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  1. Song of the Day

    There's a lot of thing going on everywhere on the Planet...but this week...zerpers were all eyes and hears (when possible - bad joke) to see what Ripple would tell us at Swell... Even though it was a great meetup for bankers and...bankers...we, the fans, felt left out of what ever cat were supposed to be out of the bag... Still...most of us believe Ripple/XRP will change the way we do everything in the next coming years...there's a financial meteor coming...and like kids working on their first rocket science project...we believe! So..."World, Hold On!"
  2. Song of the Day

    This one goes to... All the pumpers and dumpers calling 100 dollars or 02 cents...when we all know you just sold or bought with your credit cards XRP you couldn't afford and now want us to believe in your fantasy to make the price go your way... All the pseudo-experts showing us charts and graphics and more charts calling for breakout bounces and resistance lines...when we all know crypto world in the far far web of finance without any rules or fundamentals... All the alt-journalist that can't pick up on one of the greatest news ever to hit the crypto world (Gates Foundation)...when we all know you get paid by the people who already are invested in some of the thing you talk about... All the comm. team at Ripple who can't get a strategic plan going without creating false expectation and blow back ripples...when we all know the staff at Ripple day by day are just changing the world we live in... And to the person in charge of the person in charge of the sound that didn't have a backup plan with a backup plan in case the backup plan didn't work...when we all know it was the most important stream ever "timing" wise and we couldn't hear a thing... To all of you...you're just "Unbelievable"
  3. Song of the Day

    So what his a weak hand...this is called so often it's almost part of the daily chat now...anyone selling when they hear a phrase during a one hour debate that they doesn't like and run for the sell panic button could fit in this definition... Off course day trader love weak hands and panic is a very sexy word...so what do pro traders do when they see that...they look for other fundamentals to confirm it's not just panic sell but real down trend...if they can't find the reason for the price going lower...they buy...and fuel the fudders so they can spit all their hate of XRP all over so the price keeps going down...and they buy more... Nevertheless, this week is not going in the direction we were expecting on Sunday night...some "unexpected" news came and kill some good news...still...we need that little "heumf" to fire the gun powder barrel and create that explosion we all expect... Perhaps the best resume of the first 2 days of Swell came from @JonHolmquist "I think Brad's cat is at the vet since he left it in the bag too long"...call animal protection services now...cause we "LoveCats"
  4. Song of the Day

    The conference hadn't started and a few hours ago...in the middle of Canadian night...the infamous Jed fired the first shot with a very good news for Stellar-Lumens... The obvious reason to get that news out so early was that there will be much greater announcement today.... But many might not know that...in their "Making Blockchain Real for Business IBM presents Ripple Network as a solution (p.9) Success will come in different form....Good luck to all the project and all those changing the Banking World this week...welcome to Toronto "YYZ"
  5. Song of the Day

    It's Monday in Asia...Ripple followers waking up to what could be a very important long day... The Swell conference in Toronto is happening in a couple of hours...those long minutes before we can see what exactly is the cat coming out of the bag (Garlinghouse). Let me start by saying..all indicators are flashing...the boiling bands are boiling...everyone is ready for something..."I Gotta Feeling"
  6. It's good...I'll pm you.
  7. Song of the Day

    On the verge of what could be a milestone that we'll all look back at in time.... expectations are running high! But this time...no crappy countdown...just straight good news all week and ...a very quiet Saturday... We've told pretty much anyone we know by now that Ripple/XRP should be the next big thing...and this week might confirm all this But still...I end up feeling like an evangelist in the desert sometimes..cause..."Do you believe...In what you see...There doesn't seem to be anybody else who agrees with me" For sometimes now...some of us years...still tonight...so close....patiently... "In the Waiting Line"
  8. Works with a proxy...so I can see you got access...still doesn't solve the Japan bank issue...we'll talk how we can get this thing going...
  9. XRP And Ripple doubt!!

    Your friend looks like the type that will buy XRP at 5-10$ because the "crowd" will be into it and hey...if everyone's buying at this price it must be good! Just get back to him in a few months...you might be surprise by a "sudden" interest in how to buy XRP :-)
  10. XRP And Ripple doubt!!

    You are part of the illusion...nothing is backed...just check the news around the world! The only thing that is real...like @JoelKatz said is "what people are willing to pay" for what you got.
  11. The link redirects to Yahoo Japan. How a good trip...talk to you when you have Internet again.
  12. Song of the Day

    There was a few things fueling anti-XRP adoption...like a 5 Billion court case against Ripple. But today our favorite CEO twitted that this was rule out by the court... So...for anyone trying to hold this rocket to the ground..."are you listening to me"... We zerpers "wanna rock"....so....bring it on cause "We're not Gonna Take It" anymore!!!
  13. Where's that form? I'd like to take a look at it. I can see that many transfers are made to the tokyojpy account https://bithomp.com/explorer/r94s8px6kSw1uZ1MV98dhSRTvc6VMPoPcN So I guess we can send them the IOUs.
  14. How did you do it? Can you transfer the IOUs from your XRP wallet to a TokyoJPY account with Global Freeze on?
  15. Song of the Day

    There is just no words left to express the crazy run Bitcoin had this year...breaking 5k USD and now going for 6k in less than 24h... Sure the appeal of a second and third fork that will double and triple you stack of BTC is really driving everyone to the bank...but maybe it's just "The Procreation of the Wicked"