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    Risk Analysis of XRP: The Four Horsemen

    You certainly covered some different aspects and perspectives, making me pause for thought, so thank you for a great report. Some points that I would comment on: Technical flaws - I'm not sure if Ripple has ever responded to the issues highlighted, but perhaps the more technically proficient people on the forum can comment on this. Regulation - it may well be that the SEC will never rule on whether or not XRP is a security. One could take it, over time, that no action would mean that it is safe to use XRP, but what time would be safe and the FI's won't take risks with this lack of clarity. It may even be that the US government sees the ability to control SWIFT as more important than allowing the SEC to rule on Ripple and thus realise it's potential, or otherwise. Waiting for clarity from the court cases could also take an inordinate amount of time. All of this works against the adoption of XRP in the US, hence the focus on the Middle East and Far East where the friction in the remittance corridors also continues to be high. This is recognised by Ripple management who are looking to cover all angles.
  2. mistatee2000

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    Good question, but who knows? He certainly likes living on the edge
  3. I believe the figures have moved to 2, sometimes 3 per week as regards new accounts, so I agree 350 to 400 by year end 2019.
  4. mistatee2000

    Jed McCaleb & XRP

    I really don't know how McCaleb has maintained any credibility within the Fintech world other than his pure genius and charisma, but that should not hide his flaws. The attached article is a little old but still a good read, warts and all. For those not wanting to read, I thought this part of the conclusion worthy of note http://observer.com/2015/02/the-race-to-replace-bitcoin/
  5. mistatee2000

    XRP deemed not a security in Europe...

    Why people fail to grasp the importance of this beggars belief. If one is investing then, a touch of realism is appropriate otherwise leave the investment decisions to the young children whose eyes do not wear such blinkers
  6. Normally I would say you are right, but with Marjan having come from SWIFT, it would be good to hear her perspective of both sides, which is more important to me than a head to head discussion. Her rationale (which we probably already know) for switching would be very interesting, hearing it from the horses mouth so to speak.
  7. Today is a very good XRP news day https://www.americanbanker.com/news/could-ripples-xrp-replace-correspondent-banks-this-bank-says-yes Price must go down
  8. mistatee2000

    Blockchain Adoption: the Tipping Point Is Near

    It is a positive report from Ripple as to the future of Blockchain, much more so than the recent McKinsey report on the same https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/financial-services/our-insights/blockchains-occam-problem?cid=soc-web I found this part of the conclusion at odds with the Ripple version So I guess that there is a gap between the two reports, but both interesting reads, though I guess that the McKinsey report alludes to many developers on blockchain just not making the grade as one would expect with new tech (and ICO's) or they don't have a solution to a major problem, hence why I like BG's view of being single minded and the peanut butter analogy.
  9. Agreed. That's why I still believe in XRP (and Ripple of course)
  10. We are crawling towards the starting blocks with XRP, but the starting gun for the main race won't be fired until the banks have regulatory clarity in the USA despite all the adoption elsewhere.
  11. mistatee2000

    Is Earthport purchase by Visa Good News?

    Hank Uberoi, the Executive Chairman at Earthport doesn't tweet alot. The following tweet does not confirm their on-going relationship with Ripple, but why would he congratulate team Ripple in Nov Also alot older I know, but shows his enthusiasm for Ripple
  12. mistatee2000

    Latin inscription for XRP

    No doubt of the red Vinum my friend
  13. mistatee2000

    Latin inscription for XRP

    ps my wife has studied latin and she is shocked at my inaccuracy. There you go, live and learn
  14. mistatee2000

    Latin inscription for XRP

    Because I have had a whole life time of spelling it wrong and I now bow to your greater knowledge - my wrong