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  1. was late to the party just got my ALV just now LOL! been living on an island out of touch
  2. TRX is going to pump up its a great buy at these current prices between .04 -.05 I'm long to the moon on this one same as my XRP position. Its great to add volume coins at a ridiculously low rate before it jumps.
  3. XRPJoe

    The Anatomy of a Whale (Galgitron blog)

    How many coins does one need to become a whale?
  4. Anyone have any issues with HITBTC?
  5. I'm still scratching my head... Where did the volume go and it was not just for XRP seems as if every coin had insane volume and Price Run. For some reason I can't believe all these traders just left forever with huge Profits Did they?
  6. Whats it going to take to get back to December levels over 3.00? When will see this again? Was the buying that insane? I still don't understand the mass sell off was it just profit taking?
  7. XRPJoe

    Buying altcoins

    Watch out lots of these smaller coins small market caps will pump and dump and some are pump and dump's They can also go to 0 and get delisted. I've seen a handful of coins get delistd leaving anyone with coins holding worthless coins. Do your research on them and don't rush in. Another worry is storing them most of them have crappy wallet support leaving users to fend for themselves. I recently lost 100,000 coins they are in a block chain somewhere Meanwhile the website say's how they will contact you in 24 hours. Its been months now and I'm not the only one with coins lost and no return emails. So watch out alot of them are total screw jobs. They have slick websites and look good but are really crap designed to suck in suckers while laughing to the bank. Been burned don't fall for the BS invest in quality coins since they are so undervalued at the moment. TRX is an amazing buy at .04 ish and completeley undervalued at the moment. XRP, XLM, XVG, ADA etc... All great buys as of writing this post Also be very weary of ICO's they seem to have lots of over hype lately all of the ones I've seen have gone down %50, %70, and even %90 build a solid portfolio that will have and retain value in the future
  8. XRPJoe

    Price just shoot up.

    Well Said now is a great time to buy! Whats the complaint? Its not down that much as far as I can see. Welcome to Cryto
  9. I'm buying chunks of TRX and will continue to buy until it reaches .30 It's a great buy low cost great way to stack tons of coins for when it Moon's
  10. Any price predictions on TRX after they implement the Burn?
  11. What I read it sounded like they were going to take a large amount of coins all at once and fry them forever. Maybe it was a translation error and I interpreted it wrong.
  12. Just checking to see if anyone else is buying TRX Tron before the coin burn next month. I'm HODL on XRP, XLM, and XVG and buying TRX between .04-.05 as I think its a real steal at these Prices and can't go wrong. TRX will be burning a large amount of coin resembling the XRP lockup next month which will drive u Prices I think between .17 to .25 maybe a even a little higher Still adding a little XRP to the stack and every now and then.
  13. Does anyone have issues with synchronizing the verge wallet? It seems like the wallet is always synchronizing and never fully synchronized. I successfully sent a fraction of 1 XVG to this wallet and it shows with the download of the block chain. Currently all my Verge is on two exchanges Should I just start sending XVG to this non-synchronized wallet to get off the exchanges? I get the green bar at the bottom and then it goes away wallet stays outta sync. Any advice would be appreciated any help / advice on this one
  14. Tron Looks good to get in right now:)
  15. Just wondering what prices you bought in at? I'm holding long term even with massive paper loses. My paper loses are over 80K. Sicking I know patience is of virtue. Everything will bounce back when the South Korea news settles. The South Korean Government needs to wake up as the South Korean Stock Market is a horrendous gamble. Might be time to start boycotting South Korean Products!