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  1. Same question... Why not have XRP/AAPLx pairs...why do we need SOLO?
  2. So the XRP Ledger dev. is alive...wow...is this a prank?
  3. maybe not...if my unknown uncle from Nigeria wants to send me 1B XRP by mistake it's ok... Seriously...it's a cool feature...
  4. Before working on a "Light account" could someone build a fully working Desktop account? The only working wallet we can use to transact, etc. is the latest version of the Ripple client updated by Rippex 2-3 years ago...nothing...I say nothing has been done that comes close to be usable for traders/marketmakers on the Ripple network since... The result: fewer users...lost gateways..low volume...ghost town I have my fingers crossed that Bitstamp and GateHub don't leave cause only RippleFox would be left and you can almost say goodbye to the DEX as we knew it... I'm honestly starting to look at Stellar's development...that is almost scary considering how much I don't want to be there :-) @JoelKatz if I remember you posted something about working (or helping/consulting) maybe 2 years ago on the development of a brand new Desktop wallet...any thing came out of this?
  5. I kept wondering why I was coming back here now and then...now I can't wait to read the updates...
  6. I would add...Banks are run by People...People have Emotions....and they are whispering to their respective Boards... Doubt - Compliance Dept. : why rush things when the majority of countries haven't ruled on the status of cryptos (XRP)...we should keep piling up USD the world strongest currency Fear - Security Team : we don't understand everything yet and this can get out of hand...we should stick to the (old) network we know and manage Distrust - Customer Service : is our clients money safe while we hear about all those hack...we should keep everything in vaults to reassure everyone Jealousy - Bank Management : why help create more Ripple billionaire while we're just millionaire...we should ask them to "give" us all the remaining XRP for "testing" purposes Skepticism - Board Members : are we going to let an American company run the global remittance industry...we should create our own blockchain
  7. @WuWei Ripple will do well...and probably change the world...but we supported them for 6+years now and since there was no way to buy Ripple stocks we bought XRPs...and Ripple took quite many profit for that fact...beside some private investment most of the cash came from selling XRPs to "us"...so yes I feel I can say something even though I'm not a "shareholder" I've been an evangelist/supporter/investor long enough. By ignoring "us"...my question remains: are we noise?
  8. Are we noise? Early adopters enthusiasts and evangelists (like me since 2013) have been very disappointed with the distribution and market maker program the past year (price of XRP is the result)...and many messages have been sent regarding this issue without any feedback from Ripple. If ever we're going into recession banks institutions etc. won't be more incline to "buy" at market price and if Ripple wants to continue the past years path of XRP distribution I'm afraid it'll be at a very discounted price. I understand you're in a sensible position to answer but my question is only: do they know/feel/understand what we're saying or are we noise? I don't want to spook you since you're almost the only Ripple employee posting anymore...so if you ignore the question it's ok! Cheers
  9. no...but they should lock 80%+ for the next 10 years or so...stop dumping on retail buyers...
  10. Ripple's Market Makers strategy was badly managed...instead of creating higher floors they just suppressed the up price action and "hoped" we wouldn't drop below 0.28 USD... Very very bad strategy....and it might be about to blow up on everyone's face (including theirs)... Sentiment for retail buyers is at all time lows...and if corporations/banks can still buy directly from Ripple who's gonna create price support... In the past Ripple employees used to come here often...if anyone is reading this they should not think that a petition was created by "crazy" people but the result of a long lasting builds up of disillusioned..... Yes...stop dumping and tell your Market Maker to start buying back to reverse the depressed sentiment...everything else will fall into place naturally after that...
  11. great initiative....no.1 suggestion should be to create a valid fully functional wallet to replace the defunct Ripple later update Rippex wallet... GL
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