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  1. Agreed - I can't envision a future where all the infrastructure being built around the new tech just folds up and says "oh well". Watching and following along on the path it all takes - that's the adventure for me.
  2. GiddyUp

    The Next Wave

    Thanks @Hodor your blog today (and most days) was a big 'ol happy splash of cool water in the face for me - I sometimes feel like we're watching a movie where we can see what's around the corner and we're yelling at the screen "Don't give up, it's right over the next hill!" Or maybe we're in a parallel universe LOL "Everybody wants to know the nature of the next wave of crypto-asset adoption, and there is no end to speculation on trading forums and groups about the topic: what do the patterns indicate? When is the cryptomarket going to explode with the compressed energy that is lurking off-stage?"
  3. Ride or die, baby!
  4. I am kind of thinking 2023 also - hurts to have "dead money" for so long but as we know, gears shift quickly, suddenly and without warning...
  5. GiddyUp

    Building on Ripple tech and XRP

    That would be kind of funny if XRP was declared a security and they tokenized it to use on Ripplenet
  6. We should remember that a number of institutions will become uncompetitive and go out of business once a large number of their contemporaries move to Ripplenet and begin utilizing XRP.
  7. The dream of having our crypto in the bank with our fiat is beginning to take shape Developers + entrepreneurs + bankers = solarisBank https://www.solarisbank.com/en/ "The multidisciplinary solarisBank team from 25+ nations combines startup engineers and entrepreneurs with seasoned banking and finance experts to create the perfect mix for a tech company with a banking license." Germany’s Second-Largest Stock Exchange and SolarisBank Partner to Launch Crypto Exchange https://cointelegraph.com/news/germanys-second-largest-stock-exchange-solarisbank-partner-to-launch-crypto-exchange By Adrian Zmudzinski DEC 12, 2018 "SolarisBank and Stuttgart Exchange Group are jointly developing infrastructure for a cryptocurrency exchange, Cointelegraph Germany reports Dec. 12. The Stuttgart Exchange, founded in 1860, is the second-largest stock exchange in Germany and the ninth-largest in Europe. SolarisBank, on the other hand, is a German fintech company established in 2015 that holds a banking license and offers a “Banking as a Platform” service. This news goes along with the plans announced by the exchange in May to release a zero-fee cryptocurrency trading application. The two companies’ crypto exchange, “which is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2019,” will have SolarisBank acting as the exchange’s banking platform."
  8. Agree I share this expectation I can't see why any enterprise that is going to use XRP would tip their hand at this point-it would only drive the price up. If they want to accumulate/hold, then what we're seeing right now is no surprise, yes?
  9. GiddyUp

    Daily FXT (Ripple 96% Long)

    That was my first thought-there won't be a short squeeze, but an unwillingness to short could also be an extremely bullish indicator? I guess we shall see...
  10. I'd be kind of surprised if traders don't try to run BTC up the flagpole at least one more time... the short interest is growing and will have to be closed out at some point. It's hard to call when there's so much money to be made.
  11. The Holidays are an awesome distraction right now! -This sideways market is like watching paint dry
  12. Demand for XRP could easily swamp supply if/when we reach the real usage tipping point.
  13. GiddyUp

    Project Ubin : Singapore's Blockchain.

    Thanks @King34Maine my post was from October 2017.
  14. GiddyUp

    Psychology of Whales

    @XRPPatience I'm out of "likes" (OOL), but great analogy, good story-post
  15. Not news, but a very nice article... XRP’s New Position on R3’s Payments App Could Propel it Much Higher Nicholas Say on December 11, 2018 https://blockonomi.com/xrps-r3s-payments-app-could-propel-it-higher/ "Corda Settler allows an amazing amount of flexibility when it comes to how payments are handled. According to media reports, Corda Settler will allow payments to be settled on the Corda blockchain from multiple payment rails, both crypto and conventional." "The Corda blockchain will be updated automatically once a payment has been successful, which opens up a lot of doors for how both Corda Settler and XRP may be used in the not-too-distant future. Until now there have been few ‘turnkey’ solutions for an interface between existing payment infrastructure, and new forms of crypto settlement, which may be why R3 chose to focus on Corda Settler." "There is no shortage of uses for a platform like Corda Settler. R3 has numerous members that are operating at the highest levels of finance, and this platform could be the beginning of a new era in payment technology." (Bold emphasis is mine)