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  1. Anyone can issue XAU with whatever value they I could do it for grams...that's when due diligence and the community - us - comes in hand. Yes, there should be some regulation, but other would say the beauty - and the beast - of being able to issue whatever you want with your inner-outer circle is exactly what we needed. Anyone buying Gatehub XAU should make some due diligence first and it's our duty to offer the information so they can choose to trade or not that pair. If noone trades that pair...Gatehub will get the message - I guess - I hope?
  2. Conclusion. I know a few nerds like those guys who bought Bitcoin when it was a penny stock...they braged about it...they blogged about they are called "specialist" and invited to whatever conference or youtuber and whoever wants to look like they have a "connaisseur" on the show....well... I say GOOD for them to have made Zillions$ with their early investment - a bit jealous I admit - but an uneducated lucky guy isn"t for me a brain in any matter related to crypto. So, I'm gonna be patient with Ripple 'cause the real programmer that contribute to this blog are "brains" above whatever I could ever be and that's why whatever or whoever creates fake news about Ripple will NOT get my attention - that said I just reply to this video :-)
  3. I stopped watching just after one guy said "I don't know Ripple so I Googled it during the day and now I can explain everything in 90 min. although I still don't really understand what Ripple is...but I've learned that some guy named Jed was there once and I don't trust Ripple is a scam"
  4. Very interesting link...
  5. curriculum vitae n. "brief account of one's life and work," 1902, from Latin curriculum vitae, literally "course of one's life"
  6. I took the time to check Mr. Garlinghouse background Nice curriculum...
  7. Seems like it. The one I've seen around most rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv went from 13,155,368.491 (posted above) to 54,451,952 now! rEh... received a lot from r4LxkCUXYTCUgwquN3BnsUxFacoVLjGFyF 2017-02-03 17:09:21 Sent 36534819.65 XRP To rEhKZcz5Ndjm9BzZmmKrtvhXPnSWByssDv Almost every day, same transaction from rEh... 2017-02-06 03:03:00 Sent 146808.896769 XRP To rLkMJhSVwhmummLjJPVrwQRZZYiYQhVQ1A Then rLk... 2017-02-06 04:01:30 Sell 146803.89676 XRP For 930.76855 USD @ 0.00634022
  8. Very interesting.
  9. Poloniex if you need it too Interesting to compare both holdings... Polo's got 535M XRP and Kraken 323M.
  11. Don't know about the ads but JCB and GCB are two side of the same coin. Both are traded with the same 2 gateways. You can add a CNY with those gateways...all linked together. Right now, they are (all 6 pairs) taking a big dip...probably all time low today.
  12. Hi @Vinnie, great to read you are interested in our opinion. Outside perception - except from a few people around me (mostly BTC early investors), my family and friends are the only ones that know the name...but they're not sure what it's gonna change in their daily routine yet Target audience - everyone I know that travels and are fedup with transactions fees when you exchange local currencies to yours and back..especially credit card fees on top of exchange fees, etc. - migrant workers sending money back to their family - independence creators, producers and freelancers (apps, movie, photo) that setup shopping cart to sell their creations worldwide Future of XRP - the oil that keeps the machine going...the idea to exchange any currencies to any other is on top of my like list about this project Current price/volume I've been a part (some time full) time trader for many many years..and still is. Something's wrong about price/volume and many of us think Ripple has something to do with it...some plan. That could be a long term "good" strategy, but I don't think so because competition has been passing you and eventually, you might end up like the Beta/VHS story. Beta was far better techs, but everyone adopted the VHS so Beta became a pro-producer niche...that's all. - your Market Maker plan has to kick-in "now" and be felt with volume increase - price has to reach .01 US asap and stay there for a while - gap in price in the most used gateways must be tighter (volume should resolve this problem) - increment by 1/zillions of a fraction has to stop (bot mostly) cause it's killing any human chance of putting a decent order (I think you're already working on something like that) - every pairs should be listed/shown on Ripple Charts "but" with a warning when they are from untrusted source (GCB is a good example) - Ripple might have to put a buy back XRP program to get rid of major fluctuations like that BTC influence that is killing us now Movement To ad from the comments above, anyone with a bit of trading knowledge can see that the historic chart and volume doesn't show any pattern change. To get that, XRP needs to move up one stair "and stay there". We're at 0.006 now, let's try .008 for a month no matter what the price of BTC is. To do that, you have enough comments above to give you ideas. If the chart patterns doesn't change this year, many of the early adopters will just get rid of what they have and go for another crypto (remember that Beta/VHS I was talking about). NOW is the time...everyone here has been very patient and we all love the tech...time to move up now! Thanks for taking the time.
  13. Same here..probably the only way not to loose everything if the worst happens.
  14. I use Rippex wallet, simple and solid....based on the original Ripple Wallet (open source).
  15. the "markets" is also "us"...I'd say probably only us sometimes in the past 3 years :-) "As we work to develop XRP into an efficient digital asset, we want to assure markets of our intentions and build a track record of trust with respect to XRP distribution. We also want to inform the markets about what’s happening inside the XRP ecosystem as we continue our efforts to grow it. "