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  1. I think Geoffrey Tucker knows what he is talking about and gently debunks the notion that with a Ripple IPO that XRP will go to zero. Smart guy
  2. And without clarity, who would invest unless at a ridiculously low price...unless Ripple know something we don't of course
  3. How can a company like Ripple have an IPO when a large part of their valuation is in XRP escrow and the DA does not have clarification on whether it is a commodity or a security. I would not know where to start. You could try using current market valuations of $0.22 for XRP, but where would that valuation be if tomorrow it is classified one way or another. If in the unlikely event it was to be classified as a security, anyone buying Ripple shares would have just bought in to a "dog". As usual too many high risks for Ripple unless you value the company without the XRP. If Ripple go for an IPO they must be really certain of a near future classification, either way.
  4. In this case I hope that you are wrong. In my mind it would show that they are not expecting any more growth with other key money transfer companies as total vertical integration like this would cause significant conflicts of interest. I'm not sure what extra benefit would be derived by such a merger, though if there are huge benefits which I can't see, then happy to be proved wrong.
  5. Let's see how this is welcomed or otherwise. Interesting that they are doing this rather than selling XRP - a very clear change of tactic. A gamble maybe, but I maxed out this time.
  6. Very much worth watching for anyone who is invested or looking to invest in XRP
  7. Part of being a successful CEO is to surround yourself with a team made up of high quality people. Brad made a great choice by including Navin - he puts his point across calmly but extremely clearly despite having the guy from Token sat next to him. Steve from Token comes across as believing that the world is still flat and that any non-believers will be convinced otherwise by shouting loudest and huffing and puffing - I prefer the eloquent approach by Navin. As ever, this industry will struggle to move forward without embracing regulation or it will be used by sovereign states to rein in cryptocurrencies, who fear loss of power over their monetary policies. I know Ripple is seeking to address this, but it is going to take time, and certain key economies will resist for lots of different reasons, including geo political power - economics matters more today and often has a greater impact than sending a battle group to the South China seas or the Baltics.
  8. Someone testing the ledger I guess. Malevolent or benevolent?
  9. Oh yes. I also believe that it's as much political as for financial rewards. The USA can control SWIFT as we have seen with Iran. How are they going to control XRP which is definitely decentralised, all arguments considered. It will be interesting to see where China goes with Bitcoin.
  10. I agree that this is a well researched article and well worth a read. The only part that I disagree with is below. The volatility of XRP has been shown not to impact to the level many had feared and the two transaction costs are still going to be cheaper than using the FX conversion. All the same still fundamental to the argument: "This means, MoneyGram has to complete two conversion in-and-out of volatile crypto incurring additional costs instead of continuing with a single and simple FX conversion:
  11. We all thought that 200 customers was wearing thin. All the same a great announcement to start Swell
  12. As I find time zone comparisons confusing anyway, I had to check this for my own sanity. It starts with the Private meetings at 08.00 Singapore time, so that is about 14 hours time, but the welcome by Brad is at 10.00 which should be 16 hours time. Hope that clarifies the position and doesn't sound pedantic
  13. Little discussion this year. This is the agenda: https://swell.ripple.com/
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