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  1. Please bring these people who have done this sin
  2. So sad to people selling orders at 0.000039 on bittrex But still I will be grateful for this
  3. coinmarketcap is not counting. I think they will start counting it tomorrow
  4. My question is that is Lock-in actually going to increase the value of xrp or what? The way I see it is that the more XRPs are there, the lesser it demand gets. Unless it is filled by some Institution right away
  5. I finished the 2nd season yesterday. Loved it. Everything was perfect in this season. *SPOILER ALERT* Where there is a Will, there is a demogorgon
  6. and yet the price does goes lower and lower.
  7. I am hoping that XRP Lockin release and Financial institutions getting XRPs for their usage happen within short timeframe. These 2 events will probably be the driving force behind XRP price. Majority of the people have voted 0.21 - 0.24 which means that according to them, lock-in release is not going to have any significant impact on the price. Seems like a nightmare for me and not sure what would keep me interested in XRP if that happens because time is money and the competition is getting tougher everyday.
  8. huslin

    20 XRP Minimum

    Bitcoin was single and one of its kind when it came. Ripple came to the party years later
  9. In that case, I would probably convert it into a Bonfire club for winters The place is a real life heaven for me. Such a feast
  10. I am putting my expectations which I find realistic because saying XRP could be worth more than $20 or more is like saying Humans will defnitely fly during the days of Leonardo Da Vinci. I dont mean that XRP wont increase but they have a VERY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go. With that said, my predictions are based on an article that came up a few days ago stating that XRP could never be worth more than $14 at its best but since XRP is the best digital asset out there for its use case. I am hoping that XRP will definitely be worth more than $7 by 2020. I am currently living in a third world country and I am 24 so my goal is to go for masters somewhere better and while my masters, I am hoping XRP becomes worth more than $3 or $4. This would give me the opportunity to successfully settle down somewhere in the country where I go ( hopefully somewhere in Europe ) I always wanted to open my own boating club in a place like Lofoten, Norway. Perhaps, Ripple could help me achieve that
  11. Agreed. I could not understand the reason of 3 2 1 day counter. It was childish, amateur and attention seeking which does not suit on a company like Ripple.
  12. I was just wondering if Ripple has ever considered partnering with Google, Facebook and Amazon. Integrating with their payment system seems like a Golden opportunity (playstore, appstore etc). Now that we have seen IBM going with Stellar Lumens, it makes me question why would IBM chose Stellar Lumens in the first place? Is Ripple lacking in something that Stellar lumen offers or what? What I have heard so far is that Ripple is better in almost every way. I mean, we know that Ripple's primary use case is a Global payment transfer but we all know that even if a number of banks go with it, the chances of XRP being selected are definitely not 100%. With that said, should nt Ripple need to focus on other big opportunities? I hope that Ripple is already working on something like this.
  13. There are 2 more days left for the event so I am hoping something big will definitely come up but if the only thing coming out of Swell are stories and talks without any decision or high profile partnerships then I will be disappointed. Gates foundation was a great news but this just cant be swell. This event was hyped by a three day counter. It should live up to its expectations. Desperately waiting for Q3 results.
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