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  1. Yes I agree, at this moment in time anyway. But I also think "hard and expensive" wont always define it's value when there are simply more efficient ways to get the same results. If we are being honest then it's not even the "same" results but outstandingly better results with faster confirmation times, less fees, no mining pool issues, ect. I tend to view BTC as the AOL of block-chain. It will introduce the world to blockchain but I think as time goes on and blockchain becomes integrated into our daily lives we will see bitcoin fade away as AOL did and other more advanced tech will take it's place. I own BTC so this isn't me trying to FUD on it or it's future, I would love to see it hit 6 figures. I also think we owe a lot of recognition XRP is receiving to the waves that BTC has created as of late. I just know from history that first movers aren't always guaranteed lasting success. Either way it's going to be fun watching the ecosystem evolve in the coming years.
  2. I absolutely agree but a big part of me questions what will happen once WallStreet does understand block chain and specifically BTC and its short comings. BTC is hyped simply by its high returns, but as a technology it is lacking and severely outdated in comparison to the block chain tech that is currently available. With the "going green" trend that is taking over the world I seriously doubt the legitimacy of BTC in the coming years. The system is already clogged and uses massive amounts of electricity. I mean 9.5 days of electricity for one transaction "today"... Imagine what will happen when the big money enters, I just have a hard time seeing it as sustainable at this rate. It just seems like BTC is already outdated and slow, almost along the lines of SWIFT. SLOW and EXPENSIVE wont win in the future against FAST and CHEAP. Not to mention there is a lot of incentive for BTC miners to keep fees high. It may find its place as the "gold" of crypto being that you don't buy groceries or everyday items with gold. It's simply just a store of value. I do agree that BTC will continue to rise in the coming months/years. I just haven't come to a complete conclusion about where I see it being in, lets say, 10 years.
  3. Yeah and people said email would never take off I also remember a very large percentage of my friends making fun of text messaging. My best friend in high school said it was the dumbest invention ever, and I quote, "If I want to talk to someone I will call them." So yeah I guess Amex won't use XRP like businesses that adopted the internet wouldn't use email and like cell phone users wouldn't use text messaging. Once the barriers to using XRP are down there is absolutely no reason not to use it. Don't forget that XRP, if successful, will literally transform the way value is sent and received in the same way internet transformed the sending and receiving of information. The writing is on the wall....
  4. Westpac boss doesn't like XRP

    Haha....."mind blowing" is definitely subjective, and my mind was and still is blown after reading through this thread. But you can be that guy and discredit my feelings.... It was more than a guess IMO as it seemed to be built on some basis of insider knowledge. Also the fact that he mentioned it was being implemented and partnerships would be announced in Q4 shows a little more than just a random guess on what the current price would be in a year. Price wasn't the only thing he was surprisingly accurate about, there was little more to it that that. Think about Vias and his mention of partnership announcements pertaining to XRP. Again, it's mind blowing "to me" even if he was simply the 1 out of 1000 that got lucky on a guess.
  5. Westpac boss doesn't like XRP

    I Imagine it will be before 2020, and should be sooner than later. I will say though, that a year ago the price of XRP was between .004 and .007 according to charts. A prediction of .25 cents was a bit outlandish at that time, IMO. To have that actually come true, with shocking accuracy, leads me to believe this guy is either very lucky or very right.
  6. Westpac boss doesn't like XRP

    Ok, I read through this thread and realized that it's a year old. My mind is blown. This early prediction is shockingly accurate, probably the most accurate prediction of any crypto prediction I have ever seen. Who is @DaveU haha? Wherever and whoever you are, Sir you nailed this one. Thank you
  7. You realize golden rule #1 is to not invest any more than you're willing to lose. Those who "lost there shirt" have no one to blame but themselves. More than likely you are in that category as well. Fall prey to FOMO? Either way Ripple is absolutely not responsible, in any way, for the losses people received because they bought XRP at peak. It's crypto man..... Of all the crypto's Ripple and XRP should be the least of your worries when it comes to manipulation. I mean, you know, we could go join one of the many ICO's that have some no name 20ish year old developer backing it.... Or we could choose Ripple and their team of professional businessmen.... I'm not even going to name the accomplishments that members of Ripple have achieved, you can do that on your own. I'm sorry you bought high and your value has depreciated, it's a bad feeling that I have been on the receiving end more than once myself. There are things you can do to hedge against that and bring your cost average down, or... you can just hold, or sell and cut your losses. You as an investor have that choice, just like you had the choice to buy XRP at it's height. I would encourage you to hold tight, don't lose faith, and remember what attracted you to Ripple in the first place.... of course assuming you did your due diligence and you are here because you believe in what they are trying to accomplish, and not because you blindly bought out of hype and FOMO.
  8. They get educated, not killed. Many come here with a lack of understanding of Ripple and XRP. Spouting out that banks don't need XRP is the equivalent of saying companies today don't need email (we have postal mail right?). They absolutely don't need email, no one is forcing them to use it, BUT guess what??..... its faster, cheaper, and more efficient thus many companies use it. Apply this logic to XRP and banking...... The writing is on the wall my friend. As far as a poor marketing department goes... is that fact or is that simply your opinion? I ask because if the 3,2,1 announcement or the swell conference would have pushed XRP above $1, and it would have stayed there would you still be here, right now, talking about how bad the marketing department is? I don't think you would. Also, Ripple aren't controlling the price. It's backwards logic to believe they would keep the price low on purpose. That would be like you owning the majority of gold in the world and then purposely trying to decrease its price. It makes no sense. Amway, I and many more here, will gladly do our best to answer any questions you have. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Crypto is crazy. If you believe in the tech, the team, and the vision then the short term price fluctuations won't shake you.
  9. Does Ripple have 3-5 years?

    It's not bad for Ripple, IMO. We are already seeing an early shift towards state/government ran digital currencies. China, Russia.... The writing is on the wall. This is good for Ripple in my opinion as it should make domestic rails even more efficient, maximizing XRP's use case for cross border settlement. Countries can have all the digital assets they want, Ripple are trying to make #xrpthestandard. Meaning XRP will be valued against all fiat, digital currencies, and more than likely anything of value. Russia may have their own "CryptoRuble" but that doesn't make their digital currency suitable for cross border payments. Unless this currency is accepted all over the world you will still need a global reserve asset. Ripple are already many many moves ahead of the competition. Do you think anyone else is close enough to put on a conference like SWELL at the same time and place as SIBOS? Ripple is making waves I think we will see many bank issued digital currencies for internal operations. It would only make sense as blockchain can do a lot for businesses, especially those in the financial sector. Imagine the time and money it will save with auditing alone.
  10. 22%??? Meaning 2 out of 10 people I meet will know of Ripple? No way. I doubt 22% have even heard of BTC. I have yet to meet one single person who has heard of Ripple, albeit they all know about it once we have met haha. I had a friend who knows I'm into it crypto who messaged me "congrats" when BTC broke 7k. I told him my interests lie elsewhere, and explained Ripple and XRP to him. His literal response was "there is more than 1 bitcoin?" His mind was blown So yeah, word isn't out yet so as of now this is our little secret and should stay this way until I have acquired enough XRP. Ok? Thanks!
  11. This is exciting and good publicity. I'm not shocked they chose Ripple/XRP, the writing is on the wall and has been most of this year. As much as I'd like to see the price take off, I think we will have to wait until after the fork before anything serious happens. Once that happens, there is potential for a big run.
  12. IMF Speech at Ripple’s Central Bank Summit

    I agree, I think there was a lot implied that wasn't "said" especially on the heels of the SWELL conference. Everything is PC today and there are limitations on what can and can't be said, especially when it comes to endorsing one company over another. I personally think it's still to early for certain major players to publicly endorse "that bitcoin stuff." I do feel your frustration though, but I think we will all look back and laugh at the current situation we are currently in. I think 2018 will make 2017 look like 2016 And if not, then I can say I road the wave of future tech, and I will have no regrets if I lose it all.
  13. Call me Mr. Hypocrite

    Hmmmm Did this myself 4-5 days ago with 25% of my holdings. I was a die hard HODLer but I have been through enough ups and downs and not taken advantage that I thought I'd gamble a little this time. Buy orders set in case something happens, but I've already increased my position nicely.
  14. Bank Incentives to Bid Up XRP

    I believe so yes. I honestly believe that major players will help push Ripple and XRP to be successful simply because the technology will make their own systems and business models more efficient. This isn't a small upgrade to the current system, this technology is revolutionary and will transform the way the worlds sends, receives, and even perceives value. Imagine what would happen to the world if we were to remove the internet? I believe, in the not so distant future, that companies will be just as reliant on the efficient transfer of value as they currently are with information.
  15. This makes me laugh a little because most of the time if I want to transfer BTC from one exchange to another (or any other crypto for that matter) I first convert it to XRP and then send it. Funny enough, it was a friend of mine who first did this, and my mind was a little blown. I hadn't even thought of using XRP for this use case. In the time it takes me to hit send and log into the other exchange my XRP's are already available. I have taken advantage of a few arbitrage differences doing it this way, something I couldn't do with the snail pace BTC offers.