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  1. I used my get out of jail free card to make it to Consensus this week so I won't be able to make it. Have fun and I hope to meet you guys the next time around.
  2. I have no idea, but do you realize that this being your first post with no explanation, signals that the intentions of your question are more likely for nefarious reasons than for a legitimate purpose?
  3. What is your expectation that XRP would rise with all other coins simultaneously? If that's the case why not hold something else? It makes sense that when bitcoin is rising and Ripple has recently seen enormous gains, XRP's price in bitcoin would go down slightly. Why people think this is somehow evidence of manipulation, I do not understand.
  4. https://www.everis.com/united-kingdom/en/internal-content/blockchain There is no mention of Interledger on this page, but they are a sponsor of the upcoming Interledger workshop and hackathon as seen here:https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-interledger/2017May/0004.html Also, here's an ILP demo from their youtube account:
  5. It looks like trading fees are .2% (that's .002). I believe most exchanges are somewhere between .1% and .25%.
  6. I thought about asking you guys to delete this thread, but I think a better idea is to let this person continue wasting their time. @Mercury @tomxcs @rootvegetable @T8493 @Morty
  7. gatehub.net/stats shows account creation. Keep in mind that it shows account creation for a rolling 24 hours while Ripple charts showed them by calendar day. Not sure why it's missing but that's one of my favorite metrics to check.
  8. It would benefit me to be wrong but I don't think Ripple has a big announcement planned. They made big announcements ahead of time to build up momentum for the event. We'll see If there is news in Miguel's talk tomorrow, but again, nearly everything we could've asked for was announced in the last few weeks. Rome wasn't built in a day
  9. Yes. That was the real golden ticket. You early adopters, remember to say thanks these Ripple employees. Their hard work has changed some of our lives in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. I know they appreciate hearing that.
  10. @warpaul Did a live periscope of the "ILP demo session". Maybe someone can look it up and post a link.
  11. You can't tell from that angle but the banner is on both sides of that large pillar. The pillar is in at the center of the entry.
  12. Suffice it to say the team at Ripple is even more courteous and friendly in person than they are online. Great people, though the lid on swag is pretty tight 😉. I did manage to get my hands on these official Ripple stickers and...a golden ticket. 😵🍻
  13. Lots of Ethereum Hype. I'd put Ripple at #2 for hype (Before Bitcoin) z cash #3 thanks to the announcement JP Morgan is using the "zero cash security layer" I missed the bitcoin scaling talk but the general vibe about Bitcoin seems to be "this is what we learned from Bitcoin", not "this is what we're building with Bitcoin". If scaling is not resolved Bitcoin is headed in a bad direction. This should not be news since there are charts which show the same.
  14. Ripple has near 100% name recognition. What specific component of XRP/Ripple are you curious about?