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  1. Thanks @Hodor Once again you have knocked it out of the park! I too found the hearings very intriguing, and agree that the House Agriculture Committee's hearing was by far the most productive. The other was just confounding to me. From your blog: "If you're following the regulatory news that could potentially impact the XRP ecosystem, I highly recommend that you watch both of these sessions in their entirety to obtain an intuitive grasp of the regulatory direction. The videos were lengthy, and I watched some sections multiple times. While I think that Ripple's ILP solutions will be used by central banks, I was even more positive about the XRP Ledger being used by banks after watching the testimony in the House Agriculture Committee's hearing on cryptocurrencies." Today marks one year I've been on the forum, and I always look for your content to make my day. Much respect!!!
  2. I think you've just been crowned the queen of ultra-low expectations You're on the wrong cloud...
  3. Read this, I think it will make you feel better... https://agriculture.house.gov/uploadedfiles/07.18.18_ness_testimony.pdf "Proposed Regulatory Framework for Utility Tokens To remedy the uncertainty and confusion in this space, we are part of a group of academics, venture capital firms and law firms practicing in this area that has proposed the following regulatory framework to serve as the basis for a more detailed non-exclusive safe harbor that would help provide guidance to the industry on what constitutes an “investment contract” and how the investment contract law and guidance should apply to utility tokens with respect to primary sales, resales and use of the tokens for their intended purposes. Similar to the steps the SEC took by putting in place Regulation D, a non-exclusive safe harbor to address the uncertainty caused by SEC v. Ralston Purina in the private placement arena, we believe the proposed framework outlined below could be codified in a no-action letter or series of no-action letters that could ultimately lead to a rulemaking around a safe harbor that will assist in relieving the regulatory uncertainty around utility tokens. The goals of the proposed framework are to (i) establish clarity for the industry, (ii) permit use of tokens for their intended purposes (i.e., on their software platform) and (iii) establish appropriate investor protections for both primary sales and resales of tokens, with emphasis on eliminating trading manipulation."
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    xRapid - xR Paid Pronounced "sure paid"... I know, I know, I'm reaching...
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    I know there is alot of frustration

    I like it! It reminds me of some comedienne who said: "How come the voices never say - go dancing! - bake a cake! -"
  6. Thanks for posting this link @OzAlphaWolf So much more positive than that abysmal House Financial Services Committee hearing! I hope everyone can find time to read it, the proposed regulatory framework sounds to me like it will allow XRP to go forward as intended. I'd sure like to hear the thoughts from some of the great thinkers on the forum... "Once the token has been fully developed and the facts and circumstances no longer support an investment contract conclusion, the offer and sale of the token should be treated as the sale of any other commodity trading in spot markets. As a result, under the Howey test, token sale agreements could constitute investment contracts under some circumstances but not others. Some would prefer to resist the implications of mutability by simply treating all tokens as securities forever. Treating all tokens as immutable securities, however, (i) would not be analytically consistent with existing law and (ii) would not allow tokens to be used for their intended purpose -- access to products and services on a network, which would inevitably cause development to relocate abroad." (bold is mine) Here's some interesting coverage: Why the House Agriculture Committee cares about cryptocurrency Daniel Roberts Senior Writer Yahoo Finance July 19, 2018 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/house-agriculture-committee-cares-cryptocurrency-175954382.html The other hearing, “Cryptocurrencies: Oversight of New Assets in the Digital Age,” focused on “the regulatory challenges facing this new asset class.” That hearing was put on by… the House Agriculture Committee.
  7. I know! "Lurch" was cracking me up so bad that I had to rewind For the kid's reference this is Lurch from The Addams Family...
  8. Yes, however I do hope this is joke, for sure... you know the Nano itself is irrelevant, can be replaced - the keys and words are all that's important once you have done the transfer... Was kindly trying to remind you that you don't have to ride your Nano around - there is no point in that... The "yes" was for the second sentence - "He is a crazy SOB i would look the other way!" ...and no, I won't be rooting around for your Nano, that's your truffle
  9. Thanks for the reply to my shout out @Wandering_Dog I really appreciate your views. As luck would have it, OOL for today, will like you up tomorrow
  10. I'd like to offer a slightly different take - retail money at the ATH might have been dumb money (FOMO) but we early adopters are at least educated and informed money, soon to be joined by smart BIG money, once regulation and custody issues are resolved.
  11. Interesting also how it was discussed that the stated goal of stability for the US dollar is at odds with the Feds inflation target of 2% - quite the opposite of stable.
  12. Nope, it was just the morons in the US Congressional panel. Any excuse for profit-taking by traders - at some point the crypto market will turn up again and they will be left holding their... ...empty bags
  13. Amazing and sad how much more intelligently this subject was addressed by our forum members.