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  1. Coinbase will add XRP, it's only a matter of time. If not then they will lose their competitive edge and someone else will step forward to meet the increasing demand. If XRP does become #xrpthestandard then there will be a massive amount of demand from both utility and speculation. I doubt Coinbase will sit on the sidelines while others reap the benefits and exchange fees from offering XRP. It's really that simple, you provide a service to meet a demand or someone else will. At this point I REALLLLLY hope someone else will as I would love to send my business and fees elsewhere. In my opinion Coinbase is extremely biased and has blatantly disregarded the requests of their customer base. What I would do to have Amazon open an exchange with XRP as the primary liquidity pair
  2. Anyone can create their own coin. My buddy created his own, its not hard. What IS hard is everything else. People often forget how XRP works, it isn't magic, even though I know some of us (me included) think it jussssssstttt might be Banks can, and I think will, create their own coins. This is great and will help with internal functions/auditing. With that said, in order to compete with Ripple/XRP on a global scale they would need a coin that was highly liquid and globally accepted. What will Bank A in India do with the "Visa" coin if there is no liquidity and no demand on local markets? Nothing... Any coin created by anyone Bank, FI, business, government, ect. would still need to be universally accepted, have adequate liquidity, and most importantly be able to scale to handle the load. I have a hard time seeing a bank throwing large amounts of money in an attempt to compete with Ripple/XRP as a global liquidity solution.
  3. Why sudden crash?

    I was under the impression it was due in part to the announcement by the Central Bank of Indonesia warning against crypto currency and speculation of a ban of some form.
  4. interesting reddit post on whales and XRP

    Made a post similar to this not to long ago about an encounter I had with a whale. Very similar to this.... Whale manipulation is a very real thing. Since posting my article I have had more proof brought to my attention to prove this. You'd be surprised at how LITTLE it takes to move the price when volume is low. And bots..... yeah bots are insane. I was shown a trading simulation utilizing an "army" of bots. Suffice it to say, you wont win against bots.
  5. $2 is the new $0.2

    The drought of 17'... Yes, yes I remember like it was yesterday even though it was many many crypto years ago. Lost a lot of good men and women during that dry spell. What was once a curse though, has in time, been shown to be a blessing in disguise. Hindsight is worth at least 2020 XRP... What I would do to relive that drought just one more time, for I miss the days when I could buy 5 for $1, for it wont be long and it will be 1 for $5.
  6. BUY and BUY often. There will be more people with initial investments above $2.50 than all the people combined who invested below $2.50. I used to concern myself with these questions when XRP was in the .15-.20 range. Should I buy more, should I wait for a dip? I can't promise anything, but I'm really confident that the price in a month will be higher than now, and higher than that the next. It's still very early and like mentioned above, the big boys have yet to enter the game. So in summation. The best time to invest was yesterday, the next best is today.
  7. Exactly!! Why use email when we have the postal service. Why text messaging when we can just call? Why cell phones when we have land lines? The point is they don't need to use XRP, the point is also that if it provides and advantage (faster, cheaper, more convenient, ect.) it will get used It's already being used anyway, this argument is getting old. I suppose his next argument will be that any bank can create their own coin. One that can appropriately scale, is universally accepted, and comes pre-made with built in liquidity haha. These poor excuses against Ripple/XRP are getting thinner and thinner as the days go by.
  8. Escrow!!!!

    and the price is actually rising. Non event? Run babbbayyyy run
  9. Escrow!!!!

    Going on 12 hours for a BTC transfer. At this rate swift will be a faster alternative before years end.
  10. Awesome explanation thanks. I did gather that those doing the selling didn't quite care if they "recouped" or not. It seemed as though they accumulated low and sold high so even if they didn't spark a sell off they'd profit from selling higher than they initially bought. He eluded to two outcomes, this being speculation on his part as no one has a crystal ball. The first being that the whales would eventually lose to the mounting pressure building up under XRP, but they wouldn't rightly care as they would have taken profit, and those with deep pockets had enough XRP stored away that they weren't shorting the market with that it would end in a win-win situation for them. Secure profit now and have enough XRP stored away to guarantee even more profit down the road as XRP continues to appreciate in value. The second prospect was that eventually the whales would no longer short the market, and instead would let the price skyrocket with little to no selling pressure. It seemed as if this situation would be targeted around a major announcement of some sort, but that would be hard to time without insider knowledge. This is of course after they had accumulated a large position in XRP, which if any of this is true, they already have. Either way this is all fascinating to me. Thank you for the thought provoking conversation.
  11. Haha if only. To clarify, It was never confirmed if he was part of a conglomerate or not. He did short XRP on it's last run but I got the feeling it was more so because he knew what was going to occur, rather than he had any malicious intent for XRP. I say this because he was seemingly very pro Ripple and XRP. I think he was just capitalizing on the situation. So essentially, with napkin math, 2 million xrp would have enough impact to affect valuation in the short term? That's roughly $400-500 thousand USD. The reason I ask is because the individual I saw had a value much higher than this in his account, and I imagine many whales do too. If this is the case it would make it seem a lot easier to actually manipulate the price, especially with any coordination across multiple exchanges.
  12. Yeah I agree. We never really discussed that point as we went over it and right to another but from what I gathered, and this is perception as we didn't discuss it in great detail, it seemed to stem more from Ripples aggressive attitude towards regulation of crypto and of course (again perception) because they are working with banks. Some zealots in this sphere wish banks to go away, Ripple is working to keep them relevant. Idk, just thinking out loud really. We didn't discuss whether or not bitcoin would suffer under regulation or not (not like he would know, or has a crystal ball anyway) it just seemed that Ripples pursuit of regulation and partnerships with banks was the reason it was scorned. Again, we never discussed most of this so it is only what I perceived to be the case. SO in other words my take on "threat to BTC valuation"
  13. Does Jed have credibility and influence in the crypto space? Does he have motive to collude, or at least the ability to encourage behavior like this among his peers? I have no idea. I honestly know very little and only wished to share an experience I had to spark a speculative, yet educational, debate on the potential forces that may be working against Ripple. I know of no whales, other than the one I met for a brief period of time. I don't even know what constitutes a "whale" to be honest but I am fairly certain there are others with deep pockets and a hatred for Ripple. You mention exchange bias and Coinbase's disdain for Ripple. Their requirements for listing coins looked like a direct jab at Ripple and XRP. Coinbase stands to make millions in exchange fees from listing XRP and yet the haven't.... That, in itself, is crazy to think about.
  14. I honestly regret starting this thread, I should have kept it to myself like I originally intended. I have no idea how bots work, I have no idea just how a whale or a group of whales could control or suppress the price of XRP. I know nothing of algorithms or mathematical equations that are used, if at all, to carry out any of these things. I do find it funny that after the fact, literally earlier today, I found out a nearly 300 btc/9.8 million xrp sell wall was posted on polo. Again I can't tell you if this should, could, would, or did affect the valuation of XRP or even if it was placed by one person or a million. I do know that it is a much larger than normal wall. The thing about much larger than normal walls is the idea that those placing them reallllly want to sell. It would make more sense in my mind to allow something to continue to appreciate as to sell it at an even higher price, unless your motive is to keep the price from going higher. but again what do I know?