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  1. Firstly, good to have you back commenting. I agree with your thoughts that the escrowed XRP will have to be better controlled and that XRP is not for retail and never has been. I like the theory that Hogan has more recently come up with that the escrow could well be only sold by Ripple to the institutions as per the Kit Interactive finding - his comments start at the 7min14sec mark
  2. A balanced and well judged approach is what's needed. This is a twitter repost to the article posted. Again it is well reasoned but does acknowledge that the lack of an audit on Tether is of great concern https://twitter.com/dfauchier/status/1350741875293040640
  3. I agree, the potential looks huge. I'm looking forward to seeing what the initial market price is once the initial 15% is distributed - I don't think it is reflected in the current IOU's on Bitrue, but hope to be proved wrong.
  4. I'm not a Maximalist of any sort. I just believe in fundamentals and constant researching. I came across this recent article regarding Bitcoin, all of the crypto market and in particular the ramifications of Tether, considering that they are under the spotlight. I just wanted to share it here. I have no agenda though I always question the motives behind these articles - that said, once you have read this seemingly well researched and lengthy article, you can then make your own minds up. By the way it's not my article, I aint smart enough to write something like this https://crypto-anonym
  5. And here it is officially from the SEC https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2020-338 In conclusion
  6. I'm not so sure that the price for XRP has much to do with Spark at the moment. It just seems to be following the whole market, albeit alot more slowly, although a 50% increase in 4 months months isn't too sad.
  7. I do accept what you say to a certain point, however, if every driver needed to know how the internal combustion engine works on a car, then there wouldn't be many cars on the road. Most people have to make do with concepts, especially when investing in something like Tesla for example (I know, electric vehicles), or more relevant, cryptocurrency assets.
  8. The ledger numbers were the important bit of information needed to verify the situation. In the interests of Ripple being open, I don't know why it took them so long to release the info, knowing that the cat was out of the bag. There was a protracted and heated discussion on twitter about this. JK put out the info but I guess he got it from N Bougalis - I'm also guessing that Nik may have felt it more appropriate to come from JK. Is it better to have this in the open now? - I think that it is, as in the future someone with genuine or malicious intent, would have got to it and put it out any w
  9. You are right, though if they were to start releasing the 1billion XRP in escrow every month, it would almost instantly cause havoc in the market. Unless of course demand was huge- so second guessing those consequences would be interesting.
  10. Yep, just looked in to it a bit more. XRP does not figure. I will put it on the back burner although it adds to the ecosystem ie not negative. Remind me to buy Ripple shares in future
  11. Times must have changed or I must be very simple. If I transfer money from one single currency state to another, whether in the Eurozone or USA, then XRP or Ripple has little benefit, which is why Ripple and XRP were not considered for faster payments in USA, and Ripple acknowledged that XRP was not designed for such internal systems. So where is the advantage in the Eurozone? I'm not making a statement, just seeking enlightenment if times have moved on
  12. I'm not sure what benefit Ripplenet brings to a Euro to Euro corridor, however, I can see benefits of a tie up with Nium outside of the EU.
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