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  1. Oh joy, the quintessential perma-troll. Have you read the whitepaper? It's available here: https://developers.libra.org/docs/assets/papers/the-libra-blockchain.pdf They've not even released their testnet yet, and they don't have a working product. They basically just have a white paper and the acquisition of Chainlink.
  2. So basically they're way behind the curve.
  3. Except you still can't transfer XRP into the Revolut, which is a shame, but it's immense. You have to buy it on their app.
  4. Well put, @mars75. The next generation of financial infrastructure will be out about flexibility and efficiency. The reason the SEC (and the US legislature more broadly) is dragging its heals is likely because it doesn't want to yield global financial hegemony. We're seeing capital that surrounds these innovations flee the US markets towards more favourable regulatory landscapes due to this protectionist stance, and competing markets are more than happy to engage with solutions which remove the barriers of US sanctions lists etc. that are invariably imposed upon the SWIFT network. I suspect that ILP will be the glue that ties together a wide range of different solutions produced by different interested parties, with RippleNet predominantly servicing emerging markets and high friction corridors.
  5. I think this is just Ripple moving into a more favourable regulatory landscape, and who wouldn't considering how hostile the SEC appears to be towards Fintech innovations.
  6. $1.2Bn was the value of the offer from Ant Financial... So how about 'no'.
  7. This was the sort of candid response that was needed from the Ripple and the XRP Markets team.
  8. Save 2 minutes of your life and don't bother. The only thing less informative than unsourced Twitter opinions are click-bate articles that reference them.
  9. Tripple

    Zerpening Club

    Well... This is a salty little number.
  10. The source goes by the pseudonym 'Bread Garlic Mouse', but that's all I know. I've spoken to the guys over at Ripple's fist-fighting department and they can confirm they've smuggled Ryan into Consenus 2019 under the auspices of being a panelist (really clever stuff, the perfect disguise if you ask me). I'm actually placing a massive bet on the SEC turning up 2 years too late for the fight.
  11. Rumour has it that Ryan Zagone has been selected as Ripple's Champion to take on the SEC in a no holds barred bareknuckle boxing match during Tuesday's Networking Break. Bets are being taken in CasinoCoin as we speak.
  12. The point of this thread really was to try and shed some light on the source of these massive sell walls, but it's gone massively awry! If people are losing patience holding XRP they should just sell it, because they don't understand what they've bought.
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