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  1. If true, they have incentive to pump the price
  2. what makes you say that? sorry haven't looked into them.
  3. Does the Celo startup have any litigations they are dealing with?
  4. invest2lose

    Ripple and R3 Reach Settlement

    yeah source?
  5. invest2lose


    is TIPs a competitor to ripple/xrapid?
  6. i think it's because this has nothing to do with real time settlements?
  7. what if they're right and we're wrong?
  8. invest2lose

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    maybe we'll hear something more with swift's 2018 conference. are they having one this year?
  9. that's it, just sold my zerps for stellar. /syke
  10. invest2lose

    Reasons Coinbase Should Not Say Bye-bye To Ripple's XRP

    Bittrex is listing usdxrp pair. Seems like the securities issue is resolved by now??
  11. just bought 2 more bitcoins, plan is to ride the etf hype whenever it passes then move it to more zerps.