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  1. jcdenton

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    I remember we had these kinds of threads on Bitcointalk. Early tech investors are a funny brand of lunatics. We really do think for ourselves, especially when we're out of our element. I find it quite likeable, and have to highlight the supreme netiquette of @P3T3RIS. He's been a complete gentleman while discussing his boneheaded ideas. There's got to be something said for that.
  2. Yes, then it would be offline (and lose its defining feature, the Consensus mechanism). I find that pretty likely as well. We'll see.
  3. Cycles, progressing like nature: Life, birth, death. Summer, winter. Expansion, crunch. This is time-tested and not in need of fixing. It's a strange thought; but how far we've come by simply kicking the can down the road.
  4. I am online right now, and so is xrpchat. I would define myself as an offline entity because unlike xrpchat I don't disappear when the internet shuts down. So xrpchat is native to the internet; I am only represented there. My name is not actually JC Denton, and you are not a dog I hope? Leaving out key details such as cost of operating a public park facing vendors specialized in fleecing taxpayers ($1MM per acre easily). Mind you it's an asymmetrical relationship because the public may, while private parties may not: - Sell it and then tax it - Take it back whenever they feel like it (e.g. "Anbauschlacht" for growing crops during WWII) I'm not saying that selling parks is a good idea; only that it is not automatically a bad one. It's your lucky day; it happens to be for sale, and we'll throw in the Matterhorn as a gift! Bring cash No lawyers You can certainly have it your way and insist on calling a decentralized network a third party; and be happy in the knowledge that there is nothing new here. You could also say that the internet is nothing new and super boring because it's only copper, fiber, and electricity. We'll be over here, saying that blockchain is a fundamental innovation. We now have a global network that took over the world of information by storm, and it has just been enabled to do value. Guess what happens next.
  5. First time I hear about it and doubt he did lead 60 actual cows to settlement. There are smarter ways to pay people. Credit/trust is always accepted, if you have any. Friendship, trust, and family may well be the ultimate reserve assets.
  6. Yes, offline. No matter how fast the internet connection is; the value is offline. Could launch a 1:1 derivative on a 256 kb/s modem and it wouldn't change a thing. Maybe it's because I'm Swiss, and just don't think along these lines. Private or public: Everything is both. A fool's game to play one abstract against the other
  7. Haven't read all your comments about this, so just as a throw-away; it is obviously dubious that people were ever carrying sheep to do business. Sheep are heavy and people are smart. David Graeber is interesting on this topic.
  8. I don't know what any of that means; care to explain? Things will settle offline unless they're bit-native is all I can offer. If you rely on POJ - Proof of Jargon in your posts, the Very Predatory Jaguar of Neoliberalism will hunt you down!
  9. jcdenton

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    He didn't bring it to the table; he was making fun of people who demanded "XRP as base" without the slightest idea of what that was supposed to mean...
  10. jcdenton

    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    I think it started before, with CZ's brilliant "quote currency" trolling, which confused some to no end
  11. No it lives outside the internet; only stuff that settles without offline settlement mechanics as a fallback lives on the internet.
  12. Yes a Bitcoin represents itself while a CB-USD represents a dollar. They are minted differently, and some people will prefer the former. DLT allows value to live on the internet and that is nothing if not a fundamental innovation and a huge deal. CB can use it too, no problem.
  13. I was saying a token would then be a representation of that...
  14. Native digital settlement. I thought this was well known. Unlike say Paypal dollars, a Bitcoin is not a representation of something else.
  15. I give the sand shovel to my friend Wandering Dog. First I had the sand shovel, and he didn't. Now he has the sand shovel, and I don't. I couldn't "give" him an email attachment or an mp3 in the same way. Get it?