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  1. Welcome @miguel. Congratulations on the new position. Great job thus far.
  2. ...that's not to say they can't catch up, but this removes any doubt about Ripple not competing.
  3. In another topic we discussed how Swift was testing this and someone mentioned it was proof Swift can catch up. I realize now that it's actually proof of something very different. Swift has a trillion dollar weeak spot.
  4. @cmbartley Seems like if history is any indication they've done those updates in waves. The website still says 15 of the top 50 banks, 30 active integrations etc. These numbers definitely need an update.
  5. In October 2016 Ripple started buying Google Ads Here was the original XRP Chat topic: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/5-general-discussion/?do=add I noticed today that Ripple is now buying XRP ads. It's good to see all those helpful XRP resources being put to good use. In combination with the tweets from Mr. Vias, the article dispelling certain XRP myths, and the recent overall emphasis on XRP, I think Ripple has shown they are very serious about increasing adoption of XRP. With this kind of focus and the challenges surrounding Bitcoin they may just be able to dispel the stigmas and see increased adoption (outside of FI's). Let's see how the narrative changes.
  6. Some fun distribution facts: In 2015 Ripple distributed ~2B XRP In 2016 they distributed ~2.4B XRP In the 28 days between 12/11/16 and 1/8/17 Ripple distributed 976,978,200 XRP with little effect on the price. In the first 7 days of this year, 433,260,487 XRP were distributed. Here are the historical numbers courtesy of @GiantGox: http://gtgox.com/xrp配布の内訳/ It will be interesting to see if Ripple will stick to their goal of holding ~50B XRP in 2020. Once the MM incentive kicks in that may be hard to maintain.
  7. @Galal You cannot send $USD or $EUR to your Ripple Address. You can only deposit USD and EUR using the "EU BANK" and "BANK" tabs. You can send BTC to the bitcoin address on the "Bitcoin" tab. The amount of bitcoin you send will be the amount you receive at Gatehub.
  8. I'm becoming more convinced that the dynamic will soon be SWIFT vs. GPSG. instead of SWIFT vs. RIPPLE. I still want one of those Ripple/Swift t-shirts though! When we start to learn more about the GPSG this will become more clear.
  9. @Mark555 If I'm not mistaken, when you buy XRP at Poloniex you will be buying XRP IOU's, not XRP on the Ripple Consensus Ledger. This means your XRP will be subject to centralized (or at least private) systems and procedures of Poloniex. At Gatehub you can hold XRP on the ledger or in a Gatehub hosted wallet (more similar to Polo). I'm no authority on this, but you should research it. Be sure to enable 2 Factor Authentication wherever you store/buy your BTC/XRP. For storage you can also search the forum here for "Cold Wallets". Here's a link: I'm also in the U.S. and buy BTC from Coinbase using CC or ACH then transfer the BTC to Gatehub Fifth where you can trade the BTC for XRP. Another option is buy BTC from Coinbase and use Shapeshift to convert them to XRP that's sent to your Gatehub wallet. Figuring this stuff out for the first time is a pain.
  10. I was of the same thinking until recently. I think the FlashFX fees posted by @Morty largely prove the advantage. Also, while the results of the R3 testing has been fairly hush hush, I noticed decisively more certain wording in the recent "Bitstamp Now Trading XRP" Ripple Insight. Here's the quote: source:https://ripple.com/insights/bitstamp-now-trading-xrp/ Not to mention Swift is now trying to recreate the advantages of eliminating nostro accounts via blockchain...hmmm...I wonder where they learned that trick from? source:http://www.coindesk.com/swift-building-blockchain-app-optimize-global-cash-liquidity/
  11. Got it, thanks! I know it doesn't change much. Just curious how it looks over time. Sounds good! Will you be running an ILP node? Curious to hear what your experience is if you do.
  12. Just checked in and and was unable to find the # of validators. Am I missing it? Thanks again for this tool!
  13. @grondiwam If I had to guess, I'd say you're a pessimist. I started following the ILP W3C public email email archives (link below) in November and was surprised to find ILP was still very much in it's early stages (still ahead of the pack). I believe the group only started transferring funds between parties in December. That being said, GateHub and Bitstamp made the first ILP transfer a few months ago and Ripple will be ILP enabled this year according to @nikb. I think these parties have been working on ILP in the background for quite some time and are much further along. Excited to see what's under the hood when they go public! W3C ILP group email archive:https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-interledger/ @winthan You're running an ILP node, correct? What's your opinion on ILP so far? @zooko is the founder of Zcash. Pretty cool they're considering ILP. Will be interesting to see if Jed & Co. are considering the same. It wouldn't surprise me.
  14. Great quote from Miguel Vias: Cheers to that 🍻
  15. What do you consider "significant"? They intend to hold 50B in 2020. Does that mean the price won't rise till then? Distribution is a problem looking for a solution. I do believe the team at Ripple is capable of solving it though. I doubt Mr. Vias would've joined without some strategy to tackle it. Based on his experience with precious metals he knows the issue better than most.