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  1. It's a clever idea because the banks do not want to use cryptocurrency. They will try to make this work as much as possible because it is in their interests plus it makes them look as if they are doing something to bring down the costs and friction. Why is the US SEC not giving clarity to cryptocurrencies and XRP in particular? Is it because they want to delay adoption so that more solutions like this can come through and stop the tide of something they cannot control - I think, within the government, it is more like keep the status quo for as long as they can because of ignorance of the poten
  2. Just another competitor in a very large market. It was never going to be just one solution. The established banks will try to use this - it may work for them, but there are now many smaller institutions who want their say and slice, and the old system wants to keep them in their place ie at the bottom of the pecking order. The genie is out of the bottle and change is coming, but it is not going to happen overnight and it may not be RTGS Global or Ripple.
  3. You may be on the right track, though I doubt it. Hodor wrote great articles and pulled lots of strings together in a coherent and easy to understand style. Leonidas is only wanting to present the facts, mostly item by item. Both styles very valid and appreciated
  4. I agree. Leonidas is doing a great job with his site and at the same time keeping this site relevant with information/direction that helps XRP holders and new entrants.
  5. It aint no 3 minute read, but I suggest that you understand what is being said before you all go balls deep with this - https://flare.ghost.io/fxrp-walkthru/ or trust that people at Flare know what they are talking about
  6. For some reason I managed to get through to read the article. It certainly doesn't paint a good picture for Ripple. Although nothing is said which is contentious it puts forward a very negative slant with selective quotes, in particular I certainly would be looking to invest based on this article, but then again, I am already committed to the long term
  7. If anyone was in any doubt that it is regulation that is holding XRP and Ripple back, then this should make it crystal clear
  8. You took the words out of my mouth,so to speak. I believe that Ripple and XRP have been reined in for too long by regulation or lack of it, for many reasons. This has prevented them from taking advantage of being first movers. Let's face it, governments are going to relate to Apifiny and the financial institutions are not going to see it as the same threat as cyptocurrencies, even though the technology may not be dissimilar. In fairness, I think that Ripple have seen this coming and have opened their minds to other things, hence Coil, Xpring, micropayments, gaming, etc. It will be interestin
  9. If these dots do indeed tie up, then it is a very interesting Ripple development - beyond peanut butter so to speak. ABB would be a great name to have in the Ripple/XRP portfolio. I can only guess at what is happening behind the scenes. Even though Miguel has left Ripple, he is not negative about their future.
  10. I applaud anyone who tries to change things for the better, but I doubt that a private company would want a bunch of people/chancers like us trying to dictate policy. Ripple has distanced itself from XRP so it can be readily viewed by regulators as a utility coin and not a security. I think they are trying very hard to increase the utility and liquidity of XRP without incurring any more adverse views, particularly from the SEC. We either believe in what Ripple may achieve and in the process increase the price of XRP in the medium to long term or we don't buy/get out - a simple investment dec
  11. Thanks Leonidas - David is always worth listening to. I generally take something away from what he has to say and it's not the 3 cafeterias at the Ripple office in this instance
  12. A few hours ago I saw the beginning of the GBP/PHP ODL corridor - the total then was around $1,600. It's now £13,247. Now that has really lifted my spirits after the announcement by Asheesh earlier this week. Let's see what grows from these seeds
  13. Good to see that positive activity like this weekly report is being undertaken - we needed something like this to look different but replace the excellent work that Hodor did. As a matter of detail, 575 positions in Ripple by end of year was a target figure and BG made it clear from 3mins 42 of the video that it was going to be 515
  14. You may have valid points to say, but if you are going to be disparaging towards people you have already lost the argument
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