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  1. @vinnie Interesting theory
  2. BTC new record low 67%....that's a lot of money going elsewhere!
  3. I was thinking the same. JPY and CNY needs more gateways. GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, KRW, need volume. I would add that many currencies need a market (In order of population vs potential market): INR (Indian rupee), IDR (Indonesian rupiah), RUB (Russian ruble), MXN (Mexican peso), PHP (Philippine peso), etc. Here's a good list of the top 30 majors.
  4. Nice to see you grow. I'd say anything in the CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations top 15...that could draw some attention from altcoin traders from the main exchanges. I would also like XLM ...we never know when/if that project is gonna pop and it's still listed at some good exchanges. LSK for the same reasons. Thanks.
  5. At Bitstamp, they have bots'...they will create volume for their trading platform...that should be part of the Market Making incentive.
  6. I noticed the currencies with my XRP Desktop Wallet...interesting!
  7. I noticed today making a transfer to Bitstamp that other currencies were available beside BTC and USD. AUD, CHF (Swiss Franc), EUR, GBP and JPY. The Wiki mentions some of those currencies but only wire transfer, not IOUs. Is Bitstamp about to open new markets/pairs?
  8. I just "forced" it on JPY Tokyo now...price is not right
  9. I can see this still happening on R. Charts. I have to refresh to have the real price and I notice the last transaction is always a tiny fraction.
  10. And BTC 75% of all market cap at record low...
  11. I think what's more incredible, end of Feb BTC was at $1200 and holding 87% of total market cap. Now BTC is at $1250 and down to 77%. That 10% drop means a lot of MONEY was invested in all other crypto but didn't come from selling BTC.
  12. Another record Market Cap now $26 474 114 100 More money coming in!?
  13. Looking at this chart 24h Volume broke all-time record with $748 067 281 Market Capitalization broke all-time record with $24 991 100 000 It seems the ETF was the best PR strategy to attract big money... Top 24 of 25 Crypto are up today.
  14. I believe your project is interesting and the potential to use XRP a good idea. You could create your own apps that doesn't give the user the option to add/change gateways. The Ripple network would still do what it does (create links between currencies and XRP) but your users would comply with the local (to be verified) if they don't deal in any other pairs with your proprietary apps.