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  1. Brilliant, that was a really good, forward looking, read which will hopefully raise the spirits of the XRP community . In the past few minutes a programme on the BBC tv in UK called Click has just mentioned Google, its involvement in gaming and looking for how it will monetise the streaming of games in the future. I can think of one way
  2. I think that they would be better taking their lead from Wyoming who have gone it alone and brought clarity to the cryptocurrency market in the hope of attracting investment
  3. Thanks Hodor for succinctly putting together the fact that XRP will not just be reliant on cross border transactions. There is a new "game" in town, and I guess, like you say, we cannot yet know where other directions will come from. Brilliant as usual
  4. No, not unless Ripple rolls over, which I doubt very much. I would say that it is game on and up to Ripple to repost in the next few weeks/months. I remain bullish for both Ripple and XRP, so leaving my money where it is - on one horse, XRP. How can anyone not back Brad, David Schwartz and the rest of the brilliant team (not to mention Stefan) A few people may say that it was arrogant of Ripple to think that in late 2017/early 2018 the US Govt would let them take over from SWIFT. They would argue that the huge momentum was slowed by regulation and the Exchanges such as Coinbase, together with Multicoin and their antics. The US govt however would be happy for another major US company to take over from SWIFT, which after all has had it'd day and can be controlled - but then again i don't believe in conspiracy theories and the idea is probably a step too far, but never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, or says the media. Edit - When IBM took on Apple in the computer market (or perhaps the other way around), the latter stuck to their guns and the rest is history
  5. This clip seems to, almost word for word, take many Ripple employee words and texts and use them as their own. I've heard many of the words and phrases from Brad and Dilip being used in this very short clip. I guess that an awful lot has been learned from Ripple over the years - the most sincere form of flattery, as long as people recognise where it all came from, but in the world of business, who gives a damn if there are no patents or rights.
  6. This may be only the beginning, but I do believe that 2019 will see many changes that we don't really foresee. That said, there is a really good article in PYMNTS.com which came out 10 hours ago - Faster Payments: Does The Fed Have A Hidden Agenda? . They generally produce good, factual artricles: "See today’s announcement that FIS is buying Worldpay. See First Data and Fiserv. See Mastercard and Transfast (and Voca before that). See Visa and Earthport. See ACI and Speedpay. You know there will be others. All of these market consolidations, along with the emergence of new networks, and intermediaries that sit between the consumer, the business, and the payments methods they use to pay them now have the potential to do more than innovate the speed at which the money moves between those senders and receivers, but influence they use to make and receive those payments. The question is whether these developments signal the big shifts in what consumers and businesses use to make and receive payments and who monetizes those flows, not simply the speed at which they are made or received." I have highlighted the last sentence here. The whole article can be found at https://www.pymnts.com/news/faster-payments/2019/federal-reserve-hidden-agenda-real-time-payments/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. Agreed - just one more plug in than they had the day before - "payment gateway plugin designed to let WooCommerce users easily accept XRP as a payment method." Some might see it as a small step, others might see it as moving in a different direction to cross border payments and increasing the ecosystem for XRP utilisation Edit, and just to underscore the possibilities -
  8. This article is dated 16th March. and I have not seen it in the forum. Sounds too good to be true - is it fake news? "The founder of XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind, posted a bounty on Twitter on March 7th, offering a community-backed reward of more than 3,000 XRP to anyone who successfully integrates XRP with the online payment platform WooCommerce. A week and a half later, a developer named Jesper Wallin submitted a completed payment gateway plugin designed to let WooCommerce users easily accept XRP as a payment method. Wietse Wind reviewed the code and promptly gave Wallin the bounty, which had grown to 4,635 XRP worth about $1,469." https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/16/xrp-integrated-with-e-commerce-platform-powering-3-3-million-online-stores-the-ripple-effect/ Edit Well this is from the man himself
  9. I know that this thread is now well worn, so to speak, but the following quote is from The Verge, dated 16th March 2019, by Nick Statt and I thought very relevant here: "Google is making a big play in gaming next week, but we’re still unsure exactly what that entails. For years, the company has toyed with the idea of getting involved in what is now the biggest sector of the entertainment industry, worth an estimated $138 billion dollars as of last fall. And it would make competitive sense: Amazon owns Twitch, Facebook acquired Oculus, and Microsoft has Xbox. The only other major tech company without a serious gaming platform or investment of its own, not counting mobile app stores, is Apple, although even the iPhone maker is now rumored to be working on a game subscription service of its own."
  10. Huge potential- you need to be under 35 to understand it, which counts me out. I can't believe it either, but there is a massive interest globally. Just in the UK alone it is worth multi billions and lends itself to micropayments. Hence Coil and Xpring and I guess Forbes. The applications will just broaden and widen the scope of XRP in particular, which is what the ecosystem needs
  11. I see the gaming industry as a massive potential, especially with micropayments. Whoever can address this ie Coil, will have a huge market to address. The amount of low hanging fruit for one company to work on is awesome - please consider the UK in this.
  12. Who are going to be the key comptitiors in the nexy 3 years
  13. Yes I read this before I went to bed last night and so gave it alot of thought. I came to the conclusion that the author does not have any new information other than his own supposition, that would make me want to read any more of his fear mongering articles regarding the markets. Yes XRP might crash - we all know that, but I will keep faith with the Ripple team to keep things moving forward positiveley. Like most analysts, he keeps his options open by mentioning the possibilities of a "golden cross or a death cross", but erring on the negative side. If you are in XRP for the short term ,then perhaps now is a very precarious time to be involved - maybe??? (See I'm using his technique there) If your fundamental evaluation of XRP has changed, then you should re-evaluate to suit your own risk strategy, but then you are probably an intelligent person judging from your postings,and know this already, so I don't mean to sound patronising
  14. Hi Bob, I normally stay in the background these days, but have to say really enjoying your contributions. Has there ever been a successful hack on the XRPL that has not been made public? Just thinking of the recent SBI VC situation with a DDOS and the consequential delay with trading, which has been made public.
  15. I agree.It seems that they are looking to make amends in more ways than one, or just employing better contributors. One of the better articles I have read recently from Forbes refers to the changes in legislature in Wyoming - something that effects all Americans involved in cryptocurrencies (and I'm British) https://www.forbes.com/sites/andreatinianow/2019/03/07/a-split-emerges-in-blockchain-law-wyomings-approach-versus-the-supplemental-act/#243c71b3719a
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