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  1. This is the first time I have seen Bradley Chase give a talk. He comes across as being very knowledgeable and confident. It's good to see him competently answer questions without putting a marketing hype veneer over the top things. Some people would query the amount of development that still has to take place, but that is what happens as a new and vast projects throws up new demands. I think Ripple can handle the technical complexities, but it emphasises that this is a long game - it's the added non-technical problem of regulation around the world that exacerbates the issues.
  2. I have no argument with your opinion, indeed Ripple only changed the base of their data to CryptCompare once it became apparent that they were using over-inflated volume figures. I don't however see RL as being irresponsible, just miscalculated. I do believe that the 100B XRP are going to be required overall if the IOV as we see it today takes off, including micropayments and other functionalities we haven't dreamt of yet. I also believe that the 1B monthly, 5 year escrow, in hindsight, was over optimistic by RL. They didn't see how tortuous getting the SEC to define XRP would be including convincing regulators in other parts of the world - SBI delays being a classic example, thus delaying the anticipated and necessary for success, institutional buying It will be interesting to see how RL continues to fund projects to take them and XRP forward, though 1B XRP for Coil is a very clear statement. I guess that this volume will be fed in to Coil incrementally over time or sold by Coil on a controlled basis, the latter being my preferred option as it takes another 1B out of escrow so that there are a few less %age points in a centralised volume, but still controlled as to how it is released to the market
  3. Am guessing that the asylum just opened it's doors again - reminds me of the film One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
  4. As ever Hodor, your blogs shed light in the dark. My only comment on this blog is that I am an ordinary Joe in the street who has wandered in to this space and just about coped with the tech of investing on exchanges about which I was uncertain and I have grasped many of the commercial nuances and price manipulation that occurs with seeming impunity. When I was buying shares, albeit in a very established system, I just placed my order and got what I wanted. The risks of the stock market were all that I needed to track as well as the performance of my shares. If however, I now find that then I am out of my depth and so will be over 95% of the global population and therefore most people will not enter this space - maybe that is the best thing for them. I doubt that you are looking to discourage investors and if you are, it is for the right reasons, but I'm afraid that I will have to take my chances and stay ignorant of certain technicalities which you would recommend - my risk i guess. ps I already feel like I'm playing Russian roulette in this space when I infrequently transfer funds or move XRP on to my ledger and between exchanges - I'm sure that the adrenaline rush is the same in all instances. This is just me and no reflection on this blog
  5. Thanks for that JannaOneTrick. At least France will soon have clarity, the same as the UK, and maybe more so Sadly, I do not envisage the USA and the SEC to be as "prompt" as this anywhere in the very near future. Hopefully, these enlightened economies will spur them on, though I think that there are too many underlying issues, many of which we can only guess at, that will prevent the SEC from being decisive. I hope that I am wrong.
  6. As you say complicated. I remember reading the paper at the time, but even as a fundamental document, it became too much of a chore. Re-reading the work that must have been started at least at the beginning of 2018, I find certain insights regarding XRP on the button: "In our “XRP Success Case,” XRP secures very high adoption for remittances (through the adoption by companies such as Moneygram, Western Union, Cuallix, who have already announced pilots or plans to use XRP), strong adoption for cross-border payments, and comparatively modest adoption for global FOREX trading (limited to lower-volume corridors not well served by financial institutions today)." "Corporate payments represent another large opportunity for XRP, though it is unlikely that XRP will achieve the same dominant share of this market as in retail remittances. Large corporates tend to adopt new technologies more slowly and reluctantly than consumers, and certain corporates will likely opt to stay on the SWIFT system despite its technological limitations. Ultimately, in our “XRP Success Case”, XRP will be adopted by a large minority segment of the market that is most willing to adopt new technologies and for whom cross-border payment efficiency gains would represent a strategically critical business improvement."
  7. The whole thing just doesn't feel right, so I'm with you. Rather than a bunch of malcontents I smell a bunch of folks up to no good.
  8. This lot are more likely to do more harm than good. If they are not happy with their investment, then rather than shooting themselves in both feet, just get out of their investment in which they seem to have done very little due diligence in the first place.
  9. Not 100% on this one, but I think that Visa are in the region of 60K to 70K txps
  10. MoneyGram is now live using XRP - listen to their report below as tweeted by BankXRP
  11. Agreed, especially if they use Ripplenet. They have probably already made the assessment and just waiting for regulatory clarity before moving forward with this.
  12. Your views Janna are very reflective of my own and very eloquently put together. I feel that we are too early to get a feel for the medium to long term trend, but your initial analysis is at least positive. I get the feeling that Ripple wanted to improve the liquidity of XRP with the OTC sales but miscalculated the level of false accounting from the exchanges, thus de-stabling the XRP price. I believe that the same source of false data would have been used for the sales of Jeds' holdings (I know he hadn't been selling directly, but his donations to charity were covered in this period), thus exacerbating the whole over-supply issue.
  13. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard in life without being belittled. Perhaps there are instances when that shouldn't happen, but even you should be given that voice so others can make up their own minds.
  14. Why did so many people invest in XRP if they are not happy with the volumes that Ripple has in escrow. It was always made clear by Ripple that their target market was never the retail investor, however, we have had the opportunity to get in at an early stage. If Ripple and XRP are truly successful, then the total amount of XRP available should just about do the job. If they are not successful then we have taken the gamble and failed, but please, if you did your research, you should have been aware of the facts or you should have left your money in a safe piggy bank under the bed. The last time I read so much ranting was on the Earthport site when some "investors" were blaming the management for bad decisions and saying that the share price would go to rat s***. After the Visa acquisition, a number of the very vocal negative sooth sayers just disappeared, maybe with their profits or with very little if they had already sold prior to the announcement - I guess it was a very similar situation to what we are experiencing on XRPChat at the moment.
  15. If she had an unbiased brain, she would be dangerous.
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