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  1. Could you provide more info about this live stream? What will it be about? When and who make the announcement?
  2. Also he mentioned THAT WAS A JOKE https://mobile.twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/940301617533927424 Relax already, jesus.
  3. Actually it is already done. @Hodor did you ever hear anything about Bisq? https://bisq.network/ Bisq is an open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative crypto currencies. The system is peer-to-peer and trading can not be stopped or censored.
  4. OMG! THIS IS HALF-LIFE 3 ANNOUNCEMENT! Come on people, stop it. It's definitely imagined.
  5. Alright. Now I understand. Thank you all.
  6. Are you sure that number on the left is current transactions per second? I always was sure that XRP Ledger consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second
  7. Can someone explain to me like ELI5 what this value means? What is 8 and what is 1000? Please.
  8. Yeap, its great idea but...why another topic about this? )
  9. As we all know the current structure of the XRP protocol makes that it is not possible to send less than 20 XRP on a new account, and you must also always have a minimum of 20 XRP on your account. Few months ago this amount was 50 XRP. I would like to know what happens to the quantity amount difference in XRP in the case of decrease. I will explain what I mean. For example, at this moment we have these 20 XRP that are locked as reserve. But let’s imagine, that on the 1st of September a protocol will be updated and this will allow to activate the account and make a new wallet just with 1 XRP. What will happen with the rest of the balance? Can we give back and spend those 19 XRP?
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