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  1. I never came to this thought, but what is SWIFT would create a digital asset? They have all the customers.. Just build the tech and checkmate Ripple? #notspreadingfud
  2. Why not IOTA because of it's tangle structure?
  4. Why do they have to publish the same content over & over again.. It doesn't worry me but it says something about Ripple and their PR & progress..
  5. Fo those interested, KYC get's a lot easier for banks in Belgium. KYC on the blockchain by 4 big banks. https://www.kube-kyc.be/en/#how-it-works
  6. For the record; I'm not saying we should see the price of XRP increase due to on demand liquidity in 2020 ( maybe a a little bit to give us some confidence that the utility will boost the price in the future) but I'd like to see major institutions and banks getting really comfortable with XRP in a way that they don't have to be afraid to use / hold XRP and that they are willing to use it because of it's efficiency. In resume: I'd like to see a lot big banks and financial institutions use XRP in 2020. No NDA's stuff, no POC, no 5-10% usage of XRP.... I'd like to see big banks & FI liking XRP as much as Ripple likes XRP.
  7. First of all happy NY Zerpers! Since we're in a new year with new expectations, is it fair to say that this year should be a breakthrough year for Ripple / XRP considering the fact they're bullish in their report / view on crypto in general in 2020? If regulations will set a new definition for crypto, give the market a clear view should it be fair to say that Ripple / XRP should make big steps fwd? IMO we should see very big steps for Ripple / XRP if we get positive regulations. Brad and Ripple the company gave the impression that they we're penetrating the market since 2018-2019 and they we're confident in many ways that Ripple AND XRP will flourish once the market woud have been painted with a non-broad brush! If they don't get banks and FI to use xrp in 2020 with regulations, this would be a warning sign for me personally. I'm here since early 2017 and I'm in for a longterm game but I'd like to see Ripple delivering with XRP / On demand liquidity (not XCurrent), simply because of the fact that they were getting more confident in every way but they made clear that regulations are needed to open up the gas! Spill your thoughts!
  8. Couldn't agree more! This is 100% accurate.. You can't compare crypto to any other business like Apple for instance. We care about crypto but 99% of the people around the world can't understand bitcoin let aside XRP..
  9. And to be fair the guy reminds me of Steve Ballmer of Microsoft.
  10. I like how the guy sitting next to Navin shakes his head at 38:05 and says "no way" when Navin explained how the nostro - vostro problem can be solved with XRP.
  11. Of course Corda R3, but they don't issue crypto assets.. And this topic is also about crypto assets..
  12. https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/crypto-assets_moving-from-theory-to-practice?utm_medium=organic_social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=payments-crypto-report-download SWIFT: I think they took a closer look at Ripple..
  13. I really like what you're saying here! My concern with your comparison to Apple, Netflix, Luna ... is that XRP is not a stock, we don't own anything, Ripple can be the most successful company that will ever exist but that doesn't mean that this will reflect in XRP's price.. I know that with XRP's utility the price could be impacted but nobody know's where this highly speculative immature bubble / market will end, maybe this whole space wil vanish after another bigger bubble, who knows.. But it's a fact that Ripple the company is being successful in what they are doing, we can only hope that XRP will be successful because of them.
  14. https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/alibaba_com-joins-swift-gpi-for-corporates?utm_medium=organic_social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=event-apac-alibaba Swift gaining traction with their GPI system.
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