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  1. Not available for coin trade yet. From what I've heard, FLR only trades as IOUs from an exchange.. BItrue? Bitso? I dunno which one out there, but there is not a coin to trade yet.
  2. If you had your XRP on a supported exchange or wallet... you will get it from that exchange...or if in a wallet you will have to go through a few more steps... Otherwise yes.. 1:1 FLR:XRP when snapshot was taken.
  3. Always the "shoulda/woulda/coulda" when doing day trading......
  4. Just wanted to make it aware...Celcius ya bunch of bustas! Ill keep my XRP there in light of recent SEC failure.....maybe they will return the APY gains for XRP shortly.
  5. Anyone use Celcius wallet? Just got an email they are removing APY for XRP... for US based customers... Welp...back to my Ledger you go XRP!
  6. Dunno if this got posted in here either... https://www.forbes.com/sites/roslynlayton/2021/04/08/in-the-ripple-case-the-sec-is-now-on-trial--and-knows-it/?sh=3ca21d894bd6 Good write up... SEC is shaking right now.... bunch of....yea.
  7. Although I hold a small amount... I had an even smaller amount to play...Speaking in USD; On the first run up i sold at .85......I ended up buying back at .95, though I wanted to buy back at .80, with that play money and bit the bullet. Watching how the market played out yesterday in red...XRP didnt drop drastically. seems there are a lot more HOLDers now than ever. Also, I transferred out of another coin and put those profits into XRP at .95...so now im holding a bigger bag. To add to this list above made by wogo 6. Coinbase rumor of listing XRP may be more probable after Coinbase listing on NYSE rather than waiting till the case is fully completed. (my opinion). I felt people are holding out for this and there would be a drop soon due to impatience...but I havent even seen that when XRP was dropping sub .90 a couple times... there wasnt a sell off due to fear of extreme lost from $1+..... TLDR : I bit the bullet and bought back because I do not think it will go back under .85 anytime soon... but that is my own opinion and not financial advice. Edit: if it does go sub .85 (USD)...its not going to be anytime soon i believe.
  8. But its credible crypto....there IS nothing we can do about it! Its....credible! Sounds almost like a superhero name... What is that? A stock? A bond? No! Its Credible Crypto!
  9. If people would read more into whats going on... "court filing stated that all fact discovery should be completed no later than 2 July 2021" and “all expert discovery shall be completed no later than 16 August 2021.”.....but most people only see Feb 22nd. So holding tight for the ride!
  10. Unfortunately not many understand that. So there may be a minor "dump" once info is released...
  11. He reinvests his "salary"...all of it back into what he believes his company will achieve. And yea, i feel Ripple will get a "slap on the wrist". Well, at least that is what im hoping for.
  12. He also wants to buy out the top DOGE holders in order to make DOGE the "Currency of the Internet"....
  13. Why did he know this though? Oh cause of who he is?...thats because he owns the #1 electric car company in the world brining in millions. Dont get me wrong, he was very humble as far as not taking a paycheck all those years. Now he has the power (due to money) to make those types of swings. It is a gamble regardless because there is always someone w/ more money who can swing back harder...but this time it didnt happen. And yes, interesting how he gets away with what he does...
  14. The power of money. Of course he could have lost it too, right? Yes it would be nice to be able to put $1.5 billion into something and get $5 billion back in a week...but he was taking a huge gamble with that as well.
  15. So looking at that newer article, "Ripple and SEC Don't Believe There's Prospect for Settlement at This Time", Discovery is allowed till Aug 16th...but there is still change of hands in the SEC which could provide a new light and hail mary settlement? Not trying to read into anything as possible, but Hey it could happen.. edit: BTC hit 50k+ another edit: listened to this guy ...
  16. Pretty much this. I looked at the patent and its good transparency for what XRP is doing for transactions and how it will work w/ customers both companies and people.
  17. Yea... that is the problem.. W/ what others have mentioned what the trial is about...Im gonna bet a lot of these NOW investors are clueless as to what is going to happen.. currently FOMO. When the status update happens, it will be "time to move onto another token".
  18. And sometimes a status conference can promote a "settlement" rather than going to full blown trial...., but I understand there may not be much now. Ty for the info!
  19. little over 1 week till the "trial" of Ripples lifetime! ...for sure pressure is building up. We will probably see a nice resistance getting closer!
  20. On another note of ADA/XRP increasing...anyone look at BAT? Only reason I am is cause I use Brave browser, for free BAT... it went from .39 to .58 in a 24hr high/low... o_O
  21. Investing in crypto is a gamble......but what makes it different is understanding what you are "gambling/investing" in... so yea, here is to your point exactly. If people dont do the research on the token tech...then yea its a gamble.. aka DOGE.....huge gamble as it started as a joke token and is for "tipping". Other coin tech that have high use potential such as XRP is a gamble at the moment as seen now due to the company in muddy water w/ SEC. W/O this spotlight from the SEC, it would be more on the investment side...i forgot where I was going with this so ill stop now TL:DR I agree with you
  22. Something is happening.... BTC/ETH dropping hard when compared to other top 10... Any takers on this one? What's the news?
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