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  1. Thanks Nik for your answer ...and I will try very hard not to "shoot my self in the foot"..... as I do every day... Cheers!
  2. I'd like to have confirmation from any of Ripple's senior contributor here @JoelKatz @mDuo13 @nikb that "setting" with my "MessageKey" has no chance of compromising my account in any way...even if I make a mistake because I did or didn't do something during the procedure.
  3. I'd be nice to have a little more control (edit features) over Trustline in your next update...good job!
  4. Why would it be off-topic? We've been talking about the limited supply of XRP for years and one of the reasons it might be worth more eventually...
  5. With the current pandemic pretty much every country is "printing" fiat like there's no tomorrow (that might be true)... So bear with me and please comment because my head is spinning Basic economics If I sell apples and oranges for 1$ a piece and suddenly for whatever reason I decide to "dump" my apples 2 for 1$ my oranges are now worth twice as much as I can "trade" 1 orange for 2 apples Now apply this to crypto If XRP is worth 0.20 USD and the US gov. prints Trillions more USD (let say they double what is currently in circulation) is my XRP worth now 0.40 USD in theo
  6. XRP has completely changed the way we trade and do business...and it just started...faster and more efficient route or coming - convert almost any fiat/crypto to XRP is fast accessible and at a very to almost no fee - convert XRP to fiat is the same - withdraw fiat to bank is just a few days or less almost everywhere with minimal fees and same day for OTC with even better fees for large amount No one I know could have ever done that before...for such a small price...with such speed... Just transferring fiat to fiat to a different country was a pain....took sometimes we
  7. He's already richer than anyone here will ever be...he doesn't care about money anymore (because he's got so much)...he wants Ripple/XRP out and his forked baby XLM the only one out there....
  8. It's personal...you had to be there where he was kicked out of Ripple and posting all his "I'm a cool guy so I'm gonna tell you that I'll dump Billions of XRP next week so you can start selling all yours now"...and the price flash crashed to record low.... He's obsessed with Ripple going bankrupt and XRP to 0$...that's it that's all...find David's quote on this...something like "the only guy (Jed) who does everything in his power to not be a billionaire but still will be"
  9. As a trader/investor I'd like to know how they managed the Millions (up to a Billion) XRP they released each month... Without info it sure looks like dilution causing - selling pressure - price going down - retail investors loosing faith - institutional shorters shorting - fake FUD accounts spreading disinformation --->but maybe not since we don't know And that's my point...Ripple should be much more open about who gets how much at what price and why? If I learned that some bank got 100 Millions XRP to keep for use (liquidity) at market price that wou
  10. I never use the default pairs...I add a contact with the confirmed address and create a pair with it after...the main bug I found with trading pairs is when you try to edit/reorder them...I could only do it one by one meaning - I reorder one - get out of the page/click on any other tabs - come back to Trade Settings - do another one - get out...repeat If I reordered more than one at a time it wouldn't work...strange bug but it might give you a clue on what is going wrong
  11. I added the Bitstamp address in the contact list then created a new pair just to be sure...the orderbook is still not showing anything...just the graphic that is pretty useless are you seeing anything in the orderbook?
  12. just you know I've been using the desktop app since probably the first version released by Ripple...many years ago... server s1 didn't work I replaced it by s-west...but still can't add more server as backup
  13. Now that I made it online more comments/suggestions - "Advanced trade" is still buggy...first I'd remove the graphic that is taking too much space and not really useful...but more important find a way to get the "Orderbook" working (can't see any order on USD.Bitstamp/XRP for ex.) - "Base gateway" by default are almost all dead except Bitstamp...you could remove Justcoin Payroutes etc.
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