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  1. @Pablo A court ruling that XRP is a commodity while the offering of XRP by Ripple was an investment contract could be a positive for XRP holders, agree? Restricting Ripple's use of the escrow.
  2. I remember that -- good times and interesting threads I often point people towards Peter Zeihan's talks from 4-5 years ago in this context. He explains the Bretton Woods arrangement from a military and trade point of view. Pairing it with knowledge of the Triffin dilemma makes for a very useful combo to understand the current position of the US. This is a good example if I recall correctly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT6HFCAFDgU anyway most of his talks are similar almost down to the last dad joke I haven't watched any of his newer talks/books, but think I'm going to now.
  3. Yep Raoul also weighed in Bit noob enthusiasm, he just changed his entire gold position to crypto
  4. Likely just some wallet regs, we'll see. Circle CEO
  5. Something is supposed to come out; Armstrong has said as much. I don't follow this guy's logic – the CFTC also regulates Forex, so this must be about Forex? It's the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (and it has already ruled BTC a commodity).
  6. Wrong, moles are not rodents. They belong to the order Soricomorpha See for yourself https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/27862/rodent-or-not-rodent
  7. Brilliant Money supply increases by the amount that would have disappeared from the other account. Hey is this your airport
  8. No one would accept this as payment on Sunday, therefore no one would accept it on Saturday, etc. And how could it trade at par with a currency that doesn't disappear?
  9. Thanks for this. Checks seem like a no-brainer considering Ripple's partners. Are the ideas about robustness related to Stellar's network outage in any way?
  10. They take the biggest volume real USD exchanges and balance with a small BTC and Tether component. It's not right for every use case, but for a "legit" index I like the mix a lot.
  11. Here's a good index I use, not official though. https://tradeblock.com/markets/indices/xrx
  12. I'm not aware of any, but it makes logical sense that they trade on the public order books even if the exchange is injecting liquidity themselves, because (open market liquidity + exchange's extra liquidity) is always going to offer a narrower spread than (only exchange's liquidity).
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