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  1. XRP RIP...... maybe it will grow, but other coins do also and faster. I sold my bag XRP and i am already closer to the moon then i was before.
  2. just hodl your xrp was the slogan. I would suggest to sell and buy other coins.
  3. Sold all my xrp a small month ago and went in monero, stellar and eos. Finally made some good money. XRP , i lost my trust, everybody saying, hodl. Why hodl, when other coins grow fast right away?
  4. I had xrp, but no gains for me for a long while. Still like xrp but sold a big part of my xrp a week ago for stellar and etc. Finally some money flowing in. When xrp make big green numbers, i come back. But for now, rather invest in some coins that grow quickly. XRP is to steady for me. Ofcourse i hope XRP will be big some day and everybody make some couple of bucks!
  5. i was a holder and never made some money, i was to chicken to sell with profit and buy it back lower . But now i buy , sell, buy, sell, and finally make some money. still scared when i sell, it will rise to the sky and never come back to the old price:-)
  6. i love bitstamp too. Good interface, simple and trustworthy. I only own xrp, but i want to buy some other coins to on Kraken. I read negative and positive point for Kraken. Is Kraken good too, i want to buy some Ethereum Classic? THX
  7. i bet its going to fall deep, as quick as it rised , we already see this. It will go back at 0,13 euro cents\
  8. Thx for yr reply mate, lets hope its a good Xmas:-) we will have some XRP under the tree as a present;-)
  9. Yr probally right......BTC is increasing quickly, so we compare it with other cryptos like XRP who dont increase.. But i have patience after my 2 mistakes:-) I hope you will have luck too with XRP next time! I keep on holding my XRP for sure and maybe buy some more when it is low. I trust in Ripple, hope XRP wil follow the succes of Ripple.
  10. i made 2 mistakes in life 1- when a friend bought bitcoins @ 200 euro, i didn't do that, i was lazy and scared to lose some savings 2- changed my weekly lottery numbers a few years ago. if i didnt changed any number, i had 2,7 miljoen euro's. Never change numbers! I hope 3th time, my xrp will be worth something. Came back from a nice holiday in France and thought, i want to have holiday for ever! Sitting at my office desk again, boring, there was a voice in my head saying.....look at bitstamp.net. So i looked and saw XRP. So after days of reading i bought some at 0,21 euro (to high if you look now:-). So, i will have luck of bad luck this 3th time. I read good news about ripple/xrp, but still no sign of new hights........ S
  11. Hi Kanaas, Thx for your reply and information. Ans what if my XRP are worth millions of euros over a few years? Easy to withdrawl?? HAH, just some joke (or not:-)
  12. I never sold some XRP, is that easy to do with bitstamp ans trustworthy??
  13. I am from the netherlands, i use Bitstamp to buy XRP, easy and safe. Safe i hope ofcourse, it has a security code 2FA ....but do you need a cold wallet too? I read Bitstamp saves 98% as cold wallet.
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