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  1. This tax nightmare stuff sounds like FUD to me, if you invest and make 800K and cash out, expect to pay close to %50 in taxes close to 400K. Sounds like these guys just cashed out at top of market and spent all the cash with no way to pay any taxes.
  2. We are almost or possibly rock bottom I'm still buying in the .30's as it goes down until I hit my goal.
  3. Does anyone know when the next quarterly sales report is due out from Ripple? I'm buying more did a buy today and looking to wake up to lower prices tomorrow to load up more. This thing is going to turn around but who knows when it might even be at.10-05. or lower. It could also swing back up on a moments notice. I just know one thing I want a ton of XRP for when it goes back up.
  4. For your next call tell them that SMB owners are switching to XRP and Crypto Currency for vendor payments due to policy. For example Banks placing holds on funds for 24 hours and even next business day. The banks really stick it to SMB customers. More to come on this and will be writing a big article on (SMB's) Small Medium Business having issues doing transactions between $5,000 and $10,000 with the Banks.
  5. Demand will outpace supply 2019-2021 HODL for your future!
  6. XRPJoe

    Charts - How To's

    Things are going from bad to worse
  7. look like BTC is set for another big drop under 4k and will drag down XRP and all alts further. Get ready for more GOOING DOWN
  8. We know Coinbase is making lots in fee's from people buying BTC or ETH then transferring it out to buy XRP or other alts. I still don't get the OX listing? I found it very puzzling to list OX. I think we need to put pressure on Coinbase and anyone or agency that oversees Coinbase. All the hoopla last year was a total insider winklevoss scam.
  9. Yes saw the same thing we will be decoupled soon BTC miners are now deep in the red thanks to the hash war. They are shutting off machines as I type this. And They are buying XRP!
  10. I would like to hold till I have 2MM then cash out between 10-20 and will save some as this train is going up to over 100 Some are talking about 500-1k per 1 you never know anything is possible See you on the Moon! Been buying since .15 never sold one
  11. XRPJoe

    AmEx wins China approval to clear card payments

    This is really big news!
  12. I would not be surprised if they listed Ripple as a company early next year.
  13. Does anyone know how many coins Jed has left?
  14. XRPJoe

    Clue From NASDAQ ?

    1. if you sell and the price goes up... SOL...However you are right if you sold back at all time highs you would probably be better off in terms of a cash position to buy in again at a lower rate. However at the time everyone was pumping BTC to 100K etc.. Didn't John Mcaffee say he was going to eat a body part by now LOL. If the market swung in the opposite direction and continued its bull run you would be SOL. We had no idea... 2. You would need transfer your crypto to cash and most likely will be taxed on it before re buying in again. Plus any exchange fee's etc.. I was considering selling but decided against it due to tax liabilities and I thought the drop was temporary and the market was going to climb. For me it was not the right time to sell due to my personal business situation. I was not in the mood to just hand over %48+ of my gains in TAX. I would rather ride out the paper losses and accumulate more, because I know in the future the market will comeback roaring, it always does. With this all said I have a very concise exit plan as everyone should. You should sell at a price you are comfortable with and not look back if the price doubles etc... At the time our guts said stay in the markets and hope for a climb in price and a turnaround. The turnaround never happened and we were left scratching our heads. I'm not beating myself up about it at all. The charts are showing a higher high for XRP in the next real bull market swing. Who knows when this will be. At this point we need to carefully evaluate the situation and a decision for exit or stay in for a higher price in the future and yes some people will be taking profits all the way up and others will be HODL for the million dollar pay check. And some will be happy with the gains and just sell. It depends on each individual and the gains. I may evaluate the markets after the next bull run and stay in or cash out or just take some profits.. I am not sue yet. Someone might be happy with cashing out and making $10,000 or even $100,000 while others are only happy if they can make $1,000,000 like myself. I am actually shooting for 2MM now. When this will happen no one knows. I may ride out a bull and a crash who knows, my life may change and I would be happy with the cash and maybe I will just run with whatever the next run gives. Everyone should do research as much as possible, learn about trading, learn about markets, learn about making your life, future sound and secure with investing. And BTW watch this guys videos