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  1. GiddyUp

    The Long HODL

    Been noticing more and more trading pairs listed on CryptoCompare.com - there are more each month it seems... the more the merrier! USD US Dollar BTC Bitcoin EUR Euro USDT US Dollar Tether ETH Ethereum KRW Korean Won JPY Japanese Yen CNY Chinese Yen RUB Ruble AUD Australia Dollar IDR Indonesian Rupiah THB Thailand Baht BNB Binance Coin TRY Turkish Lira MXN Mexican Peso ZB China? QC QCash CAD Canadian Dollar BRL Brazilian Real SGD Singapore Dollar XUSD a cryptocurrency tied to USD HT Huobi Token BCH Bitcoin Cash INR Indian Rupee QASH is the native currency/QUOINE LIQUID platform UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/xrp/trades/USD
  2. GiddyUp

    The SEC's Big Cryptocurrency Speech: 5 Things to Know

    What will force the SEC to clarify what the heck it is that we bought/own? It doesn't seem right that they can just leave it so murky for so long. Large corporations are building their business models around this cryptocurrency, only to have it declared a security? It's really unreasonable to ask everyone to just wait until they make up their minds, people have to plan...
  3. This seems important - more liquidity through market makers... "XRP’s volume was also driven by the extension of more than $16 million in new XRP loans from XRP II, LLC to market makers. A significant pain point for digital asset liquidity providers is the need to purchase or borrow assets in order to provide both bids and offers. Now, with the ability to secure cost-effective, capital-efficient XRP loans, market makers are less challenged to get involved in XRP markets. The added flexibility also allows liquidity providers to tighten spreads as their margins aren’t hampered by the high costs of sourcing inventory or by the risk of holding significant amounts of inventory." "For Ripple, this additional liquidity is useful for xRapid as it increases the capacity of order books to support cross-border payments. Also, incremental liquidity in order books will lower volatility over time, further increasing XRP’s ability to provide on-demand liquidity for xRapid." (bold is mine)
  4. Thanks, I found this part to be interesting, look at the participants... "The relatively-young initiative began in April 2018, when McCombs held its first blockchain conference with roughly 300 participants, he said." "Notable guests included Goldman Sachs senior fintech equity researcher Jim Schneider, IBM Global Blockchain Services' Jason Kelley, Dell's Radia Perlman, Ripple director of corporate payments Ryan Gaylor and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney Dave Hirsch."
  5. “The practical matter is it’s still too expensive,” Ersek added..." I find this comment to be key - it seems obvious that WU is angling for some kind of discount from Ripple, and is withholding any positive feedback as leverage... shady...
  6. GiddyUp

    China and the gang of four

    Very nice work piecing this together @slinuxuzer
  7. Thanks @xrpmommy - I got the gist of it, but the translation to English was fairly hilarious - like "bad lip reading" "chat boots" to "cat boots" to "cat box" lol I still don't know exactly what was being translated with this phrase...
  8. I see what you mean... What Percentage of American Express Does Warren Buffett Own? https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/10/17/what-percentage-of-american-express-does-warren-bu.aspx "American Express is the largest bank stock position, by percent ownership, in Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio." "One of Berkshire's major holdings is American Express (NYSE:AXP), which has been a part of Berkshire's portfolio since Buffett invested in convertible preferred stock in the company in 1991." "As of the latest available data, Berkshire Hathaway owns 151,610,700 shares of American Express, which represents a 17.2% stake in the company worth just under $14 billion."
  9. Here's an angle I hadn't thought about much... are there any other "securities" that "burn" a portion of their value every time they are traded? How does the SEC handle that aspect? IMO they really do need a new asset category with thoughtful rules pertaining to the specifics of these new financial tools.
  10. Another voice from the SEC arena... 'Silly' For SEC To Write ICO Rules When Sector Changes Quickly, Says Commissioner Jackson Ted Knutson , CONTRIBUTOR https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedknutson/2018/06/11/silly-for-sec-to-write-ico-rules-when-sector-changes-quickly-asserts-commissioner-jackson/#11ff0ee3136b "It would be “silly” for the Securities and Exchange Commission to write Initial Coin Offering rules when the investments change so quickly, SEC Democratic Commissioner Robert Jackson Jr. asserted today." "Because of the rapid change, rules written today could look foolish three months from now, Jackson said. He pointed to guidance on ICOs as the best tact for the Commission."
  11. I have to agree that we will need to keep an eye on uptake - after all, one of the reasons we favor XRP is because of the "use case". I will definitely re-evaluate in two years, but we need to remember that this is a wide-reaching transformation, and will not happen overnight...
  12. GiddyUp

    XRP, Ripple & The Color of Money

    Great blog @Hodor ...and as usual, you "stuck the landing" "If history and science are sufficient guides, then we can expect to see material investment amounts set aside for XRP in the near future, and we can expect to see XRP rise in the crypto rankings until it is the undisputed choice among investors. Remember, just because Ripple makes it look easy does not mean it is; other crypto networks that make claims may just be issuing empty words - like those who watch the professionals play the game from the sidelines and think that they can do the same." "Ripple has a detailed business plan, and a large amount of it will impact the adoption of XRP by remittance processors, Internet companies, and banks. As our volume scenarios have shown, even a small share of the international payment market will be enough to affect demand; XRP will get there. The only question is for you as an investor; do you have what it takes to make a move and stick with it through volatility?" (Bold is mine) As a personal observation, I am wildly optimistic (witness my change of avatar, which may have been premature lol) I know I'm not the only one who thinks that XRP will lead the way up in time, and I have a feeling it will be sudden and explosive. We have hardly begun IMO...
  13. This was my thought also... it's possible that the investigation into price manipulators is prompting traders to sell out and scatter to the four winds to avoid penalties. It would also explain the market-wide selloff...
  14. Yeah @zenkert that was definitely my first thought - "oh that's great!" - I only had a bad moment when I ran across that "accredited investor" part lol But I'm sure you're right, that would never happen to crypto.
  15. Without stopping to contemplate why it doubled overnight? i really don’t understand why your invested in XRP - just seems to make you unhappy you should sell and move on