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  1. LIVE STREAMS Japan then Brad Garlinghouse

    Damn no luck finding it... Im going to bed good luck guys!
  2. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Yup you've got rickrolled (me 2 btw)
  3. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Grrr you got me there
  4. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Trying to find this Japanese tv show, didn't find it yet but I did find this cash cow (about swell apparently)
  5. Visie op innovatie DNB: Ripple

    Ik heb al vaker aangegeven dat ik best wel weer eens wat wil organiseren (Arnhem/Nijmegen/Den Bosch), maar wat voor een invulling moet dit dan krijgen? Een XRPchat borrel, een lezing, videoconference met iemand van Ripple? Waar hebben we behoefte aan? Als iemand wilt meedenken/helpen stuur me gerust een PM!
  6. Catchy forum names all beginning with XRP

    Thought throw in a couple: XRPrick (Troll account) XRPat (For those abroad or Irish) XRPretty XRProud XRPromise
  7. Catchy forum names all beginning with XRP

    @zenkertStuck at home because of the snow?
  8. New Investor of 1,000,000 XRP

    Moehaha @XRPYoungSkyWalker Than your name should be xrpyoungskySTALKER
  9. Launch of Ripple (XRP) Trading on CEX.IO

    This is totally correct. In 2013/2014 I played around with ripple WCG/Fidor/Trading/Meetups/Set up my own coin etc etc. The more I got involved the more I got frustrated with certain things, like for instance the strategy of Ripplelabs, so after the closing of the XRPtalk-forum I just forgot about Ripple for a while and focused on other things in my life. Than in the beginning of this year I sort of picked up where I left... In those 2 to 3 years the price of almost all the coins I have/had are up and I have a fresh outlook on things. So unless you are a daytrader, take @Ripple-Stiltskin 's advice and take a break and move on or just HODL if you can afford it. If you want to trade don't get to involved emotionally, because most things that happen in the market are out of your control (unless you are a whale of course). Please check out this article from JaiChai: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@jaichai/why-most-people-lose-money-trading-cryptocurrency
  10. Help with xrp wallet on nano !!!!

    Yup when the going gets tough the Dutch get going (once you hear it you can't unhear it)
  11. RFID Tag Uses

    It has been already done, so may you learn from: http://www.seanaps.net/the-lip/ Check this article (google translate it yourself) https://steemit.com/ripple/@felix.herrmann/mit-ripple-in-die-nwo-smart-contract-test-in-leipzig-teil-2#@thomasthetgv/re-felixherrmann-mit-ripple-in-die-nwo-smart-contract-test-in-leipzig-teil-2-20170918t222417452z
  12. Something Shiny Comes This Way... **DONE!**

    This will probably be the place where I have to pick up the 'Amulets'
  13. Virtually no censorship here

    @JigglyJellyI don't agree: the posts that I've reported thus far all got removed. I think what @zenkert says, makes a lot of sense.