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  1. Reading some more this supposed to be on the Raiden network not the EVM (should've known). I know next to nothing about Raiden. http://raiden.network/
  2. Wow. 🤔 The good news is they see an opportunity. The bad news is they want our lunch Guessing we will see Ethereum ILP enabled which is great (unless they propose an alternative). Gotta love crypto. Ripple advantages: Speed (~4 sec vs ~15) Security (multisig, smaller attack vector, Ripple Connect...other things I can't think of) Head Start (fading but still substantial) Extensive history Low Fees No forking around Etherium advantages: 10x Volume 5x market cap Developers developers developers Decentralized (a plus and a minus) Public perception
  3. These are not the droids you're looking for.
  4. Five reasons I only watched a few minutes of this video: 1. The words scam and Ripple mean our foundation is biased 2. By the presenter's own admission he knows very little about Ripple and should not be taken seriously. 3. 97 minutes? Really? 4. Seriously painful production quality/delivery 5. Did I mention it is 97 minutes long? Thank you @karlos for the summary and thank you @nikb and @JoelKatz for your comments. Always appreciated.
  5. Gatehub plans on having one this year with this functionality. For now it will rely on a central processor (Visa, Mastercard, etc). Also, I'm not sure what currencies will be supported. See this topic for more info:
  6. Should see another ~195M distributed in next week's update.
  7. See link and quote at the top. 👆 https://www.bitstamp.net/article/bitstamp-introduces-xrpbtc-trading-pair/
  8. If this video did anything, it made me reconsider my bitcoin position (which I am generally long on).
  9. If we needed proof that the powers that be aren't happy with the volume, they extended the 0% fees time frame and eliminated the 75% off period. Good news. Will be nice to have mobile trading access.
  10. This isn't even worth responding to. A paid ad with one of those new fancy Ripple videos right before it would be nice though. 😁
  11. Page isn't loading properly on mobile for me (iOS). Thanks for he heads up though. I like this idea. Maybe @shekenahglory can make that happen!
  12. @karlos I've always wondered where you can see the voting status (your screen cap above). Is this available online (I don't see it in the link)? Wasn't SusPay and CryptoCondithe last amendments required for RCL to be ILP compatible? Exciting that it happen in March.
  13. Someone has mentioned (I believe it was JoelKatz) here that while there are currently barriers (KYC I think) to FI's directly using cryptos, there are essentially no barriers to FI's using MM's who use them. This is basically what Mr. Vias said in his most recent post. They are even using liquidity providers who utilize Bitcoin because of how lax this regulation is! I asked in a separate thread and others have asked similar questions, what specific legislation is preventing FI's from utilizing cryptos indirectly via MM's. I think in the U.S. the answer may be none.
  14. Here's an example based on my understanding. If an order book has a sell offer of $.006200001 and another bot places a new sell offer of $.006200000 the latter would be filled before the first, effectively cutting in line with no meaningful price difference. I can't remember how many digits are currently significant, but it isn't variable. Gateways will now be able to set how many digits they deem significant to prevent this kind of activity. Im sure it's flawed but hopefully that helps. *Theoretically this could help the price move up (or down) faster since offers would need to be made in more meaningfully increments.*
  15. Another Ripple employee is added to a key council position. Karen Gifford is on the World Economic Forum's Global Futures Council on Blockchain. See the bottom of this article: https://qz.com/903401/globalization-failed-too-many-people-heres-the-technology-that-could-help-it-work-for-everyone/ Here's the tweet from Ripple: Competition is picking up but Ripple seems to have an unmatched number of well-placed employees/advocates.