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  1. Logchain

    The "HODL to $100 Club"

    Same here! I'm either retired young or holding a bag of worthless zerps, there is no in between for me.
  2. This dudes probably been in crypto less than a year and has more than likely been holding this whole time himself, probably doesn't even know how to short a market. FUD used to at least be entertaining, these long drawn out bear markets even kill quality in that department. Anyway..... XRP is performing better now than the last time we were at similar total market cap valuation Still up 2.5x from beginning of December Do you though bud.
  3. Logchain

    The "HODL to $100 Club"

    Reminds me of what we just went through. Spent most of 2017 on a slow decline even in the wake of massive news and partnerships. Everyone complaining the price wasn't reflecting the news..... and here we are, massively undervalued (IMO) and the price not reflecting the almost constant release of positive bullish news relating to Ripple and XRP. But this is crypto, and a few weeks can erase multiple months as we saw during December. I also believe the next bull run will be massive and the biggest one to date, I also believe XRP will lead the charge. I wouldn't be surprised if XRP takes the #1 spot this year. If that happens I believe it will spark an altcoin boom that will melt minds. I'm beginning to hate BTC, it has to much power over the market and it's shortcomings should not affect the success and growth of projects total unrelated. soon....
  4. Had a conversation about this very subject with a good friend in the banking industry and he brought up a point that I haven't seen talked about much and this is insurance. If/when we get to the point where the big names like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, etc. etc. begin to offer a simple and easy on ramp to crypto investments we can also assume there will be some level of insurance provided as well, against loss and theft. Right now security of assets is a real issue and with exchanges being hacked and the looming potential to lose all your investments with little to no recourse is proving to be a serious deterrent to investment, especially by traditional investors and the risk adverse. Regulations and security of assets go hand in hand and both are needed, IMO, for this whole ecosystem to take off. People talk about a bubble and while I agree we may be in A bubble I don't believe we are yet in THE bubble. That bubble will form when the big boys enter the race.
  5. My very very conservative prediction for this year. March - $2.50 June -$5.00 Sept - $8.00 December - $12.00
  6. 2018 will make 2017 look like 2016 Just wait
  7. The only way I see this ever being a viable option is if they forked the code or did a 1-1 swap, old to new. Even then you'd have to have a good reason in which to do so. Creating a new coin would re-create the chicken and the egg liquidity problem Ripple are working hard to fix. With that said I see no reason to consider this as XRP's metrics are great. It's fast and it scales, hard to improve on 4 second transfers and there are plans to further increase XRP's TPS even further.
  8. Logchain

    TalentSprint to partner with Ripple, PayPal, Paytm..

    Awesome find and great addition. Thank you
  9. Logchain

    TalentSprint to partner with Ripple, PayPal, Paytm..

    "A hybrid program with online, contact, and action learning components, it will be executed in association with global industry leaders namely, Ripple, Paypal, Paytm Payments Bank, ICICI Bank and Indian Angel Network. Fintech and Blockchain have rapidly emerged as the latest disruptive technologies."
  10. http://www.indiannewsandtimes.com/2018/02/15/talentsprint-partner-ripple-paypal-paytm-payments-bank-icici-bank-indian-angel-network/
  11. Logchain

    Again and again PayPal

    Haha speak of the devil This may answer your question as to "why?" http://www.indiannewsandtimes.com/2018/02/15/talentsprint-partner-ripple-paypal-paytm-payments-bank-icici-bank-indian-angel-network/
  12. Logchain

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    This just made my day, Congrats Tulo. I'll be going full time crypto myself end of March Trading and masternodes generate more income than my day job. I just can't justify putting anymore energy into my job when I could benefit more by allocating that energy towards crypto. It already consumes most of my time as is. Best of luck with the transition man, enjoy it.
  13. I absolutely agree with this. They have been complacent for far to long simply because they were the only show in town. They now move to add all these coins only out of fear of outside pressure from competition. I have stopped using Coinbase and will be switching services asap. I'd love to see Robinhood overtake them.
  14. Crypto, much like American news, thrives on drama. Since the day I got into crypto there has literally been a "major" issue with something somewhere. CONSTANTLY People screaming and yelling the sky is falling. Tether will crash the market, bitcoin will die, your investment will be worth $0. Hide your kids, hide your wife....... Tether will sort itself out for better or worse and the ecosystem will continue to grow despite what happens. Scams will be found, coins will fall, the ecosystem will be violently shaken multiple times, millions/billions will be made while million/billions will be lost..... Welcome to crypto, I hope you packed a lunch.