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  1. Energy bills are denominated in fiat. This forces the exit he describes. BTC is not a unit of account like USD or EUR.
  2. Asheesh said they offered the option to use BTC and XRP at first and all customers went for XRP, so they removed the option. It would be fairly simple to add it again, of course.
  3. Raccoons coming to town. https://www.epsilontheory.com/too-clever-by-half/
  4. Alright, well that does sound like a terrible idea
  5. Can't listen to the podcast right now, so you're talking about borrowing on top of it, not how the stablecoin is set up? A stablecoin does not need smart contracts to remain stable. I'm not sure how much borrowing is actually happening. Trust is in such short supply that people won't even keep their coins on exchanges...
  6. I don't get it either. Which stablecoin are you looking at here?
  7. You and I could create our own DA and trade it with each other. It takes 5 minutes to create an ERC-20 token. There'd be zero benefit to either of us; the token would be a rather unnecessary metaphor.
  8. I was accusing you of saying that very thing. Sounds like we need some professional help with communication.
  9. I was referencing the example I gave, which you disregarded in favor of an improbable setup that's more convenient to your argument. Paying a subsidiary is not a stretch at all, and your response is a basic cop-out. "No further comment from my part" fits the bill. No one was talking about individual client payments showing up on the ledger. Save face if you must, but that's not really what online forums are for.
  10. You see 1 payment on the ledger in this example (sum of salaries going to my local subsidiary, plus maybe some other business I may have that week), not 10 or 100. And you don't know which exchange account triggered it, or indeed whether I even have an account at that exchange. That's where privacy is located. And yes, they can net, and batch, and buffer all they like. Not every transaction need to hit the ledger; every xRapid payment surely does.
  11. So, last effort, I'm sending the sum of salaries to my subsidiary in your country via xRapid and there is an easily obtainable list that will tell you who gets how much?
  12. Don't know, maybe I'm just slow today. I'm drawing a blank on how you can be paid in fiat over the XRPL.
  13. Well only if you're paid directly in XRP and your employer uses none of the simple remedies for this. In which case you should switch employers
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