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  1. Happy I did not listen to the Digital Asset Investor on this one. He has lots of good info but sometimes I disagree and this was one of them.
  2. Who is paying Facebook interest on the cash they hold?
  3. None of this matters. How many ounces of gold in the world? How many Ounces of silver in the world? How much USD in the world?
  4. Just buy it as soon as you can as long as you are under $1.00 you will still be in the green. Also all of these pumps up have a retraction. If you are new to crypto be ready for ups and downs of %40 or more. If you buy tow days from now you are still doing great. Buy and HODL!
  5. Dude Better Hurry and buy now before XRP MOONS See you on e the Moon! Moon Map Below
  6. you can set that up on coinbase.
  7. Don't use these types of wallets and phones for long term storage only use for small amounts if you are trading or need a small amount of crypto on your phone etc.. Use a Ledger and lock up your crypto
  8. Any good recommendations on OTC cash out? Also what info did they ask you for?
  9. What does ADA have going on besides being a coin listed on exchanges? Looks like created and managed by college kids in Switzerland ?
  10. Its FOMO Time Now LOL I think we are going to be back to 1.00+ very soon.
  11. 100 Million users on Bittorrent coming soon!
  12. You have to be very careful with the tags double check and send in small amounts, I lost funds with a small alt coin sending 250.00USD from Hitbtc to a wallet. I never got the funds an no one ever helped. The exchanges are greedy and just end up keeping the coins. The coin had an email on the website for support and never email back. Hitbtc never did anything said it was my fault. Feel for you it sucks
  13. No use https://tronscan.org/#/ also buy a ledger for long term storage. Also vote as you will get free Tron compounding on a daily basis, if you re vote.
  14. If you are buying any other coins time to start buying them with XRP!
  15. The State of California wants hands on your Crypto! If you live in California be very aware and have a plan this is just the start just like the bag law. Also this will move to other states if passed. XRP Army need to fire up on this!
  16. Wow so New Yorker's legally can't buy XRP. Glad I don't live in New York sounds like they have some real tool bags running the state like AOC! Speaking of tool bag laws have you herd what California wants to do check this link out. California to control Crypto, the Democrats are out of control!!!
  17. Any reason they can't sell XRP in New York?
  18. We are back up to the same level before the drop We're going up! Will BTC hold us back at 4K? If BTC goes back add another .10 to XRP price
  19. My t and A shows over $10 just my opinion. It could take longer depending on this market.
  20. I don't buy BTC, and completely have lost all faith and confidence in BTC. My use of BTC roughly stopped around 6 to 9 months ago. I only use ETH, XRP, TRX and USD. At the end of the day I see ETH and XRP taking over. Vitalik is correct! The only use BTC will be is with day trading and institutional investors.
  21. Currently XRP is almost %10 of all Crypto Currency Market Value "while XRP's market cap totaled $12.45B or 9.74% of the total cryptocurrency market value" We only have a little bit to go once that hits its over XRP will win. We are only at .30! https://www.investing.com/news/cryptocurrency-news/ethereum-falls-12-in-rout-1788790
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