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  1. Hi all, not TA, but I just popped in to Fiat Leak site and saw some interesting action... within 5 minutes there were large buy orders (you can set it to see only buys ) and all these currencies are making big buys: MXN - Mexican peso GBP - British Pound KRW - Korean Won TRY - Turkish Lira JPY - Japanese Yen THB - Thai Baht AUD - Australian dollar USD - USA CAD - Canadian dollar EUR - Euro Have a great holiday season!
  2. Hi @baobeiiiii thanks for the insight into China, that was fascinating and informative. Can you please take a look at my post below and tell me if there is any significance to the increasing volume of the Chinese stable coin QC on the ZB exchange? Their percentage of volume used to be an almost non-existent sliver - last night it was 28%, higher than both BTC and Tether. I apologize to all for the somewhat off-topic post, but this action seems to be flying under the radar. I promise I won't bring it up again... https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/xrp/analysis/QC
  3. That 3:26 minute video pretty much makes the case for ODL
  4. Some interesting articles on the "IBOS news" page- https://www.ibosbanks.com/news/n https://www.ibosbanks.com/ibos-member-banco-santander-invests-350-million-in-uk-fintech-ebury-published-in-the-financial-times/ https://www.ibosbanks.com/openbank-part-of-the-santander-group-is-launching-in-germany/ https://www.ibosbanks.com/ibos-member-santander-named-best-bank-for-smes-in-western-europe-and-best-bank-in-latin-america-by-euromoney/ https://www.ibosbanks.com/ibos-member-nordea-launches-the-nordea-business-digital-bank-solution/ https://coingape.com/nordea-banks-in-europes-ripple-connection/ https://www.ibosbanks.com/ibos-member-banco-santander-and-ebay-to-launch-loans-app-in-the-uk/ https://www.ibosbanks.com/ibos-member-banco-santander-partners-with-microsoft-to-enable-the-banks-digital-transformation/
  5. All of these questions point to the difficulty in creating legislation around cryptocurrency - regulation is going to be necessarily complex (IMO) and the whole space is still evolving. My hope is that the countries that have been slow to regulate will adopt best practices from those countries that are already establishing guidelines. Until tax rules are more clear, I won't even be selling any crypto, much less trying to spend it
  6. If I'm not mistaken, I think the circulating supply actually may have dropped from 43.29B to 43.28B. Can somebody please check me on that? Thx My guess, if this is true, would be from the burn due to increased XRP usage...
  7. Hi all, not being vain here (quoting myself) but I am noticing some strange buying action from China and wanted your opinion about it... at 15:00 every day, almost without fail, their bots are doing something, and I can't figure out what their aim might be. It seems possible that with the upcoming launch of a digital Yuan that they may see the necessity for a digital bridge currency and are trying to get the price down to load up. Or they may think they will become the bridge currency themselves and be trying to drive XRP down to cause it to lose favor. Or??? Any theories, or is this just playtime in China? Also, their share of volume is picking up (at least on CryptoCompare), some days it outpaces BTC... cv
  8. Hi @Molten I like your theory, and I'll postulate that any large-scale buy/run-up on the part of traders will be timed to coincide with their perceived anticipation of more ODL corridors being added, along with an eye towards selling at the beginning of the year 2020. At least that's what I would do if I were a whale - that way you can take profits and not pay taxes until 2021, leaving you profits to play with all year (unless you're paying quarterlies). That's what I am guessing happened in the 2017-2018 end of year run-up/first of the year sell-off.
  9. Beauty @Julian_Williams now I have a new wallpaper
  10. I think this is an interesting note at the bottom...
  11. Thanks so much for the deep and broad exposition of this event @LeonidasH
  12. @Dario_o Sure I'm reaching, but I feel terrible for her.
  13. I just heard that @CryptoEri won't be able to go to Swell because of a passport issue - Singapore has a rule that your passport must be good for 6 months hence and hers expires in March... @JoelKatz ??? I know you're totally busy, but Eri is an intelligent and dependable reporter/supporter, do you know anyone who can help? I sure hope someone can intervene on her behalf, this is a tragedy
  14. Bit of profit-taking... traders may be sorry if they don't stay on board this bucking bronco
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