not sure if they use Ripple, some of the posts with #bankomo on Twitter mentions Ripple, but I cannot find a direct reference on their website. I wish they wore more straightforward. edit: just saw another thread about bankomo on this forum, here
  9. nice find. It prompted me reading up a bit myself. Turns out Billmo is quite big in Mexico, they´ve had tremendous growth over there (also becoming one of the top free apps) and will expand further into Latin America. Their fee is $0.99, and transfers are settled within minutes. I couldn´t find a single reference to Ripple or XRP though, except with regards to their parent company CBW. Considering how they are so much cheaper and faster than traditional remittance it sounds like they must be using some new form of technology. If it´s Ripple, or even XRP, I´d say it´s huge. Considering how they have been operating since 2016 it´s odd not to find a single direct reference to Ripple though, if that´s indeed what they use.
  10. Thanks for this excellent post, it was a nice counterweight to the USC news:) Now please take a rest:)
  11. My amateur view: I suppose the idea is to convert $ & € to USC, then send USC instantenously to bank B, whereupon B convert back to the native currency. The customer at bank B will then get his account funded without delay, whereas the parity factor ensures predictability. At the end of a designated period the banks can settle their USC balances amongst themselves. If this is the plan it sounds like serious competition in my eyes. But Ripple is partially owned by banks and have talked with regulators so I dont think the fact that USC is owned by banks means anything apart from also owning a history of regulation. I think first-mover advantage will play an important part here. Bank C, sitting on the fence, will probably be just as fine with either workable solution, whichever has the biggest network. Ripple seems to be ahead in that regard..
  12. to me current price reduction doesn´t make sense. Fundamentals are unchanged, if anything they only keep improving bit by bit, we are literally on a countdown to xrp going live. if anything, one would surmise the price would go up. I think no one can really answer your question. the xrp price is akin to a RNG at the moment. that being said, did the soruce you are referring to really say the price would drop 90%? Can you link that source, should be interesting to hear why.
  13. Lets be realisitic. It's naive to think the price is gonna rise significantly without good reasons, i.e. creating revenue for ripple. It's unreasonable. I welcome all opinions. If someone buys/sells due to a forum post it's their own folly. The more info available, the better decisions to be made. Lets drop shouting fud everytime someone simply behaves a bit cautiosly
  14. Ok, agreed. Let me rephrase. The crypto traders know about, but perhaps dislike ripple because its bank ties. What xrp needs is more traditional type of investors? And they are not fully in.
  15. yes, doesnt make sense. so many good points for ripple/xrp lately: 1) increasing staff, entering new markets, many positions focused on xrp 2) positive xrp related news promised this quarter 3) sbi will go live, so no. 2 above should be something else 4) expanding nodes 5) 75+ commercial implementations this year 6) ripple changing sides on the table. before they had to sell their solutions, now banks come to them (read that on this forum). regulators also push for their solutions xrp is still under the radar, that´s why price doesnt go up i think. why should the company worry about price when they have a good product that sells itself. actual utilization will secure price increase, as that will attract more traditional investors. at least that´s what I think. So i continue to hold, ever impatiently:)
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