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  1. Hopefully like many of you, I got my Coil invite today. Yaaay! I use Patreon to support one particular podcaster. I just posted on his members-only Patreon page, vowing to double my patronage if he'll set up as a content producer with Coil. Let's all do this! To kick it off and get the party started, here's my post. Now you do the same, and show us yours!
  2. Worse, it would be like Dash. Masternodes not only centralize the network, they create perverse incentives. Avoid any crypto with “masternodes!”
  3. The original reason I started buying XRP is the same reason I never bought BTC: *SCALABILITY* The Ethereum “supercomputer” was brought to its knees by cryptokitties, f***’s sake. How well do you think that system will do when a few thousand transactions per second need to be processed? (hint: it won’t)
  4. dgoddard

    XRP music video

    Not mine, just stumbled across it and was surprised to see it wasn’t linked here already. Very catchy groove! Enjoy, and thanks to the original content creator!
  5. dgoddard

    XRP and privacy

  6. Thanks for talking me off the ledge, guys
  7. https://aws.amazon.com/quickstart/architecture/r3-corda/ This is the most concerned about Ripple I ever have been. JoelKatz once said anyone trying to get into Ripple’s space would need an insane war chest... Amazon could instantly provide as much volume as you like.
  8. Agreed. Which is why Monero is my “other altcoin” besides XRP. It is as privacy focused as XRP is real-world regulation-friendly, and is in actual nonspeculative usage
  9. I knew BTC wouldn’t scale when I first read the whitepaper, which is why I bought none and still have to work for a living. I could similarly tell that ILP & XRP scale insanely. When I saw how professional and focused Ripple the company was, it was a no-brainer: I bought all the zerps I could afford, and I continue to accumulate
  10. Of course Ethereum has a killer use case: Cryptokitties! ... And they brought the network to its pathetic unscalable knees
  11. Decoupling from BTC is the real indication that the market has matured and that the moon shot is underway. So far, no indication of this. At all. It will take a long time for people to realize “crypto” != “bitcoin”
  12. dgoddard

    Ripple donates $4 million to Ellen's fund

    Apparently Ripple are supposed to make a big announcement today (May 25), looks like the marketing campaign is only beginning
  13. I would love to have enough XRP to serve as a liquidity provider...
  14. I agree with you. So do twenty thousand other activists. You should seriously consider joning us. Free State Project
  15. When it comes to privacy nothing even comes close to Monero