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  1. Bruhne

    Ripple is not XRP

    Actually, I’m right on time. One thing they can do is burn the premine.
  2. Ripple is providing, or at least attempting to provide a “service” to the marketplace to utilize the currency XRP, which they claim is decentralized. If XRP is so decentralized, then I wonder why the two are used so interchangeably. Something’s got to give and the relationship needs to end.
  3. Is this forum servicing xrp or ripple? From what I can tell, this forum was set up and intended to service xrp, not ripple. After all, the name says it all: xrpchat
  4. I don’t think it’s really anyone’s intention to cast shade on xrp. Their intention is to cast shade on ripple. But the two are just so mixed up and intermingled. We also have to remember that this forum is dedicated for xrp and not ripple.
  5. Yep, it’s written in their ever expanding product line. No traction with objective A., so they move on to B., C., etc. They need to fail and surrender their relationship with XRP so that it can be free at once.
  6. Yes, because XRP obviously can’t exist independently of Ripple. I like xrp. It’s Ripple’s attachment to xrp I don’t care for.
  7. Banks are beneficiaries of the funds they create. They then pass off the inflation to us, and in the form of a fee (interest). It’s just hard for me to grasp wanting to facilitate and streamline their services.
  8. I’m pro xrp but anti ripple. Using the stuff is a dream. Ripple is quite the opposite. If only they’d relinquish the relationship...
  9. Yep, sold my IRA position and moved the proceeds into silver. Just too much uncertainty for me. Now I’m comfortable with were I sit as far as asset allocation. Cheers
  10. I took the profits I had left and moved the proceeds to a safer play.
  11. I’ve sold metals to enter the space, too. Not much though. I still hold more crypto than I do in metals. My crypto exposure was just tooooo much for too long, and xrp was my weakest link (partially because of the size of my holdings). Now I have much more peace knowing that my metals will always be relevant and maintain purchasing power.
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