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  1. Anyone getting intothe ico? its live at www.stox.com
  2. Hi guys investting $70 into eos and neo. 35 dollars each.I already hold 480 xrp tokens. any other recommendations? I am considering Stratis too.
  3. How would be data accesible I guess the machines need to be online always.
  4. iota for future no harm in buying them at least 5+ year investment
  5. I have plans to hold xrp because believe in the technology
  6. Google ventures invests in young bold companies right?The companes they think have a huge future. Its a positive news.
  7. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/banking/finance/banking/google-backed-payment-company-ripple-in-talks-with-npci-banks-for-account-to-account-transfers-globally/articleshow/58393329.cms The google backed thing helps a lot i guess.
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