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  1. definitely supporting Echanters point. I am facing same problems and API usage to buy directly within certain limits would really help business adoption.
  2. Thats a great project Peteris, so congrats for the launch. Its exactly what we are looking for with #xrpthestandard to have xrp base pair exchanges. May I ask if the trading is done on-ledger or just withdrawals/deposits?
  3. Yeah as I am based in Europe no problem from my side and happy to beta test this also.
  4. Yeah not per se, but how do call that then? (so i can correct the title ^^)
  5. https://tether.to/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/FSS1JUN18-Account-Snapshot-Statement-final-15JUN18.pdf Surprisingly for a lot of us regarding FSS 100% of USDT are backed with real USD on bank accounts (checked on 1st june). So it will be interesting to see how this impact the market as it was a quite wide spread fear that USDT were not backed 100% due to their failed audits.
  6. In case I see that correctly then the sender wallet is from Ripple https://bithomp.com/explorer/rBkfkpNQEWhxk1GuTxRcvnuox4SZ7fcYrk So this either could mean an internal move of funds or that actually was a sale of 550M zerps to a client/FI/exchange. In case that was an actual OTC sale by ripple this means that either an exchange needed to stack up big or one of the xrapid pilots/test gets more serious.
  7. Any of you guys have experience with Binance verifications and withdrawals?
  8. @blockfolio HitBtc recently launched their new API 2.0 , so I guess several site like blockfolio still connect to the old one and though no updates anymore.
  9. I can confirm the issue on hitbtc, but its not exclusive to XRP. I am waiting since mid december to be able to withdraw or trader at all. Seems they have bigger issues since december and trying to contain this problem now, but the FUD is already out as thousands of users cannot withdraw, deposits not coming in etc. Personally I am trapped right now, so it currently works as an escrow for me
  10. Seems likely https://bithomp.com/explorer/rUjhA3JRZY673EbzGcAudujeSczyJW1kWN https://bithomp.com/explorer/rBkfkpNQEWhxk1GuTxRcvnuox4SZ7fcYrk It was bought by FundingWallet1 from siliconvcf. Strangely siliconvcf was activated by chris larsen initially, same for FundingWallet1.
  11. uh just the display of the link was changed, but still links to the ref one. just saying..
  12. @fishykipper https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions THere are over 260k unconfirmed BTC transactions, BTC simply cannot scale with the volume anymore. So I guess you will need to wait several hours at least.
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