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  1. you are not sure about the price, that's all. And that's not a problem, we are here for the tech!:)
  2. we are getting there... still here Mr. President. Just reading. they say while talking u never learn anything. Better read, listen.. Happy new year le: i am closer to 90 weeks tho.:))
  3. @PickleRick there's no evidence that he will not stop also.. :)) good luck @Graine, I know that you stll have a little stash:))
  4. just a curiosity guys. what would take for xrp to become legal tender currency? is this possible, can states come to a sort of agreement?
  5. stop saying how much you sent and also this 1xrp nonsens. All your wallets and balances are exposed on the ledger. this is a forum. If you want to send, send only from an exchange and not from wallets. my 0.something xrp. @Mercury
  6. 241 weeks feels like 241years. so many things that can happen in a moment. I had a 1 year hodl plan. i surpased that, things progressed better than what I have anticipated.. not making another plan. I ll just go with the flow. Finding a strategy to still be in the game in 4 years time if you find it useful it's different. I have 0 love for Ripple the company. The people that developed this products, different story, all my respect.
  7. yeah.. myenglishisbad. you had lately series of posts in which you encouraged hodling.
  8. @XRPto50dollars Mr. President, what made you start this campaign of support of "week hands"? Why now, at .46 you were"just" realistic. I applaud it nevertheless. Just a curiosity. thanks
  9. I had no patience to read all you wrote. the problem is the time frame you expected profit, not Ripple s or XRP success. Have patience, set goals, stick to them. Imagine, some of us kept buying the dip from 0.35 to 0.15, waited ONLY 6 months and price jumped to $3+. maybe this time will be 1 year, 2.. or maybe one week from now. Find something else to do besides checking the price or at least try not to get so affected by it. It will come, just forget about it for a while. I will take +12% a year happy happy happy! 1000%? Is like Santa left his full bag under my Christmas tree. Patience. And yes, nobody cand tell you the absolute bottom or top. Or when it will moon..
  10. If the average buyers HODL, are whales fighting among themselves?:)
  11. nothing special. make sure you have your correct binance wallet address.
  12. We will add +1 to your rep every time you post, to keep you entertained, finding new usernames so you stop trading for a year minimum. :))
  13. XRP always reacts different (worse) to positive developments than any other coin. It was a 30 m hype, +5-10% and faded. I would not keep my breath for Asia.. had a small sell order at 0.94 on bitstamp, didn't reach. the good part for me is that i can switch to binance from bitstamp with my playstash an not having to buy btc or eth all the time.
  14. passing 0.97 will be very difficult, I don't see it, really hope I am wrong. Hate it when is under 1$. Also Ripple tweeted nothing about this, or I missed it..?
  15. 100% agree. that's why I don't agree with statements like 'you are so little you don't matter'. maybe 1 person, but not all combined. Nobody said 1st of March report to me about xRapid pilots. About this and that. they said they will. Ash made a different mistake on twitter if I recall correctly.
  16. for 2-3 Weeks?:)) it's ok, I personally never understood why now and why her. i did ask but she did not reply. I have nothing personally with her. i was just curious. edit: to her defense if she managed to set up 15 may in 1 month.. CONGRATS
  17. I keep hearing this for a year already. the money that Ripple are making and injecting in their company, are from XRP, if not all, a great deal for sure. Atm xrp price sits where it sits only because of this little humble guys that are buying, hodl ing and speculating on XRP. IPL has 0 need of XRP. Ripple is a fintech company that sells software. XRP atm has 0 real use cases. What makes it better than any other coin atm? much faster than others? no problem. I, like 99.9% of people can wait 15 minutes, we don't need 1 sec. Fees? sure, make no difference to me if I pay 50 cents or 00005 of cent. so, yes, we have no shares in RIPPLE. Humble.. depends. we are 10 000 on this forum alone, if we all sell, at the same time, and get out of xrp the effects will be felt. from the price of xrp to the fudfighting and spreding Ripple's vision. @peebo38 has bees summoned x times on the forum, never replied( from my understanding is a part of her job). Go ask dr t. something. Or any other activ member that is not paid to do ao. @hodor has 100+ blogs. And many others. humble and little. for ripple maybe, if they don't care. but yes.. we, as a hole, we matter at least atm, at the beginning when things are thought.
  18. what $/xrp will make XRP liquid enough for full scale use? I wondering for some time. Any thoughts?
  19. @ieiaiel DCA? Patience my good friend. You are required to do exactly nothing, should not be that hard.
  20. me, that's why I bought.. big fan of Sheldon BTW:D
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