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  1. A few observations: Your image starts with a long string of characters that do not contain any lowercase. The odds of having 25 random, non lower case numbers in a row is a billion to 1. Also note the "O", which is not contained in the Base-58 alphabet. The cypher key is stored here, right in the beginning in plain sight. I can also see that there are long strings of repeated characters in multiple places and they seem to be arranged in some sort of pattern. Any pattern or 'formula' that is easy for you to remember is trivial for a computer. https://imgur.com/a/lqpbfou Here's a key where I've rearranged a some of the characters. sSUTbnoPBrXtMeMyMHUVTgbuqAfg1. It's very easy for me to use but I've made it much less secure. It's also potentially compromised each and every time I use it though whatever software or internet connection it was entered in.
  2. Given the relatively low volume on the DEX, someone must be purposefully buying up the orders. I haven’t explored much, but I would be looking at who is redeeming the majority of USDbitstamp. Could be a single buyer, could be several.
  3. Thank you x10! I appreciate your understanding of the original intention. This is what pulled me into the space to begin with. I just wish I saw more utilization of the DEX for it intended purpose. The pivot to banks was a necessary evil to gain access to the everyday person, but my hope is that someday the on/off ramps are as seamless and easy to access as a public ledger.
  4. It seems that Netburn wants to rule on all issues of deliberative process at the same time, instead of making individual rulings. She would probably prefer if both sides agree and make good on her previous rulings. I would expect an agreement or ruling and most documents to be released by the end of the month. I don't think the SEC can stall any further.
  5. Judge Netburn said quite clearly that she was not in favor of seeing Hinman deposed twice. Both sides fully understand the legal tactics involved, and all expect that Hinman will not speak to anything under the strictest definition of deliberative process. Ripple would likely appeal to the judge that his communications to 3rd parties after the 2018 speech are NOT part of the deliberative process. Netburn would likely agree and then Hinman would be deposed a second time and forced to answer. Judge Netburn has set precedent enough already by allowing the deposition to proceed. I'm not sure how often a 'high ranking official' from the SEC has been deposed(if ever), but I'm sure she does not want to the be the first judge to allow a 2nd deposition. The only way I see that happening is if Hinman refuses to answer questions directly related to his post speech communications with 3rd parties. He may very well may refuse to answer most other questions, and I doubt that will be enough to allow a 2nd deposition. I think the SEC lawyers are walking a very fine line in which questions they advise Hinman to answer. If they put up a stone wall, this will not look good on them and I expect the Judge to take action.
  6. So the proposal is to add about 6 lines to 4 existing securities laws?
  7. Where are you seeing that volume? I see 43k USDT on Polo and 144K on Bitrue, Which is only a fraction of the volume for a top 20 coin on either exchange. There must be a lot of pessimism about the future price of FLR then. I suspect that the price on Bitrue and on Polo will converge in a matter of weeks after launch. I would be very surprised if that price difference continues to hold. I do hope it ends up in the $.5-1 range.
  8. Agreed. They could be differentiating between tokens that have vested, and ones that haven't for this to work. (I have no idea what Polo is going to do, I don't use them) If you take a weighted average of the vested FLR token 15% and the IOU 85% it should equal the price as listed on Polo. Assume the vested token is worth the same as FLR trading on Bitrue. Solve for the IOU price on Polo. IOU*0.85+1.4(FLR price on Bitrue)*0.15 = 0.35 (price on Polo). This gives an IOU token value of 0.18 on Polo. This sounds like a convenient way to explain the difference, but I think in reality there has not been any good price discovery for FLR. You can't trade between exchanges and it's a VERY illiquid market. I would not be surprised to see 0.2, 2 or both within the first month.
  9. After the FLR launch, neither Bitrue or Polo will receive more than 15%. Neither exchange is allowing withdrawals because the tokens simply don't exist. FLR is 100% and IOU right now. If Polo is going to give out 100% of the tokens at launch, then it'll be 15% real and 85% IOU. I would expect that they will have to have strict withdrawal limits. The prices will equalize when people are able to withdraw and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. I would guess the initial price will be closer to the .35 than 1.4, but we shall see.
  10. It looks like Computing for Good and SETI@home are defunct. Are there any other projects that can use distributed computing in a meaningful way?
  11. I did some research and I'm pretty sure he's talking about a different crypto... At least according to this reliable source I found: https://www.deccanherald.com/international/world-trending/did-elon-musk-hint-spacex-may-fly-to-the-moon-to-find-water-or-is-it-again-about-cryptocurrency-994045.html
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