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  1. Make that in zerp, please! Just trying to lighten things up, bro... our money has been digital for ages, just sayin' I'll be content when my bank account is in "XRP the standard" lol. And I'd be happy if you took your $200 and bought a round at your local watering hole and toasted to ol' Giddy trust me, don't take it all so seriously and you'll live longer... now I'm gonna flounce
  2. Nice find; two things, first I get an increase of 91 million from the math, yes? Also note this is ONE buyer
  3. Ripple Trade Volume

    That has Ripple/XRP written all over it...
  4. Yawn... fiat is so last century
  5. I find it kind of funny - most of the time if you have a hot buying tip, you keep it under your hat, sharing your information with only those close to you - after all, you don't want to drive the price up!!! LOL The taxi driver is probably still stacking
  6. We should count ourselves lucky - most cryptos jump around like squirrels, but XRP is a barely moving target! Great for dollar-cost averaging IMO. I think one day we're going to look back and grin about the fuss we made over a few pennies per Zerp
  7. Yeah fair objective analysis my a$$ talk about bait-n-switch lol
  8. Over-react much? LOL only in crypto-world is two cents a crash... if you don't see yourself as positioning for a positive future, you will probably be better off day-trading; impatience is going to be a killer for you otherwise... best of luck to you
  9. My understanding is that the reason Ripple Labs is reaching out first to the more inefficient corridors is because they have a more urgent need for the Ripple/XRP solution, having not a viable system in place. Smaller, more agile entities will therefore be most eager to adopt. It's been said that since the larger banks have "something" in place, they are slower and more reluctant to transition. It's almost as though they have to demolish the house they've been living in for so long before they can build with new bricks. We have also seen Asian banks move quickly to adopt the fresh technology because, well, let's face it, the Far East has always been highly competitive and not married to old technology. Whoops, your question was about XRP the bridge currency, and what I meant to say was, it's the oil in the engine and central to the speed and efficiency of the Ripple machine, so why wouldn't they implement the whole solution; it's turn key.
  10. Okay, I'm going to settle this once and for all... you are an only child, and there are 100 cookies in the cookie jar... then your parents suddenly adopt 100 more children... how different does that cookie jar look now? LOL layman's view
  11. Hahaha "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?"
  12. For those knowledgeable about these things it's already factored, but crypto traders are a skittish bunch, and it may be a case of "I'll believe it when I see it" sort of attitude.
  13. I've read a ton of information about this (mostly thanks to this forum) and it sounds like Swift is trying to re-invent the wheel and is behind the curve...
  14. Song of the Day 2017-08-13

    Nice! I'll take one of those blue martinis can you set it up so the music will play as we're surfing the chat?
  15. Do you suppose the author is trying to drive XRP price down so he can buy more? I'm always curious about these posts blindly slamming. There's so much information to the contrary...