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  1. I still can't figure out why anyone would want to higher Peter Tod after he so clearly demonstrated his lack of intellectual honesty and understanding of RcL. Peter has been corrected in the past about many of these same assertions, but sadly that does not seem to stop him from repeating them. I have little respect for this kind of self-imposed ignorance.
  2. Hyperledger is a long long way away from a workable real-world implementation. I would guess they are looking to 2018 and we probably won't see much before 2019. And I would be very skeptical of the security of any early release.
  3. Not just "most likely"a scam. It is overwhelmingly likely, oras sure as you can be of anything in this space. i.e. Run! Do not pass go, do not collect $200.... do not trade, buy, hold, or trust.... RUN!!!
  4. Everything I have heard about Brad is extremely positive. I am sure he will do a great Job.
  5. Ripple does not exercise control over the price of XRP. They have been very clear about this, and there really is no good reason for them do so. They have sold to fund development, and I'm sure sold/given away XRP as part of partnerships, but there is littleincentive for them to do this unless they believe XRP will benefit. If for some reason you find it hard to take them at their word, then assume they will at least attempt to act in their own best interest. A higher price of XRP leads directly to more money for Ripple. I am sure they would prefer investors over pumpers, and I think this preference impacts their marketing strategy, but outside of conservative marketing , I have seen literally no evidence of price control.
  6. Light blue writing on a white back round is a no no.
  7. He is siting to reputable media outlets (which do basic things like; print retractions when they are wrong, properly vet/source information, and attempt to provide accurate information etc.) and not Breitbart, James o'keefe videos, or conspiracy websites.
  8. I am not saying that electronic voter fraud is not a thing, just that I think it is a separate and distinct category from voter fraud. Conceptually, I think it is much closer to ballot stuffing. Unfortunately many of these words are used interchangeably, sometimes intentionally, in an attempt to get voter ID laws passed to impact the electorate. Which is why I try to be extra clear with terminology around this subject. As an aside, I think electronic voter fraud may be the easiest way to rig an election.
  9. Tampering with a voting machine is not voter fraud. And yes, proving a negative is notoriously difficult. I should probably change that slightly to; I know of no evidence of voter fraud, outside of a few isolated incidence, none of which had any effect on an election.
  10. The media has covered the leaked e-mails. However, Trumps never ending parade of sex scandals, sexist/racist statements, and political miss steps have, fairly or not, overshadowed what has so far been mostly sleazy, but probably not illegal conduct from the Clinton camp. I don't think this is any kind of conspiracy, the media is driven by ratings and for better or worse Trumps missteps have been loud and attention grabbing. There really is no evidence of wide spread voter fraud EVER being an issue in a national election. There have been some, although not that many, instances with regard to local elections, but national elections really are a different animal. Elections are effectively run by state and local organizations. What this means, is that in order to have a significant chance of effecting a national election you would need a conspiracy that involves hundreds if not many thousands of people. There are also massive amounts of both pre and post-election polling so large disparities would be noticed. In the Obama video, what he is talking about is the history of election problems in Chicago not problems with national elections. He was also trying to say there was no real issue, although he could have made his case a lot more effectively. Voter fraud is not really a thing that actually happens, at least not more than once in a blue moon. There are lots of instances of voter registration fraud, but this does not lead to a vote unless someone shows up in person as the "fraudulently registered" person and votes. Because of the size of the election, this is not a good way to go about cheating. You would probably need upwards of 10,000 people acting in a coordinated group to effect the election. I would not put much stock intheO’Keefe video. He has a long history of making intentionally misleading videos. He also (intentionally?) makes them almost if not completely imposible to fact check. http://www.snopes.com/2016/10/18/project-veritas-election-videos/
  11. This is a little disappointing, but not unexpected. Frankly, I doubt this guy really thought through his statements. Banks don't want to use XRP because it's illiquid and volatile. XRP is illiquid and volatile because banks aren't using it. lol Cryptos aren't inherently volatile, they are just small and poorly understood by the market. Even if central banks issued digital money, that would not necessarily nullify the need for XRP. Is just anyone going to be able to use these central bankdigital currencies? And even if all banks can, which is not going to happen, banks would still need to make markets against multiple currencies, or make more trades to complete a payment. Even with the currant volatility of XRP, Central bank issued digital money is not necessarily a cost improvement. He seems very concerned about "risk," but a bank can reap nearly all the benefits of XRP while holding only a very small amount. Most if not all of the Risk can be managed using options. So I'm not really sure what the issue is besides its strange and his tummy would feel better if he knew he was using "real" money.
  12. Well... this a permissioned DLT, that is why it is faster than RCL.
  13. If you dig through JK's post there are some hints, but Ripple has been a bit cagey about how they are going to do this. My guess from looking at what is public and filling in the gaps, is that Ripple is going to integrate an order book and some kind of ILP path finding into their products, this will give FI's visibility into the off-ledger markets so XRP can be effectively used as a bridge.