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  1. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard in life without being belittled. Perhaps there are instances when that shouldn't happen, but even you should be given that voice so others can make up their own minds.
  2. Why did so many people invest in XRP if they are not happy with the volumes that Ripple has in escrow. It was always made clear by Ripple that their target market was never the retail investor, however, we have had the opportunity to get in at an early stage. If Ripple and XRP are truly successful, then the total amount of XRP available should just about do the job. If they are not successful then we have taken the gamble and failed, but please, if you did your research, you should have been aware of the facts or you should have left your money in a safe piggy bank under the bed. The last time I read so much ranting was on the Earthport site when some "investors" were blaming the management for bad decisions and saying that the share price would go to rat s***. After the Visa acquisition, a number of the very vocal negative sooth sayers just disappeared, maybe with their profits or with very little if they had already sold prior to the announcement - I guess it was a very similar situation to what we are experiencing on XRPChat at the moment.
  3. If she had an unbiased brain, she would be dangerous.
  4. When you wake up you will realise that was just a dream - a nice one all the same
  5. I also liked this from Caitlin Long of Wyoming
  6. Brad says today directly to Mnuchin
  7. That is a fair question. My view is that I agree with the comments that there are going to be a number of announcements in the coming weeks/months. Ripple has been putting in alot of background work and has already alluded to some announcements:- New corridors opening particularly to Brazil and other South American states, but I guess other Asian and MENA countries may follow too; New partnerships, particularly with exchanges and FI's, and together with that; Increased regulatory clarity - Japan, maybe USA and India (Japan will be massive, two would be incredible and all three would be hold on tight to your pants), and who knows where else. In the background Christine Lagarde of the IMF seems to be pushing Ripple as hard as she can without actually saying their name in public. In my opinion, MoneyGram can take Ripples' money, but they would not commit to XRapid if they did not believe that it would work for them. These are among some of my reasons for hanging on tight to my XRP.
  8. Dilip is so calm when he addresses forums, yet his words are so well chosen that they cannot fail to resonate with those who hear him. He puts complicated concepts into an understanding for the masses, plus he sometimes gives important snippets as to the direction of Ripple (and XRP)
  9. When it comes to Fin Techs and DAs, Asia is leaving the rest of the world standing. The West seems like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car
  10. A big part of commercial success is surrounding yourself with the very best people for the job at hand - Ripple has this to a fine art
  11. Yes, I'm afraid I spend far too much time looking in to all the crumbs that are available on the internet regarding Ripple and XRP. Alex Holmes was very positive - guess he has few options but this could be a massive game changer for MG....and for Ripple, inc XRP
  12. Time may prove you right, however, I'm not sure that Ripple currently would like to be portrayed in such a way to the rest of the market, but purely my view We all have a view and I respect a reasoned approach. At the moment it is supposition from many aspects and in this instance we shall have to wait and see.
  13. Understand, but it does not give them a controlling share which is the all important aspect to the other FinTech companies looking in and trying to understand this position. Only 10% is big in financial terms but irrelevant in decision making/voting terms. Ripple have positioned themselves exactly where they want to be.
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