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  1. Did Amazon just buy xrpcodius.org or am i misunderstanding something? You can check it also here: https://www.whois.com/whois/xrpcodius.org
  2. @teddybear , you don't mention CC market cap even once, i cannot take your "calculation" seriously....what a waste of time.
  3. Missed the part of your forecast but the 50MA on the 4h chart still looks pretty good.
  4. That's not even the problem, but if @teddybear is on that plane, chances are we'll se sudden bearish movement and i'm trying to keep the number of landings equal to the number of takeoffs.
  5. Hence the "EX". Just to be clear, ain't no way ill ever set foot on a plane piloted by your ex gf, that's where i draw the line brudah
  6. Or you can wait until XRP hits 100$ , i'll pay @teddybear a few zerps to fly me over to the US, beer kind of tastes better at 32000 feet.
  7. Depends on how you ship it , 2-3 cans wouldn't cost more than say 10-15€ from Germany to the US.
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