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  1. lol, If the past is any guide, once the next big run starts XRP will blow past that in the first week. No one knows when that will be... but with all the new money entering crypto, I doubt it will take more than a few months.
  2. This is true and has been remarked on many times on this forum. True circulating supply is far lower than the number of XRP not held by Ripple. Ripple often states that the majority of their sales go to institutional players with sales restriction to prevent market dumps. Ripple is trying to build out an effective market for XRP. Distribution is a hard problem to solve. RIpple does this through, small on market sales through market makers which help liquidity and partnerships. It will take many years for XRP to become fully distributed but this is something which is a necessary condition to Ripple having the ability to incentivize network growth.
  3. "...although we have not undertaken extensive verification." LOL, clearly.
  4. Ripple price and USA budget

    The main problem I see is that, effectively, XRP holders and society, in general, will believe they have savings which they don't actually have. This can cause a large misallocation of resources when the divergence is large enough. People will fail to save/work (ie. buy Lambos and quick their job) and govs will cut taxes and overspend. In the end, a large divergence between real savings and actual savings could cause a financial collapse when the markets realize that all those Lambos were a bad idea and the gov can't pay its debt. However, this is not a problem unique to Crypto. It is the problem with misallocation of resorces cause by overvaluation in general.
  5. Seriously Time Magazine, WTF?

    Honestly, if I could figure out how to contact an editor about these last TWO peases I would. I can not believe I am reading this in TIME.
  6. That is a very nice little read. Hope she keeps up the good work and the positive attitude.
  7. Seriously Time Magazine, WTF?

    That is one truly irresponsible article. I mean, this is some of the worst journalism I seem from a major publication covering crypto and that says a lot. RIpple and ETH did not just magic their market share because of one partnership. LOL
  8. I am glad to see this was an individual investment and not one made by Ripple. I think Ripple needs to be careful to allocate XRP ONLY to projects tightly tied to building XRP. If they stray too far it could seriously undermine confidence in XRP. I think this investment would be outside my comfort zone if it was done by Ripple. That said, this is an interesting project and I hope they end up using XRP as they grow internationally.
  9. The Magic 8itcoin Ball does come fully equipped with other common phrases. A few of the standouts are " it's a centralized bank-coin," "XRP's only good for paying fees," "You can't buy things with it like Bitcoin" and my all-time favorite "but without mining, it has no inherent value."
  10. I will save him the trouble by using my Magic 8itcoiners ball to predict their response. Ok ... I am getting something.... it seems like a powerful emotional reaction... they will say But it d%*% *$( XRP? That seemed more positive that I was expecting I'm not sure I am getting the whole picture. let me try again... Oh, yeah... "but it doesn't use XRP." Their loss I guess.
  11. Hi Everyone

    Welcome! I hope you can bring some insight into all the Korean news.
  12. Who is the victim here? Ripple has been open about planning to incentivize adoption of XRP with FI's for years. You may not think their strategy will work but that does not make it immoral or mean that XRP holders are victims.
  13. You are free to share relevant ideas. Do not spam the forum or insult other users.