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  1. Look at the bright side. The market needs to crash to allow XRP market takeover. Right know Ripple started with a big handicap in this game. You need to break some eggs and cripple some chickens to enjoy your meal. It’s not about the journey it’s about the prize.
  2. I understand the frustration of people complaining about the price not booming again, to those people: -it is not our fault that you have entered the market when it was 2.8 hoping it will reach 5.5 overnight. I really understand your frustration of recovering your loss. But for us it makes no difference. We hoddl. XRP is like a religion, you either believe strongly that will succeed or not. Instant gratification is not for us.
  3. Please explain this. The market just went from two digits red to two digits green in 30 min
  4. I remember not long ago someone just bought 4.9 billion XRP. Now i know why. He is accumulating by disrupting the market.
  5. Can anyone shed some light of what’s happening??? Any info ??
  6. Off course not, but this is not about what we want this is about the route that the society is heading and there’ no way that we can stop it.
  7. FIAT will crash for sure before the crypto. The future is this AI DAO BLOCKCHAIN Artificial Intelligence will be used to write smart contracts for decentralized autonomous organisations while blockchain technology will keep a record of who owns what. This is the future a new global currency, a new type of corporate entity with no real boundaries or legal liabilities and a new central bank (ledger) that will keep a record of everything.
  8. Not enough my friend not enough, we want BTC head chopped down. Only then we can claim the throne!!
  9. Don’t you guys find it weird that all the markets are flooded with new users ? I think we are assisting on the beginning of a new global trend. Something big like holy mother of cows BIG.
  10. In the end, the value of all the crypto currencies will be so great that there will be no FIAT to exchange them, thus they will become mainstream and totally replace FIAT. Ladies and gentlemen the NWO currency is here !!!
  11. I remember the days when people were saying that 100 billion of XRP is to much and for this reason the price will never pass 1$ Today people are buying 5.7 billion XRP in one go. This is insane, and if you still don’t think that the XRP will succeed. Think about this. if you would have money to spend on 5.7 billion xrp. I can only imagine that this is not an impulse buy. You’ve done your homework, the only difference is that when you can afford to do this kind of acquisition someone is doing the homework for you and it might be the teacher itself. There are no risks when you do this kind of transactions.
  12. Yes, you are. But you tend to ignore human nature GREED. The best example for this is the diamond market. The diamond is not rare as we all know is quite abundant, after all is just compressed carbon you can even make one if you have the necessary tools. Why is the diamond so expensive? Simple because everyone thinks is expensive, thus making it an expensive object. Why does a 10$ bill has value and a printed piece of paper with the 10$ sign on it doesn’t ? Both of them are equally abundant. Simple, if everyone agrees that something has value then it doesn’t matter how abundant is the resource.
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