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  1. Don't worry, the lawyers will do everything they can to declare XRP a currency instead of a security and they will also save Brad, Chris and others asses. Once this whole thing is settled it's going to be business as usual.. Read; Ripple still possessing 60% of the total supply, still dumping their bags, claiming a dozen of banks will be using XRP via ODL and hang a new carrot in front of our noses. The show must go on but to me the damage is done
  2. To me it's dead simple. If Ripple and it's founders, ceo's didn't have 60% of the total XRP supply we wouldn't be in this position. It's pure greed and a big back stab at "us" / retail investors. Ripple didn't get anywhere with their ODL products, it was the carrot they hung in front of our nose to keep us busy analysing charts, flows etc.. Well played but your time has come.
  3. I'm not worried whether XRP is a security or not, I think Ripple has the potential to get the outcome they want in court for not being a security. That's not the problem AT ALL. My biggest concern since I discovered RIpple/XRP in 2017 was the fact that Ripple / founders / CEO's etc own 60% of the total supply and the fact that we depend way to much on Ripples succes to make XRP go up in price. And this is exactly what we see today; the SEC sues Brad and Chris for dumping their XRP on our back + Ripple is halted in its development in the US due to being a security.
  4. Finally some clarity. We can conclude that Ripple really "dumps" their XRP on the back of retailer investors. Time to take off the rainbow glasses.
  5. Look, XRP won't go anywhere until there's clarity with the SEC witch could take years! Nothing more to say
  6. EuRoEXimBaNk, I mean common this is barely a bank.. Marketing hype at it's finest. Ripple can do anything they want with their XRP holdings / pay who ever they want for marketing exposure Ex: Meanwhile, Larsen—Ripple’s initial chief executive officer (“CEO”) and current chairman of the Board—and Garlinghouse—Ripple’s current CEO—orchestrated these unlawful sales and personally profited by approximately $600 million from their unregistered sales of XRP.
  7. I've learned over the years that there's a BIG difference between "will use" and "is using" XRP. Same goes for the dozen of banks, blink of an eye and so on..
  8. I admit that it's pretty impressive so far but like always "money talks", I bet a lot of exchanges ask for ridiculous high listing fee's. So it comes all down to "pay to play".. It doesn't say anything about the project itself, just how deep Flare's pockets are..
  9. I guess it's more pay to play, Flare had to put money on the table is my guess ;-)
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