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  1. Another awesome blog post @Hodor Your quote below is spot on, and we've got to think there may be some sense of near panic in the upper echelons of banking... good thing there is an (xRapid) turn-key solution... "I can think of no better person to discuss the potential behind membership in RippleNet than Dilip Rao, as he seems well-versed and authoritative in all the Ripple solutions. It will be interesting to hear back from him and others at SIBOS; some banks may be dragging their feet to new blockchain technology, but the time is quickly approaching where, if they do not engage with Ripple, they'll be giving up material numbers of customers to those institutions that can process inter-bank transfers in real-time."
  2. Interesting, thanks @Tehol_Beddict - I seem to remember that the Saudi fellow on the panel at the Swell conference stated that all the Saudi banks are already interconnected, all the same ATMs etc. and that is why they don't see a problem with integrating regulation for cryptocurrency. Maybe somebody can pinpoint that video... I will later if I get the time.
  3. GiddyUp

    Ripple Leadership Front and Center at Money20/20

    The "A" Team "Specifically, Executive Chairman and Co-founder Chris Larsen, Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, SVP of Business and Corporate Development Kahina Van Dykeand SVP of Product Asheesh Birla will all speak over the course of the event." "They’ll join over 11,000 attendees, including other C-suite executives, business leaders and media from over a hundred different countries at this marquee FinTech industry event."
  4. All that awful beer and pretzels must be why he's so salty
  5. This should be a measurable improvement from the current scattershot way of dispensing assistance where it is needed... "For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with Ripple and a web monetization platform called Coil." "The purpose of this partnership is to make it easier to transfer money to those unfortunate areas of the world which lack a robust payment infrastructure." "Additionally, Miller Abel, who is the foundation’s deputy director tweeted, “We are partnering w/@rippleand@coilto implement the#InterledgerProtocol & explore ways#Mojaloopcan support pro-poor payment systems.” "With this collaboration, the foundation is striving to effectively transfer donations directly to the people in need." (bold is mine)
  6. Thanks @xrpmommy I love a happy ending... or is it a happy beginning? "With RippleNet, InstaReM and BeeTech are able to provide real-time, efficient payments that lower overall costs. Both financial institutions are also able to create new business opportunities for their customers and scale their connections around the world faster."
  7. @zerpdigger beat me to it Spinal Tap fan
  8. Thanks for the link, I didn't have time to read it before... The report is a very good assessment of the situation; there are a LOT of moving parts to the equation and it is actually surprising that things are progressing so quickly in light of the difficulties. I'm pleased that they have such an astute command of the many different angles that must be considered. "Given the inherently global nature of most crypto-asset platforms, these issues generally have cross-border elements that necessitate international coordination and are the subject of ongoing initiatives within international standard-setting bodies (SSBs)." "In particular, the use of crypto-assets to effect cross-currency international payments may become an option where current payment or banking services are less convenient or are slow and/or expensive. It remains to be seen whether emerging markets, especially remittance receiving countries facing relatively high costs of cross-border payments, might consider using crypto-assets as an alternative to traditional correspondent banking services."
  9. GiddyUp

    Ripple IS working with the U.N. - Proof?

    It would be cheaper to put it on a plane and fly it there... "The decision was borne out of frustration with discounts imposed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) that allow China and some other nations to ship products into the U.S. at cheaper rates than American companies receive to ship domestically."
  10. There are links in the article to the technical parts