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  1. @RobertHarpool your point of "existing" and "developing" for years should be a good one...but I've seen too many "good" company traded on major US European and Asian markets that ended up being scams...I'm sure a few names come to your mind as you read this... As for the "community"...I've chatted with many x-customers of their exchanges (same people on top of the SOLO project) and they lost a lot of money because - yes - they were scammed...when ever these people try to engage in social media they just block them and report their account so they get in trouble...they make deals to ensure they stay quiet like "we won't close your account if..." so most of the XRP community who had XRPs there for the FLR airdrop are just staying quiet at the moment (if they don't want their account to be closed)...I believe after the drop you might hear from some of them I really wish this would be a good XRP-Centric project but because of some shady leadership I don't believe it is...I hope time will prove me wrong...
  2. if they ever change their Currency Hex code (534F4C4F00000000000000000000000000000000) to something like "SOLO" I might take them seriously...until then so many reports that it's a scam that I stay away from everything they do... BTW...their upcoming airdrop gives SOLO owners a huge advantage over XRP owners... and who do you thing holds all those SOLO tokens....yeah right! A good way for the team behind this project to put more into their pocket by "showing" their engaging the community.. @RobertHarpool "Furthermore, actually moving operations to another country for more favorable regulatory climate takes faith in your tech" I'd say they left Canada to Estonia because their were under the radar of authorities their...not because they were looking for a more favorable environment to develop...but you might be right...they can do whatever they want now in Estonia and nobody will stop them...is that good or bad? Everyone can have an opinion on this...
  3. not tanking...dumping...what a pos How much was the ICO again...
  4. They don't need your private key... There's 2 parts to this The XRP ledger is public so it's rather easy to make a list of account holders and their assets Then they ask you to create a trustline...with that they can send you the new tokens like you would give someone your bank account number to send you funds by wire or else...you don't have to give your password to the account to receive those funds The trustline is like creating a sub-bank account in that currency...let's say you have a EUR bank account and want to receive USD you can ask you bank to create a USD account linked to you personal info usually accessible the same way you login to your EUR account The only thing that can go wrong is if you say "yes" to "rippling" which you should never do unless you create a token...but that's another subject and some here are far more knowledgeable to explain all this.
  5. Looks like an OTC pump job more than mainstream adoption... that kind of acquisition is usually good for a quick in/out of the stocks...thanks for the info
  6. price drop would be quick on the DEX because arbitrage bots will take over and balance the price with other exchange...to stay down longer than a few minutes it would need zillions of XRP dumped but the more we get closer to Jed's last token the less chance this will happen....
  7. My "trader's" point of view...40M token sold during their ICO at 0.05 USD...but 30B printed...so they have 29960M token left to do whatever they want...including dumping...we've seen this movie before! ..and Jed was featured in it!
  8. $QRL Quantum Resistant Ledger https://www.theqrl.org Quantum computers are here...if/when they break cryptos encryption we'll need a new network and my bet is on this one... "A powerful blockchain platform secured by XMSS.... a NIST-approved post-quantum secure digital signature scheme"
  9. so the ass-ho stole the XRPs from the "real" coins that @Mercury sold?
  10. Zoom out...you're too close to your chart's candles.... in December (2020) BTC was trying to break its (then) ATH....at 20k USD... Do we like that kind of brutal correction ---> No Is it unexpected ---> No Are we in a Bear market ---> No If BTC goes below 20k and doesn't come back by the end of the year.... If volume is higher on the way down than up If it always make lower high and lower lows ...then we can talk about Bears....until then...Zoom out!
  11. Elon's tweet is the biggest endorsement for XRP and similar tech that we ever had...he just didn't wrote XRP in his tweet but could have... https://twitter.com/Malloy_20/status/1392633944181465089
  12. Coinfield...DEX is from the same guys so...but only has been out for a very short time... The Solo project was a good idea until I saw that they moved from Canada to Estonia....then restricted Americans from buying the coins...probably engaged is fake volume on their exchange... My guess now is they created Solo to finance what ever activities they're in and didn't want the oversight of the US or Canada regulators...my feeling...it won't end well... That said I wish I'm wrong and their project brings more than welcomed volume to the XRPL DEX...
  13. Thanks but I don't trust them ...some people lost a lot with these guys
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