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  1. Not most people but banks are, who have most of the money.
  2. I did not find anything relevant on the first website. Shadow stats methods are generally not accepted by the academic community. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowstats.com INot to mention, the economy would be mid-collapse if his numbers were right.... and it seems like he has been saying that for many years. lol. must be the slowest crash of all time. I never can figure out why people pick a clearly fringe opinion to side with on an academic issue rather than the massive majority of people who have expertise. Also, those were not my stats. I was just criticizing your criticism.
  3. Because it is required by law. I do think our current system has some issues, but I am going to yield the stage to people who have spent their life studying macroeconomics. As honestly, I have no idea who is right on this one... and we are not doing that badly.
  4. Please avoid personal attacks.
  5. @Max Entropy I fail to see the relevance of the price of savings to the assertion that global prosperity is rising. Are you trying to argue that high-interest rates are a necessary condition for prosperity? And if so, how do you explain the data? 2 through 6 are all examples of cherry picking. When presented with statistical evidence of a proposition you can not rebut that claim by selecting individual instances which run counter to the overall trend. Those are already baked in.
  6. @Max EntropyContrary to your belief Ripple did not just discover the importance of a wallet. Chris Larsen is not uninformed about the role of a banks and has already dome more to enable P to P disintermediation of banks than BTC ever will. I suggest you google his accomplishments and past political efforts before dismissing his point of view.
  7. +100000 It is somehow easy to overlook the fact that this is the most peaceful and prosperous time in human history.... and it's not even close.
  8. I don't think a high price for BTC equates to a loss of utility for a bank account at all. I also don't think it has anything to do with Ripple's possible interest in the community approach. Ripple just needs to attract volume and liquidity, as it's the only reason to choose BTC over XRP.
  9. USDT is rumored to be insolvent and got its bank account frozen... of so I have heard.
  10. I don't think the forking attack would work against RCL: 1. If you split RCL into two large segments the drop off in connections with other nodes would stop both sides of the network from making forward progress. or 2 If you split into one big and one small, the small side would stop and the big side would continue to be the network. No double spends either way... although you could halt progress until the issue was resolved. [Edit: Validators may continue to "approve transactions" but they can't be validated without 80% agreement. So effectively isolating more than 20% of the validators equates to a cessation of forward progress because only validated transactions are counted as legitimate.] I don't think the attack which relies on feeding old ledger info would work against anyone running a validator because the ledgers are numbered. Maybe you could trick an end user, but then the hack would have to be between the user and the validator. Still, this seems unlikely as presumably there is some kind of signed handshake with the validator? Also, I just can't imagine @JoelKatz making a system where you could feed someone old data as new data undetected.
  11. Nessisary to being able to do it, and me wanting or being willing to do it are two different things. But point taken. I do think having clear and open communication about distribution would help market certainty. The best way to combat fears of CL and AB's holding (outside of a physical lock up) is probably to very publicly show that are not doing anything bad.
  12. Yes, Jed definitely brought some... attention to the issue... but distribution was a favored topic of debate log before Jed's exit and dump. The only thing surprising was Jed's actions, not his or anyone else's holdings. It's like 4 years later and I still can't wrap my head around it. Might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen anyone do.
  13. You called it.
  14. The founders allocation was public from day one. And you don't need the missing ledgers to figure out what's what.
  15. There are no missing XRP just a few missing ledgers from before the network was public because it crashed and there was no backup.