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  1. Maybe yes short term with the Ripple vs SEC turmoil...but no long term Has anyone tried XLM DEX? You'll understand why they have no chance right now.
  2. since lawyers usually never ask a question they don't already know the answers...this should be very interesting...
  3. ALL US exchanges...build to serve US customers...the rest of the world is not impressed by these...just released #KuCoinFutures will be launching coin-margined $XRP
  4. Kraken continues as usual...only US residents will be halted from trading but NOT from holding/depositing/withdrawing Same goes to pretty much every other exchange... @macropolo please show me which exchange have delisted for everyone because I haven't seen one yet....only US residents so far unless I'm mistaken
  5. "Then I realized it was not a joke. " That makes it even more hilarious...
  6. They don't "liquidate" your account...but if you're short for example and you don't cover they will do it for you...that means all short for ex. will have to buy back their positions Everything else works fine for US residents... Withdraw Deposit Holding in you account.... and trading still works for the rest of the world...
  7. US residents excluded doesn't worry me...they've been excluded for so many cryptos pretty much everywhere and it's easy to open a anonymous account with a vpn...but financial institutions is where it hurts
  8. the XRPL is such a great tech to use for exchange and trade...if only there was volume...funny how a couple years ago Ripple moved away from their DEX because they thought it would cause them problem...how now it may be part of the solution...just sayin'
  9. lol...don't you love America...the land of everybody sue everyone...great to be a lawyer in the States...lol
  10. Beware of Coinfield...some reports of shady things going on over there recently....
  11. It's obvious now...Ripple Inc. has to move to a more crypto friendly country...they'll probably do it quietly not to rattle the US gov. Pretty much all other crypto related business will do the same since anything a new SEC director or any other "hegemonian" dollar politician wants is to show the world what currency is the boss... Ripple attack is just the easier target but the whole crypto community is on trial... XRP is already very good...and it shall improve with all the projects...as well as many other cryptos that are either maturing well or bringing new techs and new idea
  12. Ripplex wallet is still working well and you have total control over your account...you don't need to contact the other guy if you have your keys...GL
  13. great...now Jed Brad and Lars and als won't be able to dump on us for maybe a few years....absolute greatest news ever...
  14. funny how the Bitstamp USD/XRP buy side is higher than usual just after the news...lots of people are dumping both someone is buying it all at discount it seems....aor covering their shorts
  15. for US XRP holders...time to go back to the good old network...even though volume has been low it's still the best place to trade your XRPs and IOUs and stay in control of your assets..
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