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  1. AND @Hodor has a TIP jar which I will now shamelessly plug for him because this deserves some dough for the hours he puts in: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/donations/
  2. Rian van Rijbroek heeft ook een praatje gedaan bij de politie... dat zegt genoeg toch? Met haar 'smart blockchain'.... Zucht
  3. I just have to add this video because it is very relevant
  4. Ow thank you very much in advance for adding this feature!
  5. @pftq I just found this thread will test somewhere in the next weeks and report back!
  6. @iLeeTHaven't heard of him before but he has some interesting video's, although I don't agree with his views necessarily. What you guys think about this video? CAN we replace bitcoin by ripple in this context?
  7. I like his style/tone... But he does some very strong assumptions (e.g. Ripple is not cryptocurrency) without letting the audience know. If he would state that that are his views and not the facts he wouldn't be misguiding us the viewers, but now he is! Look for instance at this reaction on the YT-channel:
  8. @Kalmati In your introduction post you said you seek more guidance here about XRP. So what is your opinion about that article? What made you post the article and what do you think will happen with Ripple and XRP? Most people here use google alerts or other tools for scouring the internet for articles about Ripple. When on this forum I like to discus or read more in depth analysis from other users not just another link to another article... @MrEman For me holding a number of crypto's from 2014 tot 2017 made me some nice profits. I see that you are here since december 2017, what is your experience with HODL-ing that makes you post your funny but untrue one-liner?
  9. @zenkert This posted in the Dutch subsection of the forum. We have quite a bit Dutch members, as @Ripplestiltskin mentions (in Dutch) the article isn't of a very good quality...
  10. We got a little crypto merchandise marketplace going here...
  11. Misses TGV in an original 2014 Ripple shirt... (including at least one dog hair)
  12. https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/pdf/Earnings_Presentation_ENGLISH_4T17.pdf#page=44 Q1 Santander... Good!
  13. Much of my best decisions are made with the help of my girlfriend, infact XRPchat should have a special partners of hodlers corner
  14. @FightBack May be you can elaborate on why you don't want this to happen? Is this maybe because you are an seasoned IT Business Consultant for banks, a highly skilled Fintech developer and or a tech savvy lawyer? Genuinely curious to hear your reasoning!
  15. Op mijn lijstje om te testen: Coinbase en Uphold als ze zover zijn
  16. Gatehub, Cointal en Bitstamp. @Deux Waar koop jij zelf je XRP?
  17. It's not totally on topic but I just have to post this because it's strange and funnny...
  18. I don't now if I have to report this post or just laugh really hard....
  19. @XRPgoatOff Topic but PLEASE do your due diligence about that site mate, it really has a multi level marketing smell to it! Just ask yourself two question: How owns the website and who is behind the company. This is NOT the website that Gregg Kidd is investing in that is uphold.com (https://www.coindesk.com/former-ripple-exec-invests-57-5-million-in-digital-money-platform-uphold/) Other hints: - They seem to offer a product that is to good to be true (No withdrawal limits and the fee is just 0,2%?) - They are using the same website theme as a lot of HYIP scams. Huge red flags for me!!
  20. Registered with them yesterday to look around, no sign of Ripple/XRP there yet....
  21. They have been testing for a while guys: https://tweakers.net/nieuws/99091/rabobank-en-w3c-werken-aan-open-standaard-voor-online-betalingen.html
  22. @goldenticket Thanks for your post! I don't really believe in astrology (cold reading and what not) but I do think is nice to read about different perspectives on life in general and on crypto more specific! Are you going to keep us posted on/around the dates itself? Maybe you'll make believers out of even the most hardend TA-veteran if the predictions are spot on.... The problem is that the dates are very specific but the event isn't...
  23. Wow that's some substantiated reasoning you've got there! Please elaborate why 0,15 cents in May 18? May be you know something we don't know?
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