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  1. They're all yours. Consider them a welcome gift.
  2. When did this happen? There was a small vulnerability that allowed someone to swap their less valuable IOU's for more valuable IOU's. They should not be Rippled automatically otherwise. Below is the topic where @ripplerm disclosed the vulnerability. Maybe you can private message him and he can help determine if that's what happened. @JoelKatz might be interested in looking as well. As you can see Ripple fixed it very quick, but maybe you were one of the few that were effected. Since the error was due to a setting on The Rock Trading's end they may be willing to reimburse you if this is indeed what happened. Good luck and let us know what the result is.
  3. Done
  4. Select "wallet" in the far left menu Select the wallet in the top left corner drop down that you want to send FROM Click "send payment" Under the "instant" section click the address book icon next to the "send to" field. You should see both of your wallets as options. Select the wallet you want to send to Ensure the wallet you selected says "My Wallet" next to it Enter the amount in EUR and make sure EUR is selected Click "next step" and finalize the send You are effectively transferring between wallets by sending the EUR to yourself. A bit counterintuitive but it makes sense after your first try. Lastly, Snapswap is a defunct gateway. I don't think you should be buying their EUR. Trade Gatehub or Bitstamp EUR instead. There is no market for Snapswap EUR: https://charts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/EUR:rMwjYedjc7qqtKYVLiAccJSmCwih4LnE2q?interval=30m&range=3d&type=candlestick
  5. I believe there's an interview where he says he was going to work for Ripple, but had a visa problem. He has mentioned parts of Ripple that inspired Ethereum and also said he believes a dozen banks would be less likely to collude than a few mining pools. Overall, I think his view of Ripple is positive. Looks like Arthur activated his address.
  6. Welcome @Born2beKing. How'd you discover XRP? Let us know if you have any questions.
  7. Another way to look at this is to ask "If Ripple could go back to the Genesis ledger would XRP be 100% premined?" I think the resounding answer is no (based on Miguel's comments on the subject in the Epicenter interview I think he agrees). An escrow lock-up effectively allows Ripple to go back and implement a sensible distribution strategy. It's a lot easier to dispel the "scam" accusation when dustribution is set and used for funding. Like many other coins today this strategy is rational and acceptable. Also, isn't that the basis of the scam argument? The fact that the coins are 100% pre-mined? A related but equally imprtant topic is decentralization. RCL needs to be demonstratively decentralized for any of this to matter. I'm hoping we hear an update on this soon. Good to see Gatehub putting validators online. We need many more to follow.
  8. Wouldn't hurt to centralize all this info including disclosing all addresses. I think that's an important component. While we know what the terms of Jed's agreement is we don't know when or how it's executed. Same thing applies with Ripple's XRP. All addresses should be disclosed whether or not there's an escrow lock up. It's important to remember that these are not strategies Ripple should consider for our sake but for the company's best interest. Any decision that minimizes the uncertainty around XRP and therefore increases long term value, stands to benefit Ripple more than any other.
  9. Thanks @nikb. Escrow sounds like the right tool for the job.
  10. Solid post @OurTime. Framing the issue about trust paints an interesting picture. I would argue that all interested parties require trust. Clearly some of these communication issues stem from the FinCEN ruling, but there seems to be more that Ripple can do. Rabbit hole: I wonder if Ripple can petition for relief from some of the stipulations under that ruling based on ongoing impact to their business or some other grounds? A little more flexibility could go a long ways.
  11. JoelKatz mentioned locking up some of Ripple's XRP with crypto conditions would be technically possible and now Miguel has mentioned the idea in an interview. While locking up XRP would limit Ripple's ability to react to market conditions, such a move would inject much needed certainty in the market. @Apollo Has presented what I believe is a terrific middle ground. This is my summary/adaptation of the idea: Lock up XRP that Ripple knows it won't need any time soon ~30B Set aside some amount to be automatically distributed to Ripple on a regular basis. I.e lock up ~20B which distributes 2B per year for OTC sales. Keep the remaining ~13B XRP in a disclosed set of addresses where they are lent out as a hedging mechanism or utilized to incentivize liquidity A well thought out strategy could allow Ripple sufficient flexibility while creating much needed assurance in the market. Excited to hear other ideas. *tagging in @miguel*
  12. Seems unusual for Coindesk to post an article like this on Ripple. Nice little piece though. If newcomers click through and read the other other links it could help sustain the momentum.
  13. soon (/so͞on/):adverb - 1. in or after a short time. At this point we can all agree that the infamous "coming soon" announcement regarding the XRP liquidity incentive program was premature. While I understand there were good reasons for postponing such a program (glad that @miguel will now have input), it seems disingenuous the headline still reads "Coming Soon" more than a year after it was originally announced. While we have seen hints of such a program and Ripple no doubt intends to unveil it at some point in time, my suggested options for an immediate remedy are: If testing, debate, etc. continue to occur in such a fashion that what the final program will look like is still largely undetermined, remove the headline from the page until this changes. Otherwise the announcement should be updated with a less vague timeline like "May 2017", "Q3 2017", or something similar. It's now clear that while Ripple's target is FI's, the liquidity provided by crypto enthusiasts is needed, or at a minimum "nice to have", when bootstrapping liquidity for XRP. Such a small adjustment as suggested above would help restore credibility within the community. I hope this is helpful @miguel and @Tim
  14. Agreed. If Ripple finds itself needing to provide liquidity on its own platform that would be a terribly bad sign. Ripple needs to focus on building the network and attract big players to provide liquidity. That being said it would be nice to hear some official news about the status of the WU partnership or any market maker agreements for that matter.
  15. Intentional language is important. I agree. He never mentioned an iMac, iPod, iPhone, etc. before he gave the keynote though. Time and place is just as important.