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  1. you should sell, sounds like you are over invested and losing sleep.
  2. if they did, then that means they believe in crypto long term. why would they sell just to break even in the next bull run?
  3. invest2lose

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    yeah, i was expecting like $200 at this point.
  4. invest2lose

    Galgitron's new blog: Proof of Not Working

    curious what intelligent people like antonio antonopolous think about the issue and why they still believe in pow/bitcoin and its tech. anyone know?
  5. too much fake news lately, how likely is this also?
  6. can you eli5? how would would profit from doing this?
  7. invest2lose

    Euro Exim Bank: 1st bank to use xRapid

    so it looks like they aren't operating in the UK, if this is just a representative office.
  8. invest2lose

    Euro Exim Bank: 1st bank to use xRapid

    is this bank operating in the UK? looks like they are registered in St Lucia.
  9. invest2lose

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    But didnt earthport deny any association with ripple recently?
  10. Will tax changes affect previous filings or on a go forward basis?
  11. invest2lose

    Commenwealth Banks new product

    did you connect the dots though?
  12. invest2lose

    coinbase - i know, i know - f*** it, but...

    woo exciting multi-billion company donates $10k in a depreciating asset.
  13. sure prices can drop another 30%, but what's the upside potential? $589