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  1. Which cryptocurrency or blockchain are you using or planning to use? Are you planning to create one?
  2. Animal spirits drive markets. >$950 bn in volume and still counting. Hope the tweet is not just about some conference. That'll be disgusting. Hope some big announcement comes in the next tweets.
  3. $ 0.20 seems to be a resistance. Let's see if it breaks it.
  4. I think this is a good answer. The two of them are in a war and we all know swift is currently at a disadvantage. The onus is on ripple to strike hard now while the iron is hot. As the months roll by without meaningful progress on the ripple end, the more swift will develop it's own muscle to attack.
  5. Thanks. It definitely means what swift is doing brings credibility to XRP. But XRP needs to move fast. Correct me if I'm wrong this is like a land grab. Swift may be miles away, but in this world of no impossibilities, they can manage to close the gap and advance above XRP if XRP rests on its oars. The harbingers of a technology are not always the biggest when it comes to deployment....look at Tim Berners Lee in relation to Alphabet today. In other words, What is the 'economic moat' that XRP has over any new rival crypto or swift or any other technology? What is
  6. I think Ripple can very well rival Bitcoin and Ethereum. I'm only worried about two things (1) What if ethereum for instance improves their network one day such that they can rival XRP in transaction speed and TPS? (2) What if another company quickly develops a platform similar to XRP and markets it aggressively such that it gets more adoption?
  7. @Tehol_BeddictThanks for this and others that you have been posting here. Please be encouraged to post more.
  8. Time is running out on XRP. If nothing is done real quick, Other competitors will simply perfect their system and quickly establish the required network effect to the disadvantage of XRP.
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