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  1. Wouldnt say risk free due to the tax implications. They will screw you over if your not setting aside some cash. Unless youre in one of those lucky countries.
  2. Problem is, majority think crypto is scammier than our current system. Hopefully that changes soon.
  3. @Eric123 what are your thoughts about bitcoin and hyperwave theory? Do you think btc is in one?
  4. Just this time btc wont be starting from $0, or will it? 😂
  5. Made 3 btc and 20 eth swing trading. Thx for the dumps.
  6. whats the point of selling after the market drops 50% in 2 days?
  7. Doesnt the demand for dollars increase right before collapsing?
  8. once the crowd comes in, this market isnt going to stay at a $300b mc
  9. Thank you for your protection my online guardian.
  10. So xrp is going to have a 10t market cap in a couple years?
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