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  1. "These ratings are the sole and independent work product of the Crypto Rating Council. The ratings and other CRC work product [SIC] are not endorsed by any asset development team or foundation, any regulator, or any other third party. Scores are subject to change at any time without notice." So a fluctuating rating by a conglomerate of businesses who aren't impartial and have no regulatory authority. Look at the EOS rating (3.75). The SEC's decision today clearly states that the ERC-20 token was an unregistered security, but has issued a waiver for Block.One relating to the EOS in it's current form. Apparently the newly formed 'CRC' disagree, indicating that it's still 75% likely to be a security... but that's ok for EOS investors, because as we can see the CRC's rating and reality aren't confluent.
  2. Even the comment could be considered as fud unto itself. Such excellent work.
  3. A fudster providing an etymology of 'fud' within a thread that said fudster must consider to actually be fud. FUDception.
  4. https://www.ripple.com/insights/speed-and-cost-of-payments-dont-need-to-be-at-odds Great Insights article focusing specifically on XRP. Note the paragraph on the relationship between XRP and ILP...
  5. Probably not a bank, but I can see Ripple become a lender of some sort.
  6. So nice to have @Freaky and @djdhrubs in our midst; political and legislative heavy-weights with access to Ron Hammond's annual appraisals! Who'd have thought we'd be so lucky. Forum members should be flattered that these (I presume) extremely busy individuals are willing to devote so much time to correcting the measured views of the XRPChat community. We would otherwise be lost without being privy to the completely non-fictional, and certainly not defamatory, information that they are so altruistically willing to share. Phew. I nearly made the mistake of investing in a major part of the future digital asset ecosystem, but now that you've written these posts I've decided that my money will just go to supporting alcoholics and has-beens...
  7. Uphold and CredEarn is a potential option. I'm not so sure it's the way to go though because as @Benchmark says, 'the exact risk [of lending your assets to a 3rd party] is unclear'.
  8. Except nobody has 'directed' anything towards you throughout this entire thread. What's your agenda? You wrote an uncouth reply to a gif posted by @Truckdriver, who was highlighting (albeit in a glib fashion) the targeted efforts of a few new forum members to degrade the general quality of discussion on this forum. Being a public forum it's relatively easy to see what has occurred.
  9. It's cringe-worthy how certain accounts are now actively trying to sabotage every new thread on this forum. I'm a little surprised that moderators haven't clamped down on this type of behaviour. It's not typically reflective of this forum, and it's degrading the quality of discussion. There's a major difference between critical/contrarian views (which are welcomed and necessary), and personal attacks on forum members. The quote below is a perfect example: 'If you're not articulate enough to form an meaningful argument: be rude', I guess.
  10. 'Couch dumping', 'sack of sh!t'... Need I say more. These are your emotional responses to not receiving the profits you'd hoped for. They're not objective arguments that add value to the discussion here. If you're so distrusting of Ripple's chaperoning of the XRP ecosystem, and you're so adamant it's a bad investment, then why aren't you just washing your hands of it rather than coming onto an XRPChat and trying to ram your personal perceptions of XRP down members throats?
  11. All these people crying about Ripple's programmatic XRP sales, litigation, etc... It's almost as if they all FOMO'd in at the ATH without doing any research, since none of these aspects are even remotely new. Nothing has fundamentally changed (apart from all the acquisitions, investments, partnerships and production contracts of course) but people are coming on here trashing XRP as a digital asset because they're unhappy they're not millionaires yet. Just sell your zerps and leave...
  12. Could be intending to go after high volume, low value payments more broadly.
  13. My favourite quote: "a 'just-in-time' or real-time net settlement based on distributed ledger scheme."
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