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  1. Just check out the Q&A here https://ripple.com/insights/brad-answers-questions-swell/

    Hi @CryptoBrabo let me guess another Dutchie?
  3. Australia Ripple

    Yup lasts years
  4. Yup @cobuswobelo is correct I also posted about this in the Dutch section: And this Thread
  5. Er wordt meerdere malen verwezen naar Ripple! http://daskapital.nl/2017/10/rijke_mensen_willen_allemaal_a_1.html
  6. Tapscott tweet on his speech tomorrow?

  7. Tapscott tweet on his speech tomorrow?

  8. @nickphil Good find thanks for sharing! We already knew they where working on something. The rebranding is smart, but curious what they can really do... @JigglyJellyBecause it useful information, helps you to understand what the competition is doing. Why are you so negative?
  9. FD news

    @XRP_NLBedankt voor het delen.
  10. Stellar and IBM

    It surprises me because Stellar was/is focussing on nonprofits and businesses in the developing world. On the other hand they are testing Stellar and I assume they will probably test more/other paymentnetworks. I agree with @hesque about it being a good enterprise use case
  11. Interledger and Polkadot

    @kanaas Wow excellent video! Difficult subject to explain and Jackson nailed it as far as I'm concerned.
  12. I like your idea of creating KPI's to measure Ripple's (not XRP's) growth and acceptance. But I'm struggling a bit interesting to determine what indicators I'd like to see, for what reason Number of companies that use Ripple sorted by with information like which products they use/test and the type of company. World map of offices and number of employees Validators Number of google searches/social media mentions etc more..
  13. What Announcement(s) Are You Hoping for at SWELL?

    Okay I'll play along but it's pure speculation of course, no hard facts just gut feeling: - Alibaba annouces it will use Ripple - Narrower bonds with Etherium (something technically cool, may be a etherium smart contract will act as the escrow for the 55B ) - A lot of good talks with with FI's and big international companies, which we will never hear from. Than there is the music hints... (This could have it's own topic ) - Steve Miller Band has a song called Going to Mexico..... XRP live in Mexico - The Joker.... Online gambling 45B industry - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)... Prediction for a big price surge
  14. Ik vraag me af hoe de belastingdienst een Euro IOU op (bijvoorbeeld) Gatehub ziet... Zouden ze het zien als 'geld' of als een 'aandeel'? Het staat niet op een bankrekening, maar het is ook geen 'echte' crypto currency... Ook ik de ene Euro IOU meer 'waard' dan de andere... Qua vermogensbelasting maakt het natuurlijk niet zoveel uit, maar ik vind het wel een interessante... Hoe zien jullie dit?