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  1. Don’t underestimate the effect of arbitrage bots. They profit by selling at a high price on one exchange, and immediately buying the asset back on a different exchange, and driving the price up. A large whale order on one exchange will certainly have a spillover effect on other exchanges. The bots compete with each other for these profits, and the fastest ones take the most gains. What looks like a coordinated buy on many exchanges may simply be the result of arbitrage bots helping to level out the price and earning a small profit in the process.
  2. It would also be helpful if they decreased their market making fee down to 0.0%(like coinbase). My 'simulations' showed that the trading fee ate up all(and then some) of the potential profit margins that a MM would have. Even if you were able to supply ALL of the XRP liquidity in a given month, you would not have been able to get into the lowest bracket of trading fees. They changed their fee schedule a while back so that it aggregate all MXN:crypto pairs... but I don't really want to have to supply BTC volume in order to get the lower trade fees...
  3. I’d love to stake some XRP and help Bitso’s liquidity. If only they would allow residents of WA to sign up...
  4. I think it’s clear that he meant to say ‘run on XRP’, but confused Ripple the company with XRP. In the context of a bank run, the question doesn’t really apply to XRP. Banks don’t hold 100% customer assets in reserve, maybe only 20%. Significant withdrawals from a bank could mean that they don’t meet their minimum reserve requirements, or worse, default on their obligations. With XRP, either you own it or you don’t. If there is a ‘run on XRP’ (demand for the asset), and not enough sellers to supply the demand then... If I was BradG, I would just smile and nod.
  5. Ria is a money transfer service. Also mentioned in that slide above. https://www.riamoneytransfer.com/us/en
  6. Here are the link to the bills that were introduced. The ones cited in the coin desk article were from 2018 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/2144?q={"search"%3A["congressId%3A116+AND+billStatus%3A\"Introduced\""]}&s=2&r=51 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/2154?q={"search"%3A["congressId%3A116+AND+billStatus%3A\"Introduced\""]}&s=2&r=41
  7. You’re neglecting slippage and exchange fees which add to the cost that clients pay to use XRP.
  8. For the OTC sales, Ripple probably receives payment via tradional banks.
  9. Also assuming left axis is volume, in blue during 12 hour periods. Assuming right axis is average XRP payment size, orange.
  10. I’m looking at the charts and thinking this might be small payments. A large Chunk of payments averaging 30(I assume XRP, by y-axis aren’t labeled) have started flowing on the network. I’m making assumptions based on the picture as I don’t have the data on my phone Prior to 12/4 the average payment size was 275 and volume of 500 with a total value of 137500. After 12/4 the average payment size is 80 with a volume of 2500 for a total value of 20000. There was a total value increase of about 60k and a volume increase of 2000 transactions for an average payment of 30. Thoughts?
  11. The account id you see is derived from the master key. My guess is that the algorithm that does this, does not produce all base58 characters in the 2nd or 3rd character in the string. Accounts must start with an ‘r’ and fulfill some other requirements to be valid. I seem to remember a thread discussing that it’s very improbable that a typo would result in sending funds to the wrong account. The transaction would fail with error code temBAD_SRC_ACCOUNT. https://developers.ripple.com/tem-codes.html
  12. Unfortunately, the IRS only lets you write off up to a $3,000 loss per year. You can carry this loss forward between years and keeps deducting until your losses are compensated, which could take decades....
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