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  1. For all of us, but especially for all of our hardworking friends over at Ripple!
  2. Ryan Zagone in US State Regulators as Advisory Board

    More... "The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) has launched a major redesign of the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS), the core technology platform used by state bank regulators." "Redesigning NMLS is part of a larger effort, CSBS Vision 2020, which state regulators are conducting as they move towards an integrated, 50-state system of licensing and supervision. Other initiatives include forming a fintech advisory panel, harmonizing multi-state supervision, and assisting state banking departments." “Better risk management, greater efficiency, and the inclusion of a modern examination system, are among the benefits the next-generation NMLS will offer state regulators. Meanwhile, fintechs and other non-banks will benefit from faster licensing approvals, more standardized experiences, and smoother sailing to nationwide expansion.” John Ducrest, commissioner of the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, said: “Technology and data are powerful tools that can create sweeping benefits throughout the financial regulatory system. And that vision drives our efforts with the next-generation NMLS. We are committed to nothing less than modernized state regulation for a modernized financial services industry.” “Faced with the prospect of a new federal fintech charter, state agencies are considering drastic steps to streamline regulation across state lines. A handful of regulators are discussing ways to create a single regulatory structure for fintech companies that are seeking regional or national business." https://fintech.csbs.org/2017/08/22/harmonizing-state-regulation-for-fintech/ https://fintech.csbs.org/ https://fintech.csbs.org/2017/09/07/works-begins-on-next-generation-technology-platform/ https://policy.csbs.org
  3. Ryan Zagone in US State Regulators as Advisory Board

    That would be Ripple's Head of Regulatory Relations Ryan Zagone ...for those who might be wondering...
  4. Patience pays off

    Thanks, Naki, and well done! There has been much talk about "opportunity cost", people saying they lost money and could have chased other crypto, but IMO, the opportunity continues to be massive in XRP, and if traders aren't careful they will miss the boat, and it will turn into "opportunity lost"!
  5. Mostly because gold is highly leveraged (think counter-party risk) the derivatives (ETFs etc.) by some estimates "...the ratio of paper gold to deliverable physical gold at an astonishing 207:1"... which means - if everyone tried to claim physical gold at the same time, the market would implode! heartlandpreciousmetals.com/new-record-comex-paper-leverage-ratio-go-paper/ No such problem with blockchain assets...
  6. It's not 3-2-1, it's "... 99 bottles of beer on the wall, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall..." LOL
  7. Good point! But to play the game, you still need it we just have to wait for everyone else to get in the game...
  8. Hodor's entire blog, of course (we all know how addictive it is!) and http://cryptoizzy.blogspot.ca/2017/05/xrp-valuation.html
  9. Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report

    This will be significant, more exchanges, greater liquidity pools: "The fact that XRP is now listed on 30 exchanges and traded an average of $179.3 million per day in Q3 points to significant development for an asset that was only trading on seven exchanges just six months ago." "On September 29, regulators in Japan approved licenses for 11 digital asset exchanges (including one by our partner, SBI Holdings), with 17 exchanges still under review, all a clear sign of a significant shift."
  10. "New institutional XRP users upcoming?" For sure
  11. Vision 2020 for the #XRP community

    Somewhere along the line, someone really should translate all this good news into Korean! - South Korea continues to dominate the speculative market... I can't help but think that if they only knew what they were "dumping", they might just stop selling Thanks TplusZero
  12. Blockchain Future

    I liked the methodical structure of the Goldman presentation, education in blockchain is really in it's infancy. They make the same point that many panelists brought up at Swell - which was , "sure faster and easier is better, but we need security". This is something we all understand, with our crypto all locked up in cold wallets! Until some kind of insurance takes hold to assure safe and secure custody of crypto-assets, we will stall.
  13. Blockchain Future

    They should put the US Veteran's Administration on blockchain, by all reports, it's a mess
  14. Thanks Bruhne! I've been saying the same myself, and as Brad Garlinghouse said on the Credit Suisse video, it's easy to be "long" XRP (and other cryptos), because there's no way to short it. People that hold it can sell, but the majority are just holders, and not traders. This is why the floor keeps moving up IMO. Credit Suisse video: https://www.credit-suisse.com/pwp/ws/videobroadcast/?pid=9ceVakBGCElMdKCKL5I4T6_prgxnKHap From the article: "It simply doesn't make sense. All the underlying factors—Singapore expansion, use-case development, 100 FIs on the network—confirm our $2.00 Ripple price prediction for 2018."
  15. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    "Brad answers your questions" ...and now we have more questions lol