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  1. Tripple

    The Truth

    That's exactly what you have to tell the police once you've been out drinking with him.
  2. Tripple

    The Truth

    You may as well have said: "My mate 'Big Stevie' from down the pub told me yesterday that his friend 'Wee Johno' knows a guy who works for the electricity supply company for a bank, who overheard a cashier talking about xRapid going live in 14 days time." This is not financial advice. Genuine sources. Much moneys. 🤔
  3. Tripple

    The Truth

    We really need a Trippel to join this forum. Pure conflation.
  4. Tripple

    The Truth

    @Deeznutz: That's @Triple, not me.
  5. Tripple

    SWIFTNet, really?

    Shots fired
  6. Tripple

    SWIFTNet, really?

    Reading that tweet is like listening to a grandparent talk about 'flossing'.
  7. The BearWhale is back. Oh mercy.
  8. I think this is a fair assessment. Custody solutions, greater diversity of financial instruments, regulatory clarity, and a significant increase in overall market liquidity are all required before 'Big Money' can get some serious skin in the game. It's all getting built out as the space matures which is very positive, but I personally believe we're still a good 12-18 months away from the realisation of these conditions.
  9. Is that Brad Garlinghouse speaking? That handsomely bearded b*st*rd has the voice of an angel 😂
  10. The whole SBI Quarterly Report is an extremely big deal.
  11. Tripple

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    double post
  12. All other cryptos took a hit yesterday, while XRP held it's value quite impressively at around 43 cents... a less severe drop by way of comparison. Bitcoin is showing a slight recovery in price and that has buoyed the price of XRP as we have seen in the past... That's why it's looking 'green', while others are still in the red. I think XRP is demonstrating some underlying value by not tanking as hard as other cryptos, but that's about all.