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  1. Yes, it would, but I don't see ODL mentioned anywhere in this thread.
  2. This is not new information. They've been on the RippleNet Committee for a good while now.
  3. 1) Each of these entities has similar security features from a user-end perspective, but I'm not sure what they do on the back-end. Bitstamp has quite a hard reputation to beat in this space, but Uphold has yet to have any major issues (except from a fishing attempt sent to users from their internal email servers at some point last year... If I remember correctly). Nothing is 100% secure, but ultimately it's in the company's interest to protect user funds. What I especially like about Uphold is that they have a >100% capital reserve that's regularly audited and is published on their website. 2) If you go on Uphold's website it's got everything on there. You basically download the app, do a bit of KYC, link a card/bank account, and away you go.
  4. Correction: settlement time is 15 seconds, and you can go direct from your XRP wallet into your UK bank account. I just did a test transaction there and I'm extremely impressed. It was ready to spend by the time I'd logged into my regular bank account to check it!
  5. Just a FYI for UK-based XRP holders... as the title says, this is great for UK holders of XRP because it creates a fast and secure route from XRP into GBP fiat withdrawals specifically. The announcement is available in the App. Quoted settlement time is 15 mins, and max withdrawal limit is £25,000! Treat yourself.
  6. Nor did I suggest that they would. I simply stated that they'll come after private solutions that ease frictions in cross-border value transfer.
  7. It seems to be the case that CBDCs will be further down the line, but the expectation is that other (probably privately offered) solutions are required more immediately to address friction points in cross-border payments.
  8. I'm most interested in the eventual use of ODL for Japan to Southeast Asian corridors. I wonder when they intend to 'update to ODL', and what the remittance total for those corridors is currently.
  9. In terms of Ripple's use case for XRP - it will be used as a liquidity solution in emerging markets, to improve high-friction payment rails, and to facilitate growth in otherwise traditionally illiquid markets depending on the reach of RippleNet. It'll open up opportunities that weren't previously viable - rather than replace the majority of current payment rails (at least initially). So I think you're comparing apples to oranges.
  10. I'm certain a small incentive of 0.25XRP per squat/100metres run would quickly change people's calculus on exercise..
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