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  1. Thanks for the reply. Personally I don't think that Ripple are intentionally manipulating the price, but their sales may well be suppressing the price. I'm not a blind follower or gambler and have too much invested for that kind of thinking, but I do have alot of faith in Ripple otherwise I would be doing other things with my money - I am a believer in good research to offset risks. We shall see
  2. I see the logic and everything I have heard and read about Ripple tells me that we need to keep monitoring and get more data before coming to a conclusion, but surely, surely Ripple are not manipulating the price of XRP in order to maintain it's stability. If it is the short game to gain traction, does that make it right? - NO, as any such negative exposure would blow any credibility they have. I will keep my faith and hope that the future figures show otherwise for Ripple XRP price manipulation, but thanks for the great research as ever.
  3. Firstly I would get the deposit on to Bitstamp as it can take longer than you think and you may miss the opportunity. Not much difference between Euros and US$, though you will need to specify when placing the deposit. If you opt for Euros, then you need to state a SEPA bank, for US$ you will have to specify an International bank - get it wrong and they will return your money less a deduction and a longer wait.
  4. I for one value your research and the depth that you go to. Often, for others to appreciate it, you may have to point out what seems obvious to you, especially when you are so close to the subject matter and clearly way ahead of most of the audience. This is often a problem, especially with specialist research papers of this standard. With Bond-i you seem to have found substance which has yet to be appreciated, which is very similar to other circumstances where we have to accept snippets and match the dots as they are often masked by secrecy and NDA's
  5. Not on CEX, but Bitstamp are going through the similar issues. I have transferred money from my bank to Bitstamp on a number of occasions but this week it was returned to my bank??? I'm guessing that it may have something to do with the Binance hack earlier in the week and exchanges becoming very cautious?
  6. Visa will leverage everything to their advantage. If Ripple and XRP can be beneficial, then they will use them. In my mind, Visa have a close eye on Ripple and what they are doing. Whether they make use of them is another matter, but they are definitely not ignoring them.
  7. I'm not so sure that the FI's look at it that way, but very happy to be proven wrong
  8. At least Commissioner Hester Peirce has her finger on the pulse on behalf of the SEC, as per her speech on 9th May https://www.sec.gov/news/speech/peirce-how-we-howey-050919 The points I take from this are, in her words: 1. On the regulatory side, hasty is not the word I would use to describe the SEC’s pace. It is not the SEC’s overzealous action that has stifled the crypto industry, but its unwillingness to take meaningful action at all. 2. It is therefore our duty as a regulator to provide the public with clear guidance as to how people can comply with our law. We have not yet fulfilled this duty. 3. The result is that many would-be brokers and trading platforms are stuck in a frustrating waiting mode; they are unable to get clear answers to questions about how they may proceed in this market. 4. Without a functional secondary market, which encompasses broker-dealers and trading platforms that can legally trade digital securities, and advisers and funds that can buy and hold the assets, the primary market in the U.S. will wither and retail investors will not enjoy the protection our securities laws offer. 5. As I said last year, regulators are not in charge of the creative process. We should not be trying to guide innovation, but we also should recognize that we cannot stop it and embrace the potential for positive change that innovation offers. Our silence is likely to simply push this innovation and any attendant economic growth into other jurisdictions that have done their work and provided clear guidelines for the market participants to follow. The U.S. securities markets have historically been the envy of the world; I do not want heel-dragging by the SEC in crypto to mar that well-deserved reputation. Hester clearly knows what the problems are - hopefully she can bring the rest of the SEC with her in to the modern age as the rest of the world is leaving the USA behind.
  9. Which is exactly what one would expect, however, did Ria not say that they went live with Ripplenet in 6 weeks, which is amazing
  10. Agreed that regulators will slow down adoption - the big question is for how long and just as importantly, for whose benefit? The banks have been around for a very long time and their influence is far reaching, although I am sure that the American SEC is impartial and pure in such matters.... almost as much as the Vatican and their bank.
  11. You are right - I remember asking the same questions late 2017. Hopefully we will have the same result as December 2017 but with a more sustained, long term price for XRP
  12. Very poor from Cointelegraph, yet again they can't be trusted on honest reporting. How difficult is it to hear Retail and Ripple correctly? As ever Leonidas is on the case Also
  13. Two very BIG hitters there for Ripple
  14. Navin is so eloquent and puts Ripples' case forward in an easy to understand way for all
  15. I'm really not in to this thread at all - too speculative, however, I saw this and felt that it was appropriate to insert here for anyone to draw their own conclusions - Don't know or care who Hlnooo is either and he is entitled to his rationale, but I do care about this:
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