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  1. Song of the Day

    This one is for @Mercury and all those who felt a little blues in the recent weeks. Many new members only saw the price of XRP decline and don't miss an opportunity to tell Ripple they're "downhearted" "Ever since the day we met".
  2. Feedback on Clubs

    Thanks. Polls feature was my most wanted option. Great!
  3. Feedback on Clubs

    I think it's gonna be fun. Some tech question - polls: how can voters change their votes? - calendar: is it possible to have colored categories? - topics: in add club features, could we add a second topics section? - templates: is it possible to copy a post from a topic that was used to create a template? Thanks
  4. Sure, I've got a few ideas. I already posted today's song, inspired by a zerpbox conversation that, I think, is also a feeling we share all today...but blue and jazzy will have its place...we're not out of the wood yet!
  5. Song of the Day

    As @Ylod was saying "who could've seen this coming though? 10-15 years ago, if someone claimed that people will be putting their life savings into a computer generated strings of code, they would've been put in a straight jacket" I would add by (to be confirmed) Andreas Antonopoulos "Governments always knew that the value of money was an illusion, but they could never imagine a time when they would not be in control of that illusion." So, after all, it's "Just an Illusion"...
  6. I moved everything there, this is the perfect tool. You can review (give stars) to show your appreciation of the song related to the day event I choose. If you would like me to look at something, just do a special "Request" in here. Enjoy!
  7. Song of the Day

    So August 13, some blogger with a crystal ball was telling everyone something was happening today...still waiting, but....XRP is resilient and after a tough bots negative arbitrage from BTC run breaking 4000 USD, XRP still got that swing, cause, it "Don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that swing"...."Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap"
  8. Song of the Day

    This was a special request by @GiddyUp that totally nailed the zerpbox sentiment. No matter how many times we try to explain that BTC/XRP price reacts to "arbitrage", so, if you think your portfolio is down, make sure you compared to the USD price first...and yes, BTC breaking 4000 USD shaked the whole crypto world, so, "Hold On" @
  9. Song of the Day

    If it wasn't for the BTC daily drama show, it was pretty quiet recently. Some of the old posters probably sold a little to enjoy summer. And the staff at Ripple needed a break, some vacation, fuel the tank...mid-August coming, people coming back...so, to @miguel, everyone at Ripple, all the old timers and new members... "Welcome Back"
  10. Song of the Day

    It's been mention that an Asian conflict like N.Korea could bring down many cryptos and maybe hurt Ripple. @Dizer made a good case that there's nothing good coming out of a war. But if there's a conflict, maybe we'll see the opposite...people wanting to put their money in safe heaven asap. Converting KRW to XRP and sending them in seconds to anywhere in the world seems like a solution. In any way, we don't wish to know the answer to that hypothetical (but burning news) topic, because, those "Games" are "Without Frontiers"
  11. Song of the Day

    A nice sudden spike of XRP over 0.19 USD and the whole community is excited...with reasons! Songs are usually inspired by the zerpbox, so, it might be just "a flash in the pan" ( @natethesnake), but my "Heart Goes Boom" Boom Boom (@Hodlezerper) Enjoy!
  12. Song of the Day

    Inspired by @schap, yes "One Day" it will all make sense... One Day It will happen One day, one day It will all come true One day When you're ready One day, one day When you're up to it One day It will happen One day, one day It will all make sense
  13. Song of the Day

    With the recent amazing 7B$ market cap of a magically appearing coin (BCH) and the slowly drifting up market cap of XRP, add the tens of ICO coming up this fall looking for a master token, ETH had no choice, use the slow weekend volume and Pump it Up!
  14. Song of the Day

    This one was belongs to @rippleric I was waiting for the occasion...but XRP moving slowly up and off course, the news of the day, BTC breaking (like hell) 3000 USD...short squeezing a lot of traders I'M sure. This will bring a lot of attention to the crypto world right before all those big players are about to come back from vacation mid-August...so C'Mon N' Ride the train