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  1. Funny how the person who started the topics with an arrow directed at the community didn't even bother to comment or like any post in its own topic...especially the ones that JK took the time to explain in details...just saying.
  2. I see that most of that person title or like "downtrend", "breaking down", "could possibly break down", You can draw triangles as much as you want...any chart analyst will tell you two things: - those lines are subjective, you can "adjust them" to say whatever you want - not enough history to draw any conclusive conclusion There's a clear resistance at .32 USD...don't need no analyst to tell you that. To say that "Stronger selling pressure could even lead to a break below the triangle support and a longer-term drop." is like saying "after many sunny days we could have rain and if it rains we could also have thunderstorm" lol
  3. This could help visualize what is going on. Total market cap just broke new record with 116 Billion USD, but, Bitcoin % is freefalling.
  4. I still believe this will be a hard fought level to break ...but...everything is set now! Maybe it won't...maybe it will...but at least, the market is showing it's ready for third wave.
  5. A quick Google search would give you this,_uncertainty_and_doubt
  6. @Kaos All those comments were addressed (if any value) in previous post. The rest is either pure hate or FUD for something they didn't take the time to research or just didn't care for the answers. Feels like you copied the defunct trollbox :-)
  7. So, 68 uBTC = .000068 BTC was the last price on the chart that is no longer available You paid around 0.075 BTC per GIOTA = 0.000075 BTC per MIOTA..just a bit higher... And the price now is around 0.00021 BTC per MIOTA...about 3x what you paid. Right? If so, still nice profit for a couple days work :-) That helps figuring out where to place my orders if I feel there is some future with this one. Thanks.
  8. mBTC = 1/1 000th (milli-bitcoins, mBTC) 68 mBTC = .068 BTC MIOTA is what is sold now at Biftinex and the price is .00021 BTC So again, what am I missing here? As for your holdings. 66.7 GIOTA = 66 700 MIOTA (right?) 66 700 * 0.60 USD (avg Bitfinex today) = 40 020 USD Can I ask how much you paid to get 66 GIOTA? That would make it easy to calculate the pre-Bitfinex price. I'm interested to trade/invest in this, but I wanna be sure not to be holding the bag if everyone dumps.
  9. 68 was the last price. Chart says "in microBTC / Miota" Would that mean 1Miota was .068 BTC?
  10. So today's price is at least 100x the ico offer, right?
  11. BTC price at .00019 now...more than 100x ico offer?
  12. Not sure I understand your numbers, how much would this be in USD?
  13. @zerpdigger @cmbartley You seemed to know a bit about this crypto. Price wise, what range are we talking about? Any realistic rumours? Now trading at 54 cents, is that just the hype? Not saying it could never reach this price, just looking at the possibilities here.
  14. To avoid the confusion, they should use mIOT symbol or something like that
  15. Something I don't get. Market Cap is for the price of "1" IOTA, but Bitfinex price is for 1000000 IOTA. Shouldn't the price be divided by 1Million to show the real value of 1 IOTA?