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  1. if you already have a GateHub account, create an XRP wallet in your account
  2. see links above...all good.
  3. You don't need to transfer. Forget about whatever wallet your using if you're having trouble. Start fresh with a new wallet. Like everyone have been saying, if you have your secret key, your XRP will be available in ANY new wallet you open anywhere with your secret key.
  4. @inative , unless it recently changed, you don't need KYC if you only transfer XRPs...if you want to deposit or withdraw fiat that's where they need more info about you.
  5. Open a GateHub wallet with your secret will be able to do whatever you want after that with your XRPs.
  6. Now you know whey they are doing this.
  7. Not really. Market Cap has been growing and Bitcoin % dropping.
  8. @vinnie Interesting theory
  9. BTC new record low 67%....that's a lot of money going elsewhere!
  10. I was thinking the same. JPY and CNY needs more gateways. GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, KRW, need volume. I would add that many currencies need a market (In order of population vs potential market): INR (Indian rupee), IDR (Indonesian rupiah), RUB (Russian ruble), MXN (Mexican peso), PHP (Philippine peso), etc. Here's a good list of the top 30 majors.
  11. Nice to see you grow. I'd say anything in the CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations top 15...that could draw some attention from altcoin traders from the main exchanges. I would also like XLM ...we never know when/if that project is gonna pop and it's still listed at some good exchanges. LSK for the same reasons. Thanks.
  12. At Bitstamp, they have bots'...they will create volume for their trading platform...that should be part of the Market Making incentive.
  13. I noticed the currencies with my XRP Desktop Wallet...interesting!