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  1. Just forget about it. I bet they won't even talk about XRP at all.
  2. It's normal that we feel desperate when we see the market. Serious progression doesn't reflect in price, no progression or hype get's the $. market manipulation and slow pace adoption due to lack of regulation is the bump in the road IMO. Don't think we're out of the woods yet, may take longer than we think.. 5y + and maybe we'll be in a better position.
  3. @nikb you're damn right, I'm hearing Brad speaking from A to Z... It's painful to hear.. It's a steel right away!
  4. Dude, it's not just FB, it's instagram & WhatsApp and they are doing extremely well..
  5. I guess the Wales want to drive the price down to buy some more for "moon time". Honestly don't know but this is just so depressing to see, I'm in XRP since early 2017 and here for a long while but this isn't normal... Who want's to sell with that kind of progress.... ???
  6. What's the most SURPRISING to me is that ppl actually sell XRP right now and that the price didn't even FLINCH
  7. Ripple want's to kill facebooks momentum / announcement tomorrow? Really impressive!
  8. I'm a longterm XRP hodler but this is just ridiculous..
  9. Dunno what to think about that, it sounded like music to my ears but them she threw salt in our eyes..
  10. Looks like IOTA got the solution for scalability in DLT. https://coordicide.iota.org
  11. The question is, if Ripple is manipulating the price, will they ever let it go up, or do they want a certain price forever? (0.20-0.30c)
  12. Am I the only one in here who isn't enthousiast about this situation? I feel like there's a massive dump ahead of us and we'll be in the same old 20-30 cent range..
  13. They are making great progress tough! https://blog.iota.org/earn-as-you-drive-with-jaguar-land-rover-and-iota-3c744d8c0cba
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