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  1. I don't think that Westpac in Australia used any XRP and today we learn from the media: Quoting $400m of XRP out of context is just to sensationalise the matter, but I do like the transparancy that Elliptic is bringing
  2. Oh yes. I also believe that it's as much political as for financial rewards. The USA can control SWIFT as we have seen with Iran. How are they going to control XRP which is definitely decentralised, all arguments considered. It will be interesting to see where China goes with Bitcoin.
  3. I agree that this is a well researched article and well worth a read. The only part that I disagree with is below. The volatility of XRP has been shown not to impact to the level many had feared and the two transaction costs are still going to be cheaper than using the FX conversion. All the same still fundamental to the argument: "This means, MoneyGram has to complete two conversion in-and-out of volatile crypto incurring additional costs instead of continuing with a single and simple FX conversion:
  4. We all thought that 200 customers was wearing thin. All the same a great announcement to start Swell
  5. As I find time zone comparisons confusing anyway, I had to check this for my own sanity. It starts with the Private meetings at 08.00 Singapore time, so that is about 14 hours time, but the welcome by Brad is at 10.00 which should be 16 hours time. Hope that clarifies the position and doesn't sound pedantic
  6. Little discussion this year. This is the agenda: https://swell.ripple.com/
  7. I assume @jbjnr that your analysis of the flows will include arbitrage flows, unless you tell me otherwise?
  8. There is always one loud anti-christ on these panels. Navin, as ever, says it as it is for Ripple and XRP (as well as Coil of course) in his own calm and clear way.
  9. Am looking forward to the Philippines corridor showing the same growth curve
  10. I use my Ledger Nano for all of my DA's, but just got caught out with VEForge for my VET. In a matter of a few hours notice I can no longer access my VET. I'm told that there should be a new portal linked to the Nano in a few weeks, but no guarantee. This goes to show how vulnerable we all still are. Thank goodness this hasn't happened with XRP. All I am saying is that you take as much advise as possible then take the right precautions, but you can still get caught out. Let's just say that I don't feel as confident about the wallets as I did on Saturday - if something had happened with my XRP holdings, I wouldn't be any where near as calm.
  11. Ditto, apart from I copy and paste the data from the history on the exchange on to an Excel spreadsheet. It makes it easier for calculating my profit and loss, but I still have to use the services of an accountant to sort the currency differences as it pertains to exchange rates on the particular date of transaction ie I do all my transactions in US$ but this has to be translated back in to my local currency for tax purposes. A piece of software that can incorporate all of that would be very useful
  12. Hodor, I copied this from a long time ago. Looks like it's time to dust it down regarding Quantum computing and back over to JK
  13. I have 2 laptops. The one I used to use only for financial transactions only, stopped showing the Tag option when I up-dated the nano. The other computer which is more powerful does indeed show the Tag option, so I'm guessing that it depends on the software you are using, though both my computers use Windows 10. As you are aware, sending XRP to an exchange without a Tag, when required, is fraught with danger. As I haven't resolved my issue, as I can function without one laptop, I doubt that I have helped. I would suggest that you might check for any software up-dates for your computer as clearly the latest nano software is not compatible with all software
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