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  1. Elon's tweet is the biggest endorsement for XRP and similar tech that we ever had...he just didn't wrote XRP in his tweet but could have... https://twitter.com/Malloy_20/status/1392633944181465089
  2. Coinfield...DEX is from the same guys so...but only has been out for a very short time... The Solo project was a good idea until I saw that they moved from Canada to Estonia....then restricted Americans from buying the coins...probably engaged is fake volume on their exchange... My guess now is they created Solo to finance what ever activities they're in and didn't want the oversight of the US or Canada regulators...my feeling...it won't end well... That said I wish I'm wrong and their project brings more than welcomed volume to the XRPL DEX...
  3. Thanks but I don't trust them ...some people lost a lot with these guys
  4. Agreed...just Google the team behind it and you'll find that all of this has been reported many times...I'm staying away...waiting for our trustworthy friend Wietse to come up with a solution...
  5. I still use the old Rippex updated version of the Ripple Client...can't wait to have something new to work with cause it's 5 years old now.... I hope you'll release a desktop solution...thanks
  6. Pretty much all the volume comes from the XRPL DEX now...I would take that price has the "right" one.
  7. You can see what that account holds here https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/graph?rUmF3HKaDWjRSatsQ1nfDTMocuuZQ4ntnM You don't need a trust line to trade on the XRPL...
  8. Bitstamp and Gatehub and RippleFox offer a bridge between fiat and fiat-IOUs on the XRPL. It works like this You create an account with Bitstamp or Gatehub or RippleFox Link your bank Transfer fiat from your bank to your Bitstamp or Gatehub or RippleFox account Create a XRP wallet Transfer fiat to your XRP wallet from your account...the fiat will be automatically converted into fiat-IOUs that you can use on the XRPL Trade/Transfer fiat-IOUs with your XRP wallet to any other wallet or transfer them back to your account for a fiat-IOUs to fiat automatic convers
  9. What a conclusion to an article that I could quote every paragraph...moreover it should resonate with the Congress.
  10. FWIW...this new ICO is using an email address I only used/created for one of my account that was hacked ref. GateHub https://pointpay.io/ How did they get "this" email? If the "French Justice" @kanaas is monitoring this...they should maybe take a look...
  11. You should take a second look at the chart...when XRP was at par with ETH they were 10%+ of Market Cap
  12. Not so long ago XRP was fighting ETH for no.2 spot Market Cap...if XRP was to jump back in the race it would be worth around 4.60 USD right now
  13. Maybe yes short term with the Ripple vs SEC turmoil...but no long term Has anyone tried XLM DEX? You'll understand why they have no chance right now.
  14. since lawyers usually never ask a question they don't already know the answers...this should be very interesting...
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