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  1. Well I would say 2 years for the longest after XRPtalk stopped and I started a new job... But a the moment a couple of times a day to look for a buying opportunity
  2. (Debunked): Alibaba Running Validator Node!

    That would be good news indeed!
  3. Found the article online as well: http://www.destentor.nl/economie/iedereen-aan-de-bitcoin-en-niemand-snapt-m~aa32334d/
  4. Which newspaper is it @Niek?
  5. Falling Knife

    We do i feel like having a bbq after seeing your reply?
  6. Looks good right? I'm wondering where the use of XRP is in all this if they would use the Ripple ledger. But this probably has to do with my lack of knowledge in the more technical sides of things. Can anyone try to explain that to me? PS: He is using chrome and lastpass, especially chrome surprises me!
  7. Minds.com as an alternative for facebook?

    Minds has no facebook or twitter tracking cookies or code. Any links are just links, there is no facebook or twitter javascript code. Just because you can connect to FB (via links) does not mean in any way shape or form that Minds is collecting data from organizations like facebook and twitter. So if you don't want to make the connection you don't have to. and for the programmers among us; rummaging through the code can be done here: https://github.com/Minds
  8. Twitter and other forms of social media

    Well you shouldn't it's a good suggestion!
  9. Twitter and other forms of social media

    I believe it's already there (see printscreen) or do you mean something else?
  10. Cryptos In 3 Mins - Ripple & XRP

    Hi Jesus, I've started an XRP-group (Ripple was already taken) on minds.com and referred to your blog. If you want to you can check it out: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/742857967321227264/activity
  11. I'm a n00b at trading and didnt have good results when I tried it 2015, but if I have to believe the forum back than more experienced traders had a fieldday. So I looked around and bought myself some FMM, which provides me with a small but steady flow of XRP each day.
  12. Minds.com as an alternative for facebook?

    I've send a question to support.
  13. Minds.com as an alternative for facebook?

    Good point... but also a good way to attract people to migrate. You can also revoke the connection very easily it seems.
  14. Minds.com as an alternative for facebook?

    @Hodor Same sentiments here, but hey we can always give it a go right? I've created a group called XRP (since Ripple was already taken but not very active) and want to see if it can go somewhere.