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  1. Xi195

    The two household names

    Crazy how perception of something changes when you watch it again later on. I remembered this today as well: https://twitter.com/Xi_195/status/940484219683315712
  2. Not a fan. Ripple/XRP are outsiders enough as it is. It's no secret the technology will take time to scale. Ethereum has a roadmap. It will be bumpy enough on its own. Lead dev acknowledges the technology isn't near production ready. No need to kick em when they're down.
  3. Right? Announcements should be strategically throttled. BTC isn't helping any either, but that will change.
  4. I put out a tweet to Brad Garlinghouse, which consisted mostly of a daydream that Ripple would target additional XRP uses cases, expecting little to no reaction. Instead we got this: I can see now that the writing was on the wall, but a public admonition that Ripple will be actively supporting alternate use cases for XRP was mindblowing. Excited to see how this plays out. P.S. This dovetails nicely with @mars75's detailed analysis re: Marqeta/Visa. Retail payments would be a phenomenal place to start. Check that out here:
  5. Xi195

    Expect news from Google soon

    Amazon purchased a number of crypto related domains recently. CNBC article on it here: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/01/amazon-buys-crypto-domains-bitcoin-ethereum.html Seems like someone thought it would be a good idea to snag amazonxrp.com as a result.
  6. I don't remember whose idea it was, but they should let Jed sell his XRP directly to R3. He gets instant, 100% liquidity and R3 gets their XRP. Two birds, one stone. Unfortunately, things often aren't that simple.
  7. Xi195

    Ripple on BrightTalk

    Agreed. I remember the test well. It would be a significant revelation IMO if they were explicitly testing/handling XRP. I'm fairly confident based on his response that they were. Would be big news.
  8. Xi195

    Ripple on BrightTalk

    The article makes no mention of XRP. The "knock" on XRP if you will, is that Ripple doesn't require it (which is true but misleading). If the BoE tested XRP, that would be a clear indicator of the momentum Ripple has with XRP adoption.
  9. Xi195

    Ripple on BrightTalk

    The question about XRP and regulation at 54:00 was the most interesting XRP related moment for me. When asked what the hurdles to XRP adoption are, Marcus references the Bank of England proof of concept. Is he saying the Bank of England tested XRP?
  10. I answered the second portion of the question: "Is it easy?". Off the top of my head, I don't have a simple or well-informed answer for the first. As anecdotal evidence though, consider the fact that after years of effort, the best C++ team in fintech, around 200 employees, PoC's with many of the world's top central banks, and over $90M raised from the best VC's and institutions in the industry, Ripple is just starting to find momentum with institutional adoption. Doesn't sound easy to me.
  11. No. Ripple has been working on this for years. With 100 active (announced) customers, they are light years ahead of the competition.
  12. Transparency meaning clear visibility of fees prior to payment and predictable settlement timing. That's at least the transparency I first think of.
  13. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomgroenfeldt/2017/11/07/big-corporate-payers-want-more-information-greater-transparency/#1b102ecd7910 If banks want transparency, Ripple will give it to them.
  14. Xi195

    Gatehub receiving 'strike-off' notice

    This is true. Too bad their exchange is a nightmare. I've always been a supporter of GateHub. Disclosing a hack months after the fact and pathetically low quality and inconsistent communication, coupled with a fleeing technical team, gives me zero confidence in GateHub. I'll keep an eye on them as they rebuild, and wish them all the best, but I won't be using their product for now.
  15. I'd say it's a pretty solid team, particularly with Jihan on board. Interesting that bitmain no longer accepts BTC. Twitter is far too addicting for someone with my propensity for blockchain distractions and half-baked thoughts by the way. Here's to hoping I get this under control.