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  1. Most of my XRP is in an IRA, so I'll be hodling for a while too.
  2. In celebration of Bitcoin breaking 15k, and Christmas, I gave away 1300 xrp (100 to 13 different people) on facebook. I gave it all to noobs who were interested in crypto, but didn't own any. I instructed them on how to make a paper wallet in the post. Because of high wallet reserves, my approach was inefficient. But the fun I had with it, and the joy those who received xrp got out of it, made it all worth it. Here's the post:
  3. Earlier this October, Crypto Facilities launched two new crypto currency rates in open beta, namely: (1) CF Ripple-Bitcoin Reference Rate (RRR_XBT), a once-a-day reference rate of the bitcoin price of 1 Ripple; and, (2) CF Ripple-Bitcoin Real Time Index (RRTI_XBT), an instantaneous rate of the US dollar price of 1 Ripple. https://www.cryptofacilities.com/news/launching-ripple-bitcoin-indices-in-open-beta https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2017/10/31/cme-group-launching-bitcoin-futures-in-q4-to-professionalize-crypto-asset-class/amp/
  4. I'm sticking to paper wallets with keys generated offline.
  5. They are also accepting XRP as payment for bullion. That's what I like to see. https://www.ainsliebullion.com.au/
  6. As more and more funds flow into digital assets in the form of IRA's, more and more holdings will be relatively inaccessible. And I speak of this from experience: for I recently moved my stagnant and boring 401k into Bitcoin IRA. In a sense, I'm a quintessential hodler, as are thousand of others venturing this same approach. Billions, if not trillions of dollars can very well possibly enter the crypto-space this way.
  7. I agree with @zenkert. My confidence in Bitstamp is much higher than that of Gatehub. I've had gatehub for a minute now, but no longer keep anything on there. I had a very quick verification, a pre-funded wallet with 20 xrp, and an overall satisfactory experience with them. However, I kept hearing more and more of xrp missing from Gatehub, and my comfortability began to fade. Gatehub or no Gatehub: consider splitting up your holdings up amongst multiple wallets. Oh, and it can take longer than a month to get verified.
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    We've reached 8,000 members!
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    Great entry point and excellent holding objective. I too, am grateful to have all of my holdings off of gatehub. I like your strategy for diversifying. I adopt a very similar strategy.
  10. What is the link to generate keys on the ripple site? Thanks, Chris
  11. Coindesk doesn't seem to be able to make up their mind about Ripple.
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