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  1. That group is probably the worst one i've ever seen on social media. No quality, people posting random predictions, full of spam, crying when xrp drops 1%, posting lambo or moon pictures when it goes up 1%. Been there, seen it, left. So many people who are just in there to troll. DYOR and stay out of that group is my only advice. I bet out of those 23k 'investors' 99% have less than 100xrp.
  2. That group is pure garbage to be honest. No quality posts, people just spam random predictions.
  3. KING - Ruler of discord, wielder of the banhammer, Lord of the fourty channels, Keeper of xrps, Master of kicking, Commander of the mighty zerper army, Watcher over the rules. You only got kicked because you did something wrong.
  4. Ripple bank and institutional partners. --> Ripple bank partners + Ripple institutional partners.
  5. You should not openly post your XRP balance.
  6. XRP will be the underlying currency connecting them all. "One coin to connect them all."
  7. @Hodor Let me know when you're back at Ibiza for spinning We can meet up.
  8. Thank you hodor, always a pleasure to read! You can stop hodling the door now. XRP wants to break through.
  9. Fenix


    Welcome, I'm from Belgium. You can always ask me anything you want in dutch aswell if you need help.
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