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  1. Looks like many people are waiting for one more retest of the bottom before jumping in. Probably several months of this.
  2. this guy thinks Jed maybe leaving Stellar to join IBM or start another new coin.
  3. this is why i only watch channels not focused on 1 coin.
  4. A youtuber shilled me on xrp and said it was a banker's coin. knowing banks are $$$, i looked into it and found xrpchat.com and read everything here. then went 99% all in.
  5. It may not be healthy but do you believe itll happen again?
  6. Hi Bob, welcome! Just curious, do you hold any other cryptocurrencies/bitcoins aside from XRP? Are you bullish on bitcoin? Thanks and hope your health continues to improve.
  7. Is there any explanation why it repeats like this so far?
  8. I hope this passes, i owe 50k for 2017 and another 35k in 2018 just because i was trading in dec 2017 and jan 2018. Fk taxes.
  9. Will starbucks adopting crypto be mainstream enough?
  10. meh, he's a billionaire no? probably not losing sleep over this.
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