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  1. Yeah same lol - I just went with a linear scale based off the XRP history
  2. Ok so out of curiosity I overlaid the historic price of XRP onto the classic Market Bubble Chart by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue. I have placed the peak @ 35c as the "Take-off Phase"......so yes this is all one big assumption but I do find it at least interesting. Would be keen on your guys thoughts take on it.......
  3. Where do you get the Ripple shirt i gotta get one !
  4. So if I may ask, why did you buy into crypto....was it because you thought the price would go up?
  5. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/37202971/commonwealth-bank-axes-atm-fees/ *edit* - Interesting article, hopefully the big banks continue to go the path of ledger/blockchain tech to remove fees etc.
  6. Well with all the negative press lately about "Crypto" and "Bitcoin", it reinforces to me the belief the 'bankers' still need more time to adopt / adapt to Crypto technology......and thus are spreading false information to keep a lot of speculators/cashflow out of this space right now...... I foresee that the next 3-5 years will be a Crypto wild ride as the institutions / bankers, grapple with trying to reconcile fiat with Crypto....I actually think this is the calm before the storm........fortunately for us over here in the XRP camp, I believe the XRP adoption will be a lot more attractive then other possible scenarios the banks are considering to deal with. Especially the issue of transitioning the already established fiat cash-flow-streams, over into a decentralized Crypto-Market Place. Next year I reckon we will have a total market cap of around 250~300 billion, with XRP market cap of at least 3~5 times of what is now, and probably @ 2nd place! What this means in price I don't really know but if a big chunk of institutional banks / payment providers end up using XRP on a daily basis, I see no barrier to $1.50~$2.00 this time next year. Just my thoughts.
  7. Man that actually looks like a cool conference to attend !
  8. Yeah crazy stuff - isn't this the type of 'trading' that got us (aka Wall St too big to fail) into the whole mess in the first place.....
  9. Wow - you would have to have mega-balls to trade crypto with leverage lol. But if it worked.....imagine a 50% gain on 5k capital, leveraged 20 times
  10. Totally - such an exciting time to be alive, being able to buy into an emerging market with ridiculous (ie life-changing) financial potential. If we can keep our heads straight for the next 3-5-7 years (not much time really compared to a job/career), I think a lot of us will laugh at the days when we were buying XRP @ 25c etc... Good point but can I add that I think it would depend on your country/market situation......I would think that most Western countries who depend on the cheap-cocaine-FED reserve-currency would most likely position themselves to benefit from a rising price in crypto, esp. XRP when it becomes institutionalized. Not sure what it's worth but I heard Peter Schiff on Joe Rogan podcast recently talking about Puerto Rico.......would love to see you guys there too!
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