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  1. This. Although I think Brian Armstrong is just a bag of human skin; they've skuppered their first attempts at institutional offerings; lost out on a huge proportion of retail interest in XRP; and now their talent is jumping from the sinking ship like rats. I'd say Coinbase now needs to be part of the XRP ecosystem more than XRP needs to be listed on Coinbase, by a long stretch!
  2. Such subjective reporting. Coindesk is a rancid little entity.
  3. There's nothing about XRP, they only use xCurrent.
  4. I think @P3T3RIS was being puckish.
  5. I think the wanton printing of Tether and the resulting upward manipulation of Bitcoin's price from May-December '17 is the reason we're seeing such a ridiculous correction now. The injection of capital into the markets (in the form of USDT) was basically a work of fiction. I highly doubt that USDT was backed 1:1 with USD during the run up, and now Bitcoin is shedding value because that value wasn't real in the first place. Tether may now have a proportion of that capital to back the circulation of USDT, but they're burning units of USDT to keep parity with the Dollar... So it's doubtful that they ever had the peak levels of capital in the first place. Plus, they're also refusing to undergo a public audit and are now banked in some dodgy off-shore haven. Due to this, it's hardly surprising that the arse has fallen out of Bitcoin - but in my view this has been exacerbated by 3 issues: 1) The start of CBOE and CME futures contracts which have allowed smart money to short the sh*t out of an overinflated cryptocurrency 2) Mt. Gox trustees spanked a rake of Bitcoin to cover legal obligations within the same period. 3) Bitcoin forked again to BCH, ultimately leading to hash war where both parties are selling off even more BTC to fund mining costs when the market is already bled dry. The only saving grace is that the hype caused by the pump has probably brought a rake of noob retail investors into the space, so maybe the market floor is a bit higher than the $2.5k/BTC of May'17!
  6. I always watch his videos extremely closely... So I can catch the moment that he accidentally blinks with his second set of eyelids.
  7. I thought it might be speculation surrounding Ryan Zagone's panel discussion in a few hours times. Who knows though... Which way is the wind blowing?
  8. Ah yes... Bank of Canada: that impartial entity that definitely won't struggle to on-board competing banks.
  9. Tripple

    Chris Garlinghouse ?

    They're actually the same person in two different peoples bodies.
  10. This is actually a photograph of SWIFTs GPI service touching down after transferring value across the Atlantic.
  11. The gap between expectation and reality is usually disappointment, which in this instance damages the price of XRP. I think Galgitron is very wise to be 'dampening the hype': temper expectations, avoid disappointment. I have no idea why this SWIFT/Ripple speculation has become to salient, but I personally think it's a bit of a stretch at present.
  12. Tripple

    Alex, you okay buddy?

    I'm not sure why some of you have such a hardon for @AlexCobb, but it's so salient that it's actually embarrassing. People make mistakes. What of it? Get off the lad's back.
  13. Tripple

    SWIFT and Ripple Integratioon

    That sweet, sweet integratioon.
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