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  1. So that's why we dipped so hard today. I feel better now. Things finally come back to normality.
  2. I'm a hundred percent Chinese...just here doing my PhD abroad the Three Kingdoms is a period in Chinese history, there is a great novel about it, and the TV series is based on this novel. I highly recommend it if you can find English subtitle for it. Full of deceptions and thrills, like a realistic Game of the thrones
  3. Well I'm actually in Belgium...doing my PhD Btw, my profile pic is not the guy in your search. It's actually a great general in the times of Three Kingdoms. Different names in Chinese, just have the same pronouciation
  4. No the regulation is just to forbid all CNY-crypto transactions on exchanges. Crypto-Crypto pairs are allowed but there wouldn't be any new money coming in. XRP's CNY gateway is still functional but the ban is before the Ripple take off in December (actually right after PBoC officials visited Ripple headquarter in September, so I've always suspected they were related). So right now for the average Chinese investors that are not so tech-savvied, even if they wanted to, it's hard for them to get in XRP market. The regulation were not even about the anonymity. The Gov just don't want the money move into anything else other than the real-estate.
  5. Gee...I wonder why so many here actually believe and keep talking about this Chinese Spring Festival thing...Believe me, if we Chinese investors get to decide where to put our money in freely, nothing would stop us from getting in the game. Not even “Nian” himself (the evil dragon that gives the name of the Spring Festival) comes and threatens us not to. The reason CNY volume is so low is simply because of the regulation. Nobody can put their hard-earned Renminbi in the Crypto market. Don't expect it to come back up untill the regulation is removed. And don't call it CNY. Call it the Spring Festival or “Nian”. CNY is just for the currency.
  6. Perhaps, but I still think banning all rmb - crypto exchanges was too harsh on the retail investors. I think Japan's regulation model might be better for the crypto revolution, but then again, China and Japan has very different economic environment. It's very difficult to tell what kind of model is right for this market at this point, perhaps we need to give it a few years to let the outcome justify the means.
  7. Thanks, was watching the Spring Festival Gala for the last few hours. Honestly I don't think the market sentiment will be any different in China this year. If anything it should be better as Ripple's progress impresses a lot of Chinese investors. A few months ago Ripple news in Chinese would hardly receive any feedbacks, but now there are more and more people talking about them and see XRP as a great representative for crypto's use case. The thing with Chinese market is regulation. The government has iron hand about fiat-crypto transaction, so for Chinese retail investors it's hard to get money in the game. I'm lucky that I live in Europe and can afford to buy a zerp or two. I would bet tons of ¥ would pour into XRP if the regulators loosen up.
  8. It's already started as most of us Chinese has already returned to our family for the New Year's Eve staying-up (“守岁”). The expensive gifts were already bought, and the red packets (“红包”) were sealed too, so I don't think there would be any big sell-off as the most consumming part has already passed. I could be wrong though, we will see in a few days.
  9. I think it has been discussed many times here. Banks or big corporations want less volatility. A higher XRP price means less XRP would be used for a transaction, thus less impact on the XRP's market price. So a higher and a stable price is wanted for every party in this game: the investors, the corporations and Ripple. Maybe only the day traders would hate this.
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