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    Tushar Jain w/ CNBC Crpto Trader

    invest [in-vest] verb (used with object) 1. to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value. 2. to use (money), as in accumulating something: Google any dictionary...
  2. Malloy

    Tushar Jain w/ CNBC Crpto Trader

    LOL...now I know where you got your "0.18" USD/XRP....and why you're waiting for this price to like you say "invest" in something that is not worth the price it's at right now LOL
  3. Malloy

    Tushar Jain w/ CNBC Crpto Trader

    This "honest" trader admitted he shorted XRP...do you think he would come on NBCrap and say XRP is wonderful, fantastic, best thing since slice bread... LOL
  4. Very old strategy...but still...this is what I believe has been going on for the past months. Ex. Why would someone put a 10M XRP sell wall on Polo just to remove it when the price starts to go down...and again put it back when the price starts to move up...and remove it...etc... Good read if you want to understand the psych of big whales accumulation strategy https://business.financialpost.com/investing/the-secret-trading-strategy-from-the-1930s-that-hedge-funders-dont-want-you-to-know-about
  5. The timing of this news is more important than the news itself...just after SEC rules out the ETF...and right after one Commissionner goes dissident... https://www.ccn.com/nasdaq-plots-to-legitimize-cryptocurrency-in-secret-meeting-report/
  6. We didn't see the same thing....at some point the wall got hit and it stayed there until it bounced back down...but another wall came back higher and never got touched...they just let others scalping just a fraction under until the price reverse back down and got to where we are now... With low volume it's quite easy to wall...first time they were caught by a spike in volume but not the other time... If they really wanted to convert to BTC all those XRPs they would have just move the price down a few times and would have NEVER put a sell order of that magnitude
  7. Malloy

    Song of the Day

    Yeah right...this slow and ugly Bear market has been tough on all of us...but...something's brewing now. It's call the "Freak" or the "Fric" (cash slang in French)...because "Le Fric c'est Chic"....yep... Money is sexy...and rumours of an upcoming ETF for BTC is bringing all the Bulls traders on vacation the their engines... What about Alts...well...their are suffering right now...but as usual if Bitcoin rises arbitrage will kick in and lift everyone... so...Freak Out...cause...Le Fric C'est Chic
  8. Malloy

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    I believe that almost everyone that have XRP stored in Exchanges have a backup account ready...so...add all the XRP you can find in all the Exchanges and divide by all those funded accounts and you might have an idea of how many people holds how much...just sayin'!
  9. Almost gone...the wall should have been gone in 24h IMO...but we're in chess match between Bears and Bulls that leads to sideways low volume
  10. I've noticed a week ago that someone wanted to buy around 800 BTC and has been putting and removing the wall since...it's down to 600+ BTC or 8M+ XRP....that someone probably had 10M XRP to sell at the beginning...whatever reason he/she/they had they've been sticking to the selling/buying plan no matter what the price is....whatever! Once XRP clears that wall it should be better unless something else happens...
  11. ...all we needed to know...great!
  12. Interesting to see real use case. https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-valley-declares-blockchain-voting-trial-a-success/
  13. Malloy


    I'd like an apology from the guy who didn't convince me to buy more at 0.005 USD...where are you now? Hiding on your private island? You rich b**ch Chicken!!!
  14. Malloy

    Ripple Drop Episode One

    Video division has been doing a better job than many of the other sub-division of the comm dept....maybe they should move their director up a few level
  15. ...especially nice to see successful entrepreneurs with a vision...
  16. Malloy

    Know Your Gateway

    @riptidel nice job!
  17. Malloy

    Getting access to old Ripple Trade account

    not sure about the Toast wallet but if you try to send all your XRPs you might not be able to cause of the 20 XRPs minimum (+ trustline etc.) for any account on the network Other thing...if you have a GateHub account just add/link your old account there since you already have the secret key and the account number
  18. Malloy


    Just remember "In 2000, the founder of Netflix flew to meet Blockbuster’s CEO" to proposed a partnership....Blockbuster "refused to move away from physical retail stores".... "In 2004...Blockbuster’s... finally recognized that Netflix and others had altered the movie rental landscape and decided to invest heavily in the digital platform" and " planned to eliminate late fees" "even though late fees were a major customer irritant, Blockbuster, with its thousands of retail locations, millions of customers and massive marketing budget, had until then relied on these fees as a key source of revenue" ...and you know the rest...Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010...Netflix is now worth more than 100 Billions USD When you learn about the past you have better chance not to repeat the same mistake...but who reads anymore lol http://dune.srl/why-go-digital-2/
  19. Pretty much everyone here has an opinion...I can just guess the heated constructive discussion they must have behind closed doors to decide what the hell is this new living organism called XRP
  20. Malloy

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    a new member that thinks he can outsmart the whole community lol
  21. Malloy

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    now the troll is out of the bag lol
  22. "Coinbase, Ripple Blast Company Creating Tokens in Their Name" https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-ripple-push-back-against-swarms-equity-tokens/
  23. ...buy back later or bye bye later lol
  24. Malloy

    My Newbie Unbiased Theory

    When more Exchanges pair XRP to whatever we'll have the real decoupling...until then the market mostly trade BTC to whatever including XRP It's coming :-) What Ripple built is incredible...if in the same process they became/become rich...good for them! That doesn't change the tech is a world game changer and finance/banking will never be the same That's why I didn't want to respond to your post...until this you really were like a newb asking newb question and this is important as not everyone has been here for years...but that part is why I will not comment on anything you post anymore...being alone at home in front of a computer doesn't give you the right to insult everyone at Ripple and everyone here that have been following/investing/cheering this incredible new tech... Right or Wrong...coming here calling for a Scam is not a very good way to introduce yourself!