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  1. XRPJoe

    Why is JPM Coin not a threat to XRP ?

    JPM created this coin for payments to large institutional bankers also it is going to be used for Federal Reserve payments and settlements for Federal Reserve Stock holders. Its also a test coin before the Federal Reserve coin which will be traded for JPM Coin then into cash.
  2. Do you know if we can sell the BTT coins for XRP, BTC, TRX etc...?
  3. Hats off to everyone that has contributed to this just amazing work!
  4. Just started voting for an SR this year, I threw one all my TRX votes and am very happy with the Tron award back on a daily basis. The reward I get gets voted back in every 24hrs thus daily compounding %'s increasing my TRX position. Its not Yuge, but after doing the math it will add up over time. I then did the math over a few years with the reward and was impressed with the numbers. Who knows we might just end up keeping Tron just for the daily rewards Tron 401K LOL. I recommend if you are HOLDing TRX pick a an SR that you like giving rewards daily. VOTING is just #Winning! and awesome.
  5. Was thinking the same thing and also herd it on Crypto Cave something very similar LOL
  6. I was thinking on similar lines the other day something very similar LOL
  7. I've been burned on silver worst than any crypto ever, it will have a run up if Trump is impeached and the stock market crashes or the US dollar becomes completely worthless. Not counting on it possibly may trickle up slowly over the next 10 years. I see it going down to $6.00 per oz. Looks like the BTC Chart
  8. BTC and ETH Technical's are looking bearish but could change on a dime looks like could be for moths until May of Bears. This will force XRP down unless we break off from BTC etc.. However, I continue my buying, I would rather accumulate in a bear market then try and guess the bottom as I am buying for the long term HODL. Also who knows if I will even be able to buy in the future at the bottom, I know I can buy now. At any moment whales could pump up BTC and force the market up. I would rather increase my bags at these levels which I find acceptable then try to accumulate large holdings during the bull run and guess what the market makers are doing. Good Luck to everyone this is just the way I am doing this and I could be very wrong.
  9. Excited about this airdrop!!! Plus we are up %10 today once we break .03 its going to be a fast ride up. Do you know if we can sell our BTT to Tron or do we want to HODL BTT?
  10. XRPJoe

    Q4 analysis/prediction

    Wow lots to look at in this detailed report. Did I read that correctly that the Q4 numbers are higher than the Q3 numbers and significantly higher?
  11. It would be nice for the market to stay like this for another year until the BTC dumping whale runs out of BTC to dump. By then we should be better off if we accumulated more. I believe we are in a good accumulation buying opportunity now.
  12. Does anyone know if the Tron Foundation supply is significantly going down?
  13. Do I have to move my coins off tronscan to get the air drop? My stack is so large I would like to just leave it where it is, moving it around is no longer a good idea, if you know what I mean. Large Tron bag holders should just get this coin automatically.
  14. Has bit torrent token launched yet? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm getting annoyed about these air drops not for all holders on Tronscan.
  15. TRX has hit bottom I believe and we will have a big upside soon .03-.05 not too far off we just have to break .03 will come in due time.