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  1. KING - Ruler of discord, wielder of the banhammer, Lord of the fourty channels, Keeper of xrps, Master of kicking, Commander of the mighty zerper army, Watcher over the rules. You only got kicked because you did something wrong.
  2. Ripple bank and institutional partners. --> Ripple bank partners + Ripple institutional partners.
  3. Google spreadsheet for managing balance

    Oh, my bad. Didn't read entire post.
  4. Google spreadsheet for managing balance

    You should not openly post your XRP balance.
  5. Digitized currency

    XRP will be the underlying currency connecting them all. "One coin to connect them all."
  6. Take XRP to the Streets!

    @Hodor Let me know when you're back at Ibiza for spinning We can meet up.
  7. Take XRP to the Streets!

    Thank you hodor, always a pleasure to read! You can stop hodling the door now. XRP wants to break through.
  8. Newbie

    Welcome, I'm from Belgium. You can always ask me anything you want in dutch aswell if you need help.
  9. J-Coin potential impact

    Could you post the article?
  10. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    I'd suggest an offline Wallet like Nano Ledger S.
  11. 100 Billion XRP - Why this particular number?

    Because Ripple people are not the best at math so they made it easy to calculate the % they would each get. and yes it is a joke.
  12. Calm down man, they always post Quarterly reports on tuesdays or thursdays in the penultimate week. So it should be either 19 or 21 sept.