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  1. I applaud anyone who tries to change things for the better, but I doubt that a private company would want a bunch of people/chancers like us trying to dictate policy. Ripple has distanced itself from XRP so it can be readily viewed by regulators as a utility coin and not a security. I think they are trying very hard to increase the utility and liquidity of XRP without incurring any more adverse views, particularly from the SEC. We either believe in what Ripple may achieve and in the process increase the price of XRP in the medium to long term or we don't buy/get out - a simple investment decision. I doubt that we retail investors in XRP are going to have a major impact on anything that Ripple does. SBI are real believers and institutional investors in Ripple with true power - I doubt that such a successful bank would be in there with such zeal if they didn't believe in the overall direction, management and the team. What is sad to see is that Chris Larson is almost having to beg the American government to not hold back the potential growth of this industry whilst China becomes so dominant - indeed it may already be too late and there is no future for XRP. We shall see.
  2. Thanks Leonidas - David is always worth listening to. I generally take something away from what he has to say and it's not the 3 cafeterias at the Ripple office in this instance
  3. A few hours ago I saw the beginning of the GBP/PHP ODL corridor - the total then was around $1,600. It's now £13,247. Now that has really lifted my spirits after the announcement by Asheesh earlier this week. Let's see what grows from these seeds
  4. Good to see that positive activity like this weekly report is being undertaken - we needed something like this to look different but replace the excellent work that Hodor did. As a matter of detail, 575 positions in Ripple by end of year was a target figure and BG made it clear from 3mins 42 of the video that it was going to be 515
  5. You may have valid points to say, but if you are going to be disparaging towards people you have already lost the argument
  6. 24 hours later, I now get what Ripple are trying to do and pivoting is never easy. Asheesh is a great guy but the communication was awful (not even sure he wrote it), with very little real explanation other than to say that this was always the vision. It took a flurry of tweets from DS to start to put this right, but in the meantime much damage has been done and trust lost when it wasn't necessary. The flaws in Ripple's marketing are showing through yet again - they really do need to get this aspect right considering that they have such a great company and vision
  7. Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan being a good example of decrying Cryptocurrencies when indeed already quietly developing the company strategy, to the extent that I believe he stated that he would sack any employee investing in such. You are correct. These people are not to be trusted.
  8. I like satire, however, these tweets only mislead the new investors in this market who are trying to make head or tail of cryptocurrencies in a difficult enough situation. Jargon and misleading information only serves to marginalise this space, not forgetting the FUD that is also out there, and yes for any one who says DYOR, absolutely, but why lay traps for people. I find it so annoying for others. I say BS and if it does happen in the next five years, pure fluke that they mentioned it.
  9. With all these things you have to decide what is suitable for you. I like to hear about her logic and background research and then I can make up my own mind if I think it is useful to me. Regarding the substance, where there are substantial material changes and announcements, I think she is mostly on the ball.
  10. I agree. She brings alot of Japanese sensibility coupled with great research
  11. I agree, CryptoEri clearly explains why there has been an increase due to this latest news. Almost all previous announcements in the past few years have either shown no price improvement or only short lived ones. There is so much happening outside of the cryptocurrency space that I'm not sure that this will really have a price impact until there is clear improved useage and liquidity here. I would like to think that I'm wrong, but then again everything I was ever taught about economics has been turned on it's head since 2008 - who would have thought that QE and printing trillions of dollars would lead to stock markets moving up and inflation not going hyper.
  12. One would think that that with large volumes of ODL in a particular direction, that it would indeed impact on the market price of a currency, whether fiat or CBDC. However, I'm not sure that traditional economic models are working in this new world of ours. With all of the QE that has been undertaken over the past 11 years, one would expect to see rampant inflation, but that has not occurred...yet. Like you, just thinking out loud.
  13. Intermex seem happy with their structure for Mexico, so why rock the boat? is what they are saying in public, however, should financial pressures change, then who knows? In the mean time look for new opportunities to add to the business portfolio. A classical, safe approach, but not very dynamic.
  14. There you have me. You are correct. It was the BG interview out today
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