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  1. Malloy

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    +1 Great post!
  2. Malloy

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I'd say if you look at this data we're about in 2001 when Amazon bottomed at 5.97....note that just a year+ before it topped at 106.70 at the top of the dot.com bubble...the only big difference if the parallel is good is the time frame...XRP will move much faster IMO...but still..."IF" this works as planned it will take some time...
  3. Because you're addressing me I will reply but this is textbook trolling on your side... When you say "never confuse critical thinking" you imply that this is what "you're" doing and that I'm clearly not getting it...and probably incapable of doing... When you say "by a grown up adult" you put yourself on a pedestal like you're talking to a child...in this case me... For someone that has been here 2 days quoting only one word from everything I wrote...and not really caring about everyone that took the time to answer your initial questioning...you're on a real bad start...that can only equals to one answer...and that'll be it for me...
  4. You are wrong...the % of his holdings even though it's worth more $ than any human should have is such a small % of the market that it's pretty much irrelevant when volume picks up.... Don't bring the "bank" equation in the same sentence...that sounds like you starting on a FUD path that could indicate that your original post was just a nice clickbait... If you don't understand what is going on...don't invest money you can loose... And yes...Jed "f***ck us all a couple years ago...and we will not forget....
  5. Malloy

    2018: The Forming of Team XRP

    @Hodor You hung in throughout 2018....you're the real deal...we'll be very glad to read more in 2019 Happy New Year!
  6. "A wide range of companies have acquired startups in which one or more of Alphabet’s capital deployment arms invested. Crunchbase data shows that 81 entities have acquired 100 companies in which Google invested. Of those, it seems like Alphabet is its own best customer, as the chart below shows:" https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/17/a-peek-inside-alphabets-investing-universe/?guccounter=1
  7. exactly...from a couple years ago "Google-backed blockchain start-up Ripple raises $55 million from big banks" https://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/15/google-backed-blockchain-start-up-ripple-raises-55-million-from-big-banks.html
  8. A big part of the decision to buy XRP many years ago was that I thought Google would eventually get on that train...with Ripple...I still believe it's possible that Google Pay engine runs on Ripple's sofware and XRP as the base currency...
  9. Malloy

    Whale Spotted: 20 Million XRP Moved To Bitstamp

    Bitstamp needs XRP to keep the market fluid and in control...doesn't mean manipulate or dump...in control means having the liquidity necessary if some big buys come in...
  10. XRP was building a nice network of gateways and many IOU pairs before Ripple "was forced" to drop the development of the wallet/gateways/marketmaker plan and find another business plan etc... The price of XRP eventually ran on news of alliances with banks and all those cool products Ripple create that were not "really" using XRP at the time...but eventually will... So if Ripple had continue the wallet/gateways/marketmaker development maybe we'd still be at a lower price but growing with the XRP network... Why I'm saying all this is because I believe that if Ripple was gone we'd go back to other entities developing the network...adding Gateways...creating IOUs...and nice wallet... and probably taking over what ETH made them instant success with the ICOs...all this stopped because Ripple was giving the message they had another plan for XRP - which is working pretty good - and nobody else thought it would be nice to continue the open source development of the network...
  11. You should check this out...XRP "physical coins" have been released in the past...
  12. Betting on interest rates going up...and overhead spending going down....the latter is what interest us
  13. Nice job #XRPcommunity https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/11/etoro-senior-analyst-calls-xrp-a-unique-asset-says-xrp-is-winning-at-social-media/