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  1. Thats an easy one locla exchange trade economy (LETS) which are quite popular in different parts of Holland.
  2. Thank you for creating this group I also have a few idea's I want to share. The first idea I have is to teach/learn children the value of trading and the blockchain using the Ripple network. This can be done on different levels and age groups. Originally (2014) I thought this up for children that have autism and that are living/working at company I used to work for. But I see more possibilities... An easy to use interface and wallet would be needed for users and teachers. Also different developed scenario's teachers could use and setup for their pupils and management tools to check
  3. @XRPeteSampras I posted a story that I wrote and posted last year. Is that within the rules?
  4. Write a story Pete said, but how ThomasTheTGV thought… Posting the blog he previously published 'as is' didn’t cut it so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this, I hope you like it! Almost a year ago on September 15th 2017 I posted a blogpost called: “Raiffeisen, Ripple, DIY banking and why 'Bitcoins don't stink'”. It was based on an article published in the 'de groene amsterdammer' and was called why Bitcoins don’t stink. an Amsterdammertje I read it with great interest and although I don’t like Bitcoins very much it got me thinking about why I got intereste
  5. Binnen het Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV) zijn we opzoek naar een afstudeerder die de invloed van de blockchain op veiligheid in de logistieke keten onderzoekt. Het gaat ons met name om de duiding van de invloed op veiligheid en hulpverlening en de wijze waarop diezelfde hulpverlening goed meegenomen kan worden in de ontwikkelingen op dit gebied. Dit heeft natuurlijk niet direct wat met Ripple/XRP van doen, maar als je bezig bent met met de afronding van je master opleiding in een technische studie bijvoorbeeld civiele techniek, informatica of verkeers- en vervoerskunde, dan is dit na
  6. I haven't been using kraken since 2014... But since they are working together with Fidor I reactivated my account. I just booked 100 euros from my Fidor bankaccount to Kraken and it took them less than 2 minutes. (Which isnt new but nice) Fidor: Kraken:
  7. Fidor as a bank have been in the crypto front lines for years... But direct integration is a first as far as I know, have to wait and so with which speed and ease the trading will go though.
  8. Last week I noticed that Fidor bank had a new feature called It effectively introduces trading on kraken directly from your Fidor bankaccount. It is still in Beta so I can't trade/test yet but this is the interface:
  9. $2.52653 Always fun a little light gambling on Tuesday evening! Price much lower than I would like to be but.. I think we need to wait another year so that 2020 is in reach!
  10. Would like to see a version of this for the blockchain....
  11. I've went ahead and contacted Alibaba support and asked if they tell me more about the mechanics behind 'New Retail' and if they are using Ripple products.... They will contact me in 1-3 business days.
  12. De website heeft een heel duidelijk doel; mensen beschermen om geen domme dingen te doen... Zeker niet om te informeren over de mogelijkheden en het nut ervan. Het lijkt erop dat de teksten geschreven zijn door mensen die niet bekend zijn met cryptocurrencies/blockchain technologie. Informeren is beter dan afschrikken als je het mij vraagt.
  13. Around September 2015 I think I was at a similar point as you @Graine, I had real issues with the strategy Ripple was taking, was tired of the FUD and XRPtalk was shutdown. Also my girlfriend got sick. So I had to make the decision to quit crypto's, because it was costing me energy instead of giving it. Difference is that I didn't sell I just didn't touch anything for about 2 years. So please do yourself a favour and keep a stash of XRP... And just forget about it and life your life without XRP/Crypto's for a while. It will make you feel better and less stressed (I hope... It worked for m
  14. Ik voel inspiratie aankomen voor een volgende meetup: DNB meets the #XRPcommunity
  15. @Valhalla_GuyWho says that it should be govt AI... Most new tech is developed by/for the military but it will end up in 'the peoples' hand eventually. AND why do you think govt AI will have the government's best interest at heart? It would be very logical that the AI would learn from it's mistakes and cut out human decision-making/logic as it is subjective and emotional. Should we/you really be afraid to become redundant... Like horses? Stone tools? Roman senate? Telegraphers? Mankind is very versatile, we will find ways to survive and thrive. In the post I never said I dreamed
  16. Iedereen die nog niet gereageerd heeft op de mail van Claire rap die poll invullen!! Zie onderstaande bericht van Claire: Hi all - only 30% of the people on this thread have voted on the POLL - I'm closing it in 24 hours so we can decide on a day. I would like to include as many people as possible, so please go and do the poll ASAP ? We zitten op dit moment (4 uur na Claires laatste email) op 53 reacties... Toch wel kicken om te zien dat er zoveel interesse is want dan moeten er volgens mij meer dan 100 mensen gereageerd hebben op de oproep! Zelf moet ik bijna 1,5 uu
  17. Layman's terms explanation of Algorithmics and the impact of IA on society (Cambridge Analytics and Amazon) and of course the 'they will take our jobs'-fear passed as well. Frankly I don't know... Yet ? But Elon made it happen for cars so why not create a modern AI Oracle of Delphi? The goverment can't tax what the can't see, like the money in the sock under my bed..
  18. Okay this is a more philosophical brainfart... this week I followed a presentation about artificial intelligence (AI) and one of the questions from the audience was: Should the government regulate artificial intelligence? During the following discussions I countered with the question: Shouldn't AI regulate governments? This would make for far more objective decisions! Or would it? That made me think about crypto regulation as well: On the internet (and with the help of VPN) the concept of countries/borders can become a bit of a grey area. That makes it difficult to regulate and with
  19. Still watching but those Asian guys are really difficult to follow/concentrate on there voices...
  20. After seeing this I'm so bummed that I missed TNW....
  21. Nee inderdaad nog geen datum, voor mij ook wel lastig omdat ik die dagen best wel wat afspraken heb staan. Maar goed ik begrijp van Claire dat ze er binnenkort nog een bericht uit doet aan degene die gereageerd hebben via het formulier.
  22. Nou meer dan 2000 euro voor een ticket is ook echt een dikke no no voor mij moet ik zeggen... Kijk er naar meer van jullie in het echt te ontmoeten!
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