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  1. man.. just got lucky with this one i guess.
  2. Sorry I did not mean to post this in press... my apologies.
  3. Hello Fellow Soldiers I wanted to pose a question whether or not anyone has done any research or looked into Ria as a possible partner - Ria Money Transfer is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. which specializes in money remittances. Wikipedia Parent organization: Euronet Worldwide Headquarters: Buena Park, California, CA Number of employees: 4,000 (approximately) Founded: 1987 - https://www.theindependentrepublic.com/2018/04/03/ripple-xrp-to-discuss-remittance-at-gmts-conference-in-uae/ Speakers - https://www.gmts-iamtn.com/speakers Now... I know this isn't as exciting as Bearable guys' amazing paint drawing.... but just wanted to see people's thoughts. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  4. It was, my bad... for some reason it didn't let me tag more people @TLG and I got the name wrong, many apologies.
  5. I understand a lot of people bought XRP at 3$ + and are experiencing a sinking feeling as the market has dropped. I first bought after the last rally in May at 28c, The market dropped, wasn't a great feeling, but at the same time I did my research, lurked on the forums and listened and made my own observations, began reading about technical analysis (not always accurate but very helpful) and was able to bring my average down to 14 cents. Helpful members on the forum who are extremely passionate about this subject have helped a lot and I know I will be seeing them on this forum for years to come. Keep Calm, believe in what you put money in, I get that some people were here just to make a quick buck, but invest in yourself as well, make smart and not rash decisions. What is happening should really not be a surprise, it was a very plausible result of the madness that happend in the past few months. Brad Garlinghouse time and again said that there will be a short term drop in markets when talks of regulation grew louder "this will be short term" and the digital assets with real use cases will prevail. If you need to sell, sell. I feel lucky to have found the next Amazon, a company who is not here to make themselves Rich but are tackling a big problem and have developed a product with an amazing use case. I suggest listening to some of the people below, they are intelligent rational individuals who spend hours debating, researching, developing this space, and having fun a along the way. @mars75, @Tehol_Beddict, @GiantGox, @TiffanyHayden, @Hodor, @TplusZero, @regalchicken, @teddybear, @TG, @drventures, and of course the @CubanMiner <- HA To all the fudster's Bye Felicia!
  6. http://fortune.com/2017/12/27/ripple-buy-how-to-cryptocurrency-bitcoin/ "Exactly why Ripple’s XRP has rallied is not obvious. Recent partnerships with banks like American Express (AXP, +0.57%), new hires from Facebook and elsewhere, hedge funds devoted to it, or quirks of the coin itself, as well as its supply, may contribute to the phenomenon."
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/cbovaird/2017/12/27/ripple-rally-continues-pushing-currency-to-latest-all-time-high/#62d7b6d56b9d "The price of Ripple's XRP token hit a new record today, adding to the string of all-time highs the digital token has attained this year. XRP rose to as much as $1.43 today, according to CoinMarketCap. At this price, the digital token - which powers the Ripple network - had risen 30% in the last 24 hours, more than 450% in the last month and over 20,000% year-to-date (YTD)."
  8. yep. all short term trades that made me a couple grand so tax on that shouldn't be too bad... but ill worry about it in a few years when I widthraw
  9. Soo... for example if you have been trading and making small amount of profit in Bitcoin and then put it all in XRP before it shot up... IF you just Hold that xrp for over 1 year then you would be subject to the long term capital gain on the xrp. correct?
  10. Would you be taxed when you withdraw USD from an exchange to your bank? or would you be taxed on every trade you make?
  11. We are still early people, google trends comparing XRP To Bitcoin....
  12. @Hodor - How does it feel to know your article is going to be read a couple of hundred thousand times today?
  13. SBI is a HUGE company and their reach extends very far. The SBI + Ripple partnership is an extremely strategic advantage for Ripples future growth. "Sometime next year, the two exchanges – dubbed "SBI Virtual Currency" and "Huobi Japan" – will offer yen-denominated cryptocurrency services" "In addition to setting up two subsidiaries, the two sides will flexibly mobilize technologies, knowledge, and personnel to jointly develop digital asset-related businesses in Japan and Asia through mutual complementarity and strength," the company said. A lot of $ will need to be transferred... hopefully they can find a Digital Assets that makes the process seamless....
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