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  1. There we go, another "how much can XRP be worth in x years".. The fact is Ripple isn't making any moves with XRP, so for once face it. I'm not a fudder at all but I hate it when we have "bad news" and the tinfoil hats are making price predictions again sadly with 2018 "data".
  2. Show me where XRP is being utilised in this and I'll say no more
  3. Hopium is the best drug. We keep the carrot in front of ourselves like that
  4. I'm done with the "testing", "POC", "demo"s, "experiments", "gradually", etc.. Crypto is a 10y+ industry, it's about time to deliver big time. I bet in one year from now we will read " We tested XRP, it was a big succes and we will see how we can implement this in the coming years" Is it me or are we being fooled, do they hold the carrot in front of our nose?
  5. I understand, but it's kinda strange to announce your "new" partner this way. when it's more than 2 years old.. "@moneymatchapp partners with Ripple to offer faster and more affordable payments to more than 120 countries around the world".
  6. I know, but why are they releasing this? They've been partners since 2018...
  7. https://www.fintechfutures.com/2018/10/malaysian-moneymatch-completes-first-ripple-based-transaction/ Recycling old news? 2018 "in April, the company announced it was partnering with Ripple to power its payments, which would help retailers exchange MYR to EUR at a much lower cost than traditional bank transfers".
  8. I thought they were on Ripples website since quite some time no?
  9. Mile 5-8, we're finding the threshold tempo, still loads of energy stocked but we know how cautious we have to be with the pace, cause if we ain't careful we going to hit the wall big time.
  10. Yes, could be a prank aswel. It must be a couple of months that I've visited this forum again and I realize this forum (talking general) is still balls deep into this tinfoil hat conspiracies with all these twitter wizards & youtube fanboys. I remember Brad talking about the marathon, well as a marathon runner myself I know how exciting it is to start the race but believe me the real race starts at mile 20. Patience is key, utility will get us there no short term magic posts. Just my two cents.
  11. Make a new mailadres, choose a fancy ripple logo, send a mail to yourself and Alakazam! there's your undeniable proof
  12. I never came to this thought, but what is SWIFT would create a digital asset? They have all the customers.. Just build the tech and checkmate Ripple? #notspreadingfud
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