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  1. Anyone have good tips on bots? or bad experiences?
  2. Its best to buy altcoins XRP, XLM, ETC... I'm buying and holding for the future not worried about daily or weekly fluctuations in price. I would not recommend anyone investing long term in BTC Bitcoin. 1. its too high 2. its too volatile and expensive. Your better off researching find some good smaller coins and buying as much as you can. I would rather hold tens of thousands of a coin like XRP or XLM than any of the bitcoins or bitcoin forks.
  3. When does BTC Release Greedy Fork?
  4. Seems like BTC is trying to monopolize all coins and destroy all alt coins. If this happens the FTC / Gov etc...will shut them down.
  5. Have a ton of coins sitting in Bittrex and can't withdraw until they verify my account. Its been weeks now and I'm starting to think they are trading my coins before they let me get them in my hands.
  6. Seems like bitcoin is going to screw themselves with all these forks. Its going to create cause for crazy regulations. I'm waiting for Bitcoin Copper, Bitcoin Diamond etc... Whens Bitcoin Platinum fork coming? How about Bitcoin Greed Coin? They are going to destroy all the other alt coins and **** off everyone
  7. I've got a lump of cash parked in XLM and XRP I believe in them both for long term. I think its amazing to buy lots of XLM coins and hold them. And to hold my position on XRP.
  8. I'm starting to think the bitcoin forks a big scam and are screwing all the other Altcoins Anyone have the same feelings or thoughts?
  9. Definitely get some XLM Stellar Lumens a great buy and good for any crypto portfolio at its current price.
  10. No it was a great tip thanks for the info now i'm holding tons of XLM and XRP! I just wish I had gotten in a little sooner on Stellar Lumens. Also Bittrex sucks for closing BTC wallets yesterday waiting for the gold. Screwed me over as I was trying to do a buy and the BTC wallet was not functioning until after yesterdays pump up of XLM started. I literally was waiting for them to turn back on the wallets went ate dinner and saw the pump up and noticed the BTC wallet's were back online. Did another buy under .04. Thanks to Bittrex screwing everyone over not letting any BTC transactions thru the buy I would of had probably a few thousand more XLM. Anyways I don't want to be greedy Bittrexx is starting to really **** me off and now looking for a better exchange for XLM. I really wish Bitstamp sold XLM. I buy all my XRP with them and have no problems ever. I'll do a post on this later as Bitstamp was business as usual and Bittrex had to turn off BTC wallets.
  11. I'm not selling will be buying more soon in for the long haul.
  12. Holding XRP and Buying more while its inexpensive
  13. Bittrex will hold on to all your coins money etc under the guise of saying they need to verify you. It takes forever to get verified, meanwhile all your coins are trapped.
  14. I had the feeling of this toady that Bittrex is doing this.