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  1. So basically the "one in a million move" would be to cash out as close as you can during the last? speculative bubble (2020-2012?) wait until the market wil have collapsed and buy XRP back because Ripple will be the one who will succeed while most other DLT project wil have failed?
  2. My guess is that the "Santander UK Help" confuses XRP with Ripple the company..
  3. So I guess it's real that FI are "interested in the blockchain tech / protocol" but would rather create their own crypto instead of using the ones like XLM / XRP? They won't fill Ripple or Stellars pockets?
  4. So if you buy a stock and it breaks a support level you're gonna ask the company for a refund?
  5. Hi Bob, How do you personally feel about SBI? Enjoy the WE! Cheerz
  6. Hi @BobWay, A lot of respect for giving us this precious feedback, thank you sir! I would like to know what your perspective is for the upcoming markets, just to know your opinion. My question: Everybody is talking about the fact that institutions will somehow (in the near future) invest in this cryptospace. If that's the case, do you think we will get another "dotcom bubble" before real adoption takes place? Thank you & enjoy the weekend.
  7. They think that the whole crypto space is getting rekt quite soon and they want to make some quick bucks before the **** hits the fan?!
  8. Well, that was not what I expected.. We saw an increase of Rapid users but XRP sales is down.. What's the crack?!
  9. I think the governement still has A LOT of work to do when it comes down to regulations. As long as we see these kind of pump scheme's happening every day there's still a very long road to go if we want this space to mature.. This means we need to weed out the garbage.. IMO we need to go rock bottom price wise before we could get up. Just my 2 zerps.
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