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  1. It is as dead as Ripples progress. => Swell by Ripple was once a big event where there was information about their tremendous progress, partnerships and XRP's adoption. Now they have to keep us busy with educational / all round crypto blogposts on social media witch they keep recycling over and over again. The ship is sinking boys.
  2. How many of those transactions come from different FI using XRP? in other words how many of those 300+ FI are using XRP? More transparency is needed.
  3. I think that too many holders in here just don't want to see it. The fact that XRP / ODL didn't get ANY traction in (late 2019) 2020 should ring a bell. Not trying to spread fud but the fact is that Ripple moves on with Ripplenet and not ODL. And yes each new Ripplenet partner could become an ODL utiliser but so far none of them did. (except for a very few one who were "testing" it back in early 2018 - 2019 but to me it's just for their image building towards the market => PR & marketing. Or did I miss "the dozen" banks who were going to utilise XRP in 2019? 300
  4. CAN expand in the FUTURE.. Common we've been too long in this game, this is just some hopium for the XRP army. XRP isn't going anywhere with this
  5. Wowwww this is UUUGEe! A EUR-to-EUR corridor, this will unlock the great XRP potential!!!! I think Brad decided to run the marathon as a pacer, leading the front runners and dropping out before the finish. I guess this partnership is "laying the railway" and XRP will be utilised once "regulations, NDA and the magic potion" come into play?
  6. Well well.. Ripple is losing steam day by day.. Wouldn't be surprised if they trow in the towel next year
  7. 2020 the year when the established financial industry is making big moves in cross boarder payments & settlement where Ripple is shifting towards a recycling company, publishing articles over and over again, all of these articles mention nothing about their progress, adoption and partnerships just some educational blockchain / all round "crypto" media papers..
  8. Mr-BLINK- KITAO? Get the tinfoil hats out and drink that bottle of hopium.
  9. Rumors said: 45 Billion Spark tokens can be claimed by XRP holders. 25 Billion Spark are Flare Networks Limited property (Flare’s for-profit organization) and 30 Billion Spark are the Flare foundations property. Seems like a Ripple <> XRP copy paste strategy
  10. Basic question, if you move your XRP from a nano ledger to say Bitrue, do you get your Flare tokens?
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