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  1. Happy I did not listen to the Digital Asset Investor on this one. He has lots of good info but sometimes I disagree and this was one of them.
  2. Who is paying Facebook interest on the cash they hold?
  3. None of this matters. How many ounces of gold in the world? How many Ounces of silver in the world? How much USD in the world?
  4. Just buy it as soon as you can as long as you are under $1.00 you will still be in the green. Also all of these pumps up have a retraction. If you are new to crypto be ready for ups and downs of %40 or more. If you buy tow days from now you are still doing great. Buy and HODL!
  5. Dude Better Hurry and buy now before XRP MOONS See you on e the Moon! Moon Map Below
  6. you can set that up on coinbase.
  7. Don't use these types of wallets and phones for long term storage only use for small amounts if you are trading or need a small amount of crypto on your phone etc.. Use a Ledger and lock up your crypto
  8. Any good recommendations on OTC cash out? Also what info did they ask you for?
  9. What does ADA have going on besides being a coin listed on exchanges? Looks like created and managed by college kids in Switzerland ?
  10. Its FOMO Time Now LOL I think we are going to be back to 1.00+ very soon.
  11. 100 Million users on Bittorrent coming soon!
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