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  1. Why ripple price falling?

    sounds like a pathetic life you lead hanging around forums you don't care for.
  2. Amex + Ripple?

    exactly, many people comb through the news to see if companies like amex are actually using xrp. ripple only? nope who cares. until then, ripple will remain steady.
  3. true, but i think we have to remember that ripple has a multi billion market cap compared to stellar which is less than a billion. one is easier to pump than the other. and less than a year ago, ripple was less than a cent. it's only the people that bought in at 20-30 cents that are crying.
  4. i see, thought it was around 400 satoshi's before the pump. not sure how that correlates to dollars though. maybe i'm wrong, but it's not like ripple didn't go up a couple cents from the amex news.
  5. Ripple Says XRP Will “Come into Play Later”

    you need to lay down the tracks before you can move the train.
  6. i don't get why OP is complaining about xrp and praising stellar? stellar is at or near it's original price before IBM pump.
  7. Ripple on BrightTalk

    i'm like that too, but this sounds like a great presentation about ripple, so i didn't mind this time.
  8. The Future is Here, Blockchain and Digital Assets Drive Change

    time to buy more xrp!!
  9. Ripple on BrightTalk

    only took 5 seconds to register. watching it now. seems worth a watch!
  10. i'll believe it when i see it.
  11. ok then leave if you lost faith in ripple. are you crying out for help? do you want us to persuade you to stay?
  12. no escrow. you'll know when it happens
  13. Price going up?

    was 27 on bittrex
  14. Price going up?

    yup usd. it peaked at .27$ then dropped