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    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    "Y2050 Market Cap" and "Current Market Cap"....best of both world...lol
  2. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    You got me thinking that it could be a good idea to have two columns Estimated Circulating Supply... for traders and short term investors since we only care of what's available today to see how volatile the market can be... Total Supply (including once the mining cycle is complete)...for long term investors looking at the "big picture"...
  3. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    I understand you...I even mentioned that your pov is right (if you choose this pov)...but I and pretty much every web site in the world have decided that the best approach with crypto was to use "Circulating Supply"...so either you don't understand my/our pov or you choose not... Because you think some way doesn't mean everyone has to think your way and that doesn't also mean the way CMC and als chose is a hoax...
  4. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    Not talking premine...we already now that BTC will have 21M coins in circulation "eventually"...same goes with XRP "eventually"
  5. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    I believe you have to not calculate the Billions in escrow as long as they are not released in the market...but anyone that wants to calculate all XRP available should do the same with all coins with their Max Mining algo...CMC just didn't want to do this and I'm ok with it...some other website could do it the other way (for all coins) and that would be ok also...
  6. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    Yes and no...they are locked and not released on the market...you really have to think different...it's like saying mining is just like a locked coin in time
  7. Malloy

    The Great Market Capitalization Hoax

    I agree with CMC on this...even though you are also right...here's why.. This is a new paradigm...if we were talking about a company we'd say Authorized Shares vs Outstanding Shares....Outstanding being the ones already in the market and available to trade...Authorized is the maximum a company is allowed to "print" and add to the Outstanding... Since XRP is not a security and Ripple did not issue shares how to calculate market cap...by using Circulating supply... Same goes to all mining coins that have a maximum but have not reach it for example Bitcoin's market cap is 17 384 200 BTC * (today's price) and not 21 000 000 BTC... So...you either choose one or the other...since CMC has chosen to calculate on Circulating Supply I agree that it's fare to everyone even though you have to think different...
  8. More than 2 years ago (link) I gave my thoughts on what could happened to XRP price... I'm not a guru...don't have a crystal ball...just don't know much about anything..but...I trade 24/7 and when you can loose everything in a few seconds you have to look at the big picture to "try" to see what's coming so you do go bankrupt during that few hours of sleep I've allowed myself...so In the near future...I'd say a year...XRP Market Cap should be on top...why Going down the top 10...and a little more... BTC. BTC has found some equilibrium in price...many speculate it's because below 6k USD it's not worth it for miners...but mining "is" the problem. Cost in $ and for the environment makes BTC unsustainable...the sooner everyone moves to something else the better...But that will bring blood on the market...BTC crash will bring down all the cryptos as it's been for the past years...Remember I'm talking market cap here not price...As for the eternal and continuous forks...it's just a running gag scam among serious investors and adds not value anymore to the coin. ETH. On just TA...it's easy to see that ETH is barely hanging on its last resistance level...and who can give me a good use for ETH anyway beside pumping ICOs? Since ICOs are not the flavour of the month anymore who needs ETH? As for smart contract...there's always someone smarter somewhere that will create something even smarter...not that I understand anything about it...but neither 99.9% of the population. On the good side all those institution that bet on ETH have the infrastructure now to work on something else...their crypto dept. is ready to accommodate something else...why not XRP? BCH. At the time I'm writing this BCH is about to fork...a real billionaire ideology war lol...anyone here can relate lol...Probably the last of the big scam fork BCH will probably show that doubling your coin out of thin air is a thing of the past...not saying others won't try again just saying if this fails badly it will create a milestone where nobody will take any fork seriously anymore...as for the use of BCH...pass! STR/XLM...The one I love to hate...probably what we could consider the only fork attempt of XRP when Jed left...excuse me...was asked to leave! Jed's zillions $ can keep this one going pumping for years...if I could read his mind I'm sure I'd see his biggest dream is to take over XRP's market cap and show the world "he" was right...XLM might have some interesting approach to low fees third world transactions but the unlimited supply decided by ??? is not going to reassure any serious finance network...so even though they might have found a niche Jed's implication is going to end bad... EOS. I always scroll down this one...that's what I think about it...nothing...oh yeah...they have consensus that collusion is behind what made them grow this fast...but "the investigation is still going on" LTC. A fun light fork of BTC that's getting a little old too...based on the same technology that I don't believe is sustainable...Price used to be 1/10 of BTC...then 1/100...now a bid lower than that...same as ETH they're hanging on last resistance before a possible drastic fall...TA's not looking good.. ADA. The swiss project wanting to be so legit and it almost is...they're working hard to make something out of it and might succeed...I don't believe only one crypto will rule the world...this one could have a place depending on how the technology evolves...I believe the price is pretty much where it should be in this bear market...one to watch when the market starts to go crazy again XMR. The leader of the anonymous coins Monero has a place in the crypto world...very strong community backing it and a important technology to develop...anonymity is very important for all individual but even more if you live in some countries...no matter how much FUDders repeat that it's used by criminals...the most (and by far far far) used financial tools by international criminals is the US dollars (EUR probably not too far)...as for all the anonymous cheap clones some will probably find a niche too...and that's a good thing! Not in the top 10 but what I believe will also find a place cause it has already a use case scenario is all the gaming coins....some for video games some for gambling...I prefer the video games one cause they already are used in the games but they're not call crypto yet...but it's coming...many gamers found way around the game market place to sell through paypal their account or artifacts...it'll be much easier with a crypto integrated in the game...watch for big names coming soon...as for gambling...it will always be there so... Not in the top 10 and never will are all the business that tried an ICO instead of an IPO...they're already all moving out the crypto side of their business leaving the investors bag token holders with not much...I'm very septic about any of them giving back any value to the people that believed in their project...if some of them have their business going they'll have to move to a more traditional financial game and we'll never hear about them anymore... XRP. lol...if you're here I don't have to repeat everything you already know so... stay safe with your investment cause If what I wrote happens. they'll be blood in the markets and price will go wild on either side...and that will be scary moments if you need this money to pay the rent or buy food for the family...stay safe...if you invest...go only with what you can loose...one thing an old fart told me when I started trading...once I buy something (stocks it was) my money is gone and I have to believe I'll never see it again...that way I sleep better at night.
  9. I think you can go back further in time just when IOTA was released..something about how fast and scalable they said their network would be...I think they were comparing with Ripple Network at the time and that's why JK explained his pov
  10. I'd have to look for it but I'm pretty sure JK said something not in favor of this project when they came out...and he's much smarter than I so I have to take it as is...
  11. Your friend is not up to date...there's plenty of Exchanges now you can wire USD funds and buy XRP directly....many good ones were posted in this thread....
  12. He's got books to sell...just cheap marketing stunts...pass!
  13. this is p0rn for traders...wow
  14. I wish I could understand all this...but I like when members are debating like this...reminds me of old time lol
  15. Malloy

    CoinField Set XRP As The Base Currency

    well...the party didn't last long...I hear they have all sorts of problems...withdraws are offline...platform crashes...Market disappear suddenly...account frozen impossible to login... The other Canadian Exchange is also under pressure...QuadrigaCX has had huge problems for months now...people keep complaining they are not getting money for weeks or months after they tried to withdraw... I'd say many smaller Exchanges are now feeling the pressure of a bear sideways market and money is not coming is as easy as last year...and they probably didn't plan for this...be careful!
  16. I had a sneak preview...that's true...many XRPs pairs...trading platform looking good!
  17. Malloy

    Wallet fees

    It was 20 XRP when the price of XRP was subpenny...why would they raise the minimum now that we're 0.45 USD..doesn't make any sense unless someone is building a FUD case to scare people on opening an account... BTW...it was discussed a lot here when Ripple staff was hanging around that the consensus was to reduce the activation fee eventually...I believe if you ask around you'll get that answer from our friends at Ripple.
  18. Malloy

    XRP UNITED - rP0w3rP01nT.xrp

    That's where we disagree...having a licence is great and part of a whole...whole means who's behind the licence...do they have the funds to keep going no matter what...what have they done previously that makes them "competent" to run an exchanges...and many more questions. You are now playing in the big leagues of FinTech...you have to be completely transparent... I have created an account and will wait to know more about you (the company and admins) before I transfer any funds...GL
  19. Malloy

    XRP UNITED - rP0w3rP01nT.xrp

    @P3T3RIS I have only one concern at this moment...to promote your platform you are using a nickname, no picture of yourself and no description ...who are you? Sorry but I can't trust someone hiding behind an alias account.
  20. Malloy

    Uphold's Live Announcement

    How to loose total credibility...pump "the announcement" of the year...have a ****** production team record and stream the thing...have nothing to say even though we can't hear you.... This company is on the blacklist for any further announcement lol
  21. It started with the anarcho-capitalist...they saw Ripple "Inc" making deals with banks and that was enough to trigger the hate... Then came the twitter guru traders...they use this hate to fuel their short position... While XRP was sub-penny...there's not much we could do or say that wouldn't make them laugh...then they didn't laugh...but still hated us because they think XRP is taking over "their" market share.."their" new world order without banks! (btw...same that wish for more regulation but that's another subject) For me...BTC was the ice breaker and I'll ever be grateful for that...I wish it continues to grow and find its path... when XRP hits first place market cap
  22. Bots are everywhere... most trading on regular stocks exchange is done by bots....I hate bots except when they go crazy...then you can make a month's pay if you're quick enough and those behind the "buts" pick up the check :-)
  23. First...from their website "Established in 1930, the BIS is owned by 60 central banks, representing countries from around the world that together account for about 95% of world GDP" Then you look at the "members"...all central banks that have NO intention of letting crypto take over... So...how unbiased can this report be whatever it says...I won't even take time to read it.