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  1. Ask Me Anything with Brad (Q&A)

    Thanks @amulecregg
  2. XRP: Momentum Building

    Thanks again, Hodor! You're the best
  3. Also a few other articles addressing the new Korean regulations... https://cointelegraph.com/news/south-koreas-largest-bitcoin-exchanges-ready-for-strict-regulations South Korea's Largest Bitcoin Exchanges Ready For Strict Regulations "Yesterday, Dec. 13, the South Korean government revealed the details of the emergency cryptocurrency meeting it had held on Dec. 12. South Korean financial authorities stated that in the coming weeks underaged investors and foreigners will not be allowed to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the market. By next week the South Korean government is expected to roll out a few regulatory frameworks focused on investor protection and taxation. One of the policies currently being discussed is the possibility of equally distributing the daily trading volumes of cryptocurrency exchanges across the market and implementing stricter Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Bithumb, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange with a larger daily trading volume than the country’s main stock exchange KOSDAQ, said that it welcomes regulations from the local government, as it would further legitimize, stabilize, and validate the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange market. Bithumb said: ”A good set of regulations will nurture the (virtual currency) market, and we would welcome that.”" https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/south-korean-governments-four-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrency-regulations-leaked-optimistic/ Leaked: South Korean Government’s Four Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulations "Translated at CCN, the four leaked regulations expected to be implemented by the end of this year are: Prevent unaccredited investors from dealing with losses through highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Prevent strictly regulated cryptocurrency exchanges from operating as speculative platforms for unaccredited investors. Request banks and exchanges to ensure underaged investors and foreigners cannot open trading accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges. Temporarily suspend institutional investors and retail investors from investing in cryptocurrencies." http://fortune.com/2017/12/13/bitcoin-regulation-south-korea/ South Korea Considers Steps to Rein in the Bitcoin Frenzy "South Korea will move to rein in the frenzy around bitcoin by banning minors from opening accounts on exchanges, and possibly by taxing capital gains from the trading of cryptocurrencies." While I hate anyone getting more taxed, a short-term capital gains tax would help them keep it in their pants LOL (XRP I mean, of course!)
  4. XRP!!! Shout out to the whole Ripple team - well done all!!!
  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/wink-eyebleach-raww-KI5JqBqOKCPjG/fullscreen
  6. Ya feel me? Yello - "The Race"
  7. I would consider this good news... the rapid in-n-out South Korean trading is only because they now don't have to pay capital gains tax on short-term gains, this might settle the XRP (and all crypto) markets down... South Korea Considers Cryptocurrency Tax as Regulators Grapple With 'Speculative Mania' Dec. 12, 2017, at 7:55 p.m. "South Korea Considers Cryptocurrency Tax as Regulators Grapple With 'Speculative Mania'" SEOUL (Reuters) - "South Korea said on Wednesday it may tax capital gains from cryptocurrency trading as global regulators worried about a bubble, with Australia's central bank chief warning of a 'speculative mania" that has seen the digital asset making rip-roaring gains." https://www.usnews.com/news/technology/articles/2017-12-12/south-korea-to-hold-emergency-meeting-on-cryptocurrencies-measures-expected-friday ...another article from the WSJ: Bitcoin Battle: South Korea Eyes Taxing Cryptocurrency Trade Emergency meeting held as fears mount about bitcoin addiction and widespread speculation "The country’s prime minister Lee Nak-yon recently warned that rising interest in cryptocurrencies could “lead to some serious distorted or pathological phenomenon.” (Personal note: ya think?) LOL https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitcoin-battle-south-korea-eyes-taxing-cryptocurrency-trade-1513152480
  8. We ARE the rumors on social media! LOL chasing our tail now "Rumors in social media, which couldn't be immediately confirmed, suggested that Ripple may trade on a popular exchange, which could support further buying in the asset."

    Of course, I just like the dragon

    THE DRAGON AWAKES "The price reaction to XRP was quite dramatic. The dragon finally awoke and headed up towards the key resistance level of $0.30, which was tested, then broke at 20.00 UTC. From there, the only way was skyward, and the next couple of hours saw the coin head to an all-time high of $0.43, according to CoinMarketCap." https://bitcoinist.com/banking-bonus-revives-ripple/
  11. Nice to see you back teddybear! And congratulations on your new love
  12. Does anyone else think that the day-trader Koreans are going to get eaten by their whales? Check out the buy of 377,255 XRP, holy cow!
  13. Note to self, invest in adult diaper companies
  14. Isn't "naked shorts" an oxymoron? I'm kidding, I kid - I know what a naked short is lol... Two things, first of all, miners aren't the only ones holding the asset, as Regal Chicken @RegalChicken pointed out, and second of all, who is crazy enough to naked short BTC right now?
  15. Thanks! I also like Brad's answer from the next question - "XRP is a pivotal component of the Internet of Value since it solves a key point of friction, the pre-funding of nostro/vostro accounts necessary to facilitate cross border payments. As this occurs, the demand for XRP will increase and markets will reflect that. I hope it goes without saying that I’m incredibly pleased by the progress we have made to date - with a broad group of global FI customers. And there are powerful network effects that we have seen accelerating that momentum."